DreamCatcher in Trouble?

Spotted on Blues News. It seems that Dreamcatcher may be facing some trouble financially and is also now going to be embroiled in a dispute with 3000AD (Read more HERE). This is the first we have seen/heard of DreamCatchers financial situation and certainly asks questions as to whether we shall ever see PKTV. I personally hope the situation is better for DreamCatcher than Mr Smart alledges and that PKTV does make it out sometime soon for the rest of the CPL WT. Time will tell…

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0 thoughts on “DreamCatcher in Trouble?

  1. I love a developer (seriously), that has the balls to speak his mind. Amen to that! Breadth of fresh air in this politically correct BS world.

    Anyway, I’m skeptical about DC being in too much trouble, but I can imagine how they are getting nervous about their own situation. Firing admins in forums etc.

    DC leaves a luke warm taste in my mouth. I wish they didn’t.

  2. DC suxx like hell, look at their producs. their philosophy is simple: sell as much as u can and forget about customers. don’ t believe? look at Painkiller “patching” process (haha), look at Dungeon Lords (another shitty game from DC, with LIES in manual and promotional campaign ), look at many many other games…

  3. serves them right. the bad thing may be: no pktv anymore (but tbh they never really intended to…).
    the good thing: no shitty supported games from dc anymore!

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