CPL WT Brazil demos uploaded!

The demos/replays from CPL WT Brazil has been uploaded by CPL. Seems like CPL have learned a lesson and surprised many by uploading the demos directly after the event was finished, good job CPL. There are plenty of good matches to see and learn from. Too bad that the demo playback is not perfect but hopefully they will fix that sometime in the future.

Here are some links to the Grand Final:

border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/nl.gif /> Sander “Vo0” Kaasjager vs border: 1px solid #c7c7c7 alt= src=http://www.team-vip.se/images/flags/us.gif /> Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel

Map: Sacred x 5

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-17-38-47.zip”>Round 1

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-17-56-12.zip”>Round 2

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-18-12-48.zip”>Round 3

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-18-37-34.zip”>Round 4

_blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/fnatic_Vo0-fatal1ty.DM_Sacred.28-05-05-18-53-42.zip”>Round 5

The rest of the demos you could find in the WT Brazil catalouge – _blank href=”http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/”>http://demos.thecpl.com/World_Tour/Brazil/

The files are now zipped..


dREk – _blank href=”http://www.team-vip.se/”>www.team-vip.se

0 thoughts on “CPL WT Brazil demos uploaded!

  1. Hmm i saw 3/5 of those games on tsn and it rocks !!! But it’s very sad that demos are still laggy, so frustrating 🙁

  2. These are all Vo0’s point of view correct? I did not see any Fat pov demos on the page. He has one zyz one, but that is an FFA.

    Also, does it really matter if we load up PK++ or Vanilla when watching these demos. I noticed they both work but…

  3. Fatal1ty finnaly put a name on pk.. While taking out the top players.. and almost defeating vo0 on his very own map. Ill assure you that he will be more of a threat than ever. Also Vo0 was on his game.. with some nice pop frags on fatal1ty.. This final is really a great final and its almost sad because of the demo play back.. Hopefully 1.7 will fix that. Almost makes me excited that I will see that live my self at Summer CPL!!!@!@!@!@@!

  4. well, I have some things to say.. 😛

    1. I did found some Shotgun ammo on the map which I believe could be removed.. (SA room)

    2. The stair to MH did not work, buggy as hell..

    3. Still would like to try to switch place with the SA and the RL in the SA room.

    4. GA room design is still not my favourite but can not come up with a better suggestion at the moment. Maybe try make it possible to jump from the RL platform to the GA platform if you know what I mean.

    5. Remove the edge that exists between SA room and the MH room, you easily jump into that one when jumping backwards, please remove, could be done.

    6. Same with a small edge that you get stuck in when coming from central room bottom up to the stairs to the SA room, you could get stuck there in the wall.

    Other than that I think it is great that the shotgun ammo is reduced, I think there is enough stake ammo and the balance is quite good on weapons. The teleports are decent, as you said it reduces telefrags and the placement of the spawn on other side is good. The hard thing is to escape by having teleports so far away from eachother. Easy for the hunter to predict where you are going. But need to try more before making a final comment on that.


  5. About 4. Do not make the room any smaller, the size is okey.. so if you are going to make a jump possible with speed make sure you extend the platforms without making the room smaller.

    Might be good to remove the rocket ammo pack in the GA room, there is plenty of rocket ammo packs and having on in the GA room makes that person even stronger which is not necessary.

  6. 1. Oops.
    2. Not sure what you mean about this.. it works perfectly for me. I have had other reports that things as crazy as completely falling through the stairs instead of walking up them occur (one person I know falls through the stairs every time on his own listen server – it’s not a once in a while occurance). Have you tried it on a dedicated?

    3. I don’t really see a benefit to this idea. It would only place the SA closer to the GA, and make the SA far more vulnerable by basically placing it in central room.

    4. It was possible to make the jump you’re describing at one point throughout my testing of the map, but my testers and I concurred that it would make it too easy to get the GA for someone coming from the upper entrance into the GA room. I think it’s good now, where you have to RJ if you want to get from that catwalk to the GA.

    5. Yeah, that thing is dumb.

    6. I’ll check that out.

    You might have a good point about the rocket ammo in the GA room. I’ll think about that and talk to some others about it.

    Thanks for all the feedback! I hope you feel that my explanations on things we disagree about are adequit, but feel free to argue with me if you like. 🙂

  7. 2. Well, about the stair it is just the case u described. I am falling through the stairs and cannot walk/jump on it. Have not tried dedicated yet but still, it should work on a local lan server if you ask me! 😛

    3. I just like it more that way and I do not believe that it would be placed “closer” to GA is a good argument for not putting it there. The other argument that it gets more vulnerable might be true but not so big since you cannot see WHEN a player goes out to the window to grab the armor, it goes so fast and you need GREAT prediction to fire a rocket and hit, creates more excitment. I also think it is a better flow of having the armor there and the rl somewhere near.

    4. Ok, I can buy that argument but GA room is still not my favourite! 😛

    Yes, check that rocket ammo, could slightly decrease the power of the person spawning at GA or taking/”camping” GA during the game and there should be enough ammo packs around.

    GL, looking forward to next release and if you do not switch SA with RL please make a special version for me with the SA and RL switched so I can try it out. =)

  8. Hey, you taken vacation or what?! 😛 Where’s the dREk’s special edition of DM_Blink? Which everyone gonna love..

  9. I did sort of take a vacation, actually.. I went to summer CPL. 😛

    I’m working on art stuff mostly now. While at CPL, vo0 suggested that I change the big grenade packs into small grenade packs because it’s too easy to get ammo with 3 large ammo packs on the map. I took his suggestion. I think the teleports are likely to stay as they are in 0.75. Expect another non-arted release within a day or two. I don’t really have time to do the special version for ya.. you can do it yourself by downloading the map editor, though, if you please.

  10. Hehe, I saw u at Summer CPL playing PK! =)

    aaw, well.. I guess I have to live with it then.. not enough time to edit it! 🙂 But the idea with small packs is good, looking forward to try it. Good luck..

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