PKEURO 2v2 League

The sign ups have now closed for the first season of the PKEURO 2v2 League. 17 teams came forward which unfortunately means only 2 divisions were filled with 5 waiting teams. I have exercised my excel skills and whipped up a page with the teams per division, results per week and each divisions respective table. We have a nicer system in progress and hopefully will move to this in the future. But for now, this will work 🙂

You can find the page HERE. The rule set can be found in our forums HERE. Any comments are appreciated. We now need a few admins to help watch over the games and as we only have 2 divisions, this will only take up 2 hours of anyones time maximum. If you would like to help, get hold of me in IRC on our channel #painkiller.euro on quakenet and let me know.

We look forward to some good, fun games next week. See you all then!

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0 thoughts on “PKEURO 2v2 League

  1. Registration for this season is closed. We have 6 teams on the waiting list and so no more signups until the next season opens up.

  2. Hmm man it’s very good work you give us now 🙂 I like the more bigger central room, feel more confortable imho… The new SA room is just better too, don’t really know what to said more xD I think ammo placement/quantity is good enough but i didn’t play it yet so i’ll give you more feedback soon :p Oups i forgot to type \kill to look at spawn points :))

  3. I played the map 7 times after eachother with a friend :D. Its so nice, ballanced and nice look, fun to play. Hope this will be a official map like meatless!!

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