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I noticed this over on the PCF website, which has always had very little content other than the usual self-congratulating platitudes. We find a news post called Its been a while, so its high time for some news. which is the most communication weve seen from the company for a long while. You can find the post here.

Now that Painkiller expansion pack, Painkiller: Battle out of Hell, and Painkiller Gold/Black Edition are out, were totally focused on Painkiller Xbox (coming this year). Its hell of a challenge to squeeze that behemoth of a game into Xbox 64 MB, but weve already made a serious progress and even showed a playable demo behind this years E3 closed door. More news as soon as the release date is finalized.
People Can Fly, 21/06/2005

It does make you wonder whether these optimisations will ever make their way to the PC version of the game, or by the time that they do, whether it will matter.

*UPDATE* You can see some pics of the XBox conversion, here

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  1. We can’t get a patch, but they make an XBOX game eh?

    This might have bothered me 8 months ago, but I’m numb now. PCF has now tempered me for anything a lifeless company can throw at me from now, until the end of time.

    I guess that’s a positive.

  2. I think it´s all “nice” Propaganda. I only wait for PK2 (& that will never come, imo).
    Have You seen how many Jobs PCF needs? I remember 24 People working for PCF.
    Anyone know how many get kicked or quit? (by Ardian Chmielarz the Projectmanager).
    Next Problem: you MUST life near Warshaw (Poland). IMO No modern Company can sourvive nationalism. Open Your Borders.
    PCF looks for:
    concept artist
    3D object modeler
    3D character modeler
    texture artist
    particle & special effects artist
    motion capture artist
    Maya script programmer
    AI programmer
    gameplay programmer
    IK/motion synthesis programmer
    physics programmer
    special effects/particle system programmer
    tools programmer
    internal project manager
    internal project manager assistant

    Fight the Power! Don´t believe the Hype!

  3. It’s pretty obvious that they do not support PK and the PC version anymore. They probably think it is playable now and since they do not gain any more money on fixing stuffs they do other things like Xbox. Regarding PKTV we will probably not see it for a long while (if ever). I do not think that CPL are pushing that too hard either since they co-operate with TSN and want everyone to watch there instead due to their sponsors like Nvidia etc. But TSN is doing a great job and increases their coverage all the time so it might not be a bad thing after all..

  4. that’s sure… PCF is -> BAD <- PK is dead… and TsN is doing a great job… I think that PCF wont give more support for PC version of PK… they think it works but they are obviously wrong…

  5. i’m sure we’re all thrilled to hear this wonderful news… but where is the news about multiplayer improvements and pktv?


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