Dignitas Painkiller Spotlight 17

After the CPL WT USA event I had the opportunity to interview the new gaming talent Dj from team check-six. Dj managed to place 9-12th in this tournament which is his best achievement so far. In this Painkiller Spotlight we talk about his progress, plans and his thoughts regarding the World Tour 2006.

Here is a snippet of the interview:

Team Dignitas:
You have improved since day 1 of the World Tour, you think you could improve even more?
And tell us about your goal with this World Tour?

I feel that I have been improving on a consistent basis. I went into this event, thinking the top 5 or 6 players are untouchable but, after playing Stermy and Ztrider, I feel that if I keep practicing, I will be able to reach the level of play that they are on.
Originally, at the beginning of the world tour, my main goal was to consistently place top 16 at the stops and to do so in the finals. After summer CPL, I feel I have the confidence and motivation to keep improving. Even though I realize top 6 is almost unattainable for me at the moment, I feel I will have plenty of chances to place at least top 12 at future stops.

Team Dignitas:
And a question that is asked everywhere but sure is interesting. Which games do you want to have for the World Tour 2006?

I trust CPL has learned a lot from this first world tour and will definitely think twice about picking whichever game they choose. No matter what it is, I will try it. If I like it, I will balance school and gaming like I have been doing. If I don’t like it, I will instead try to concentrate on school for the year and get as far ahead as possible maybe even finish early, while i wait for the next big game. Personally, I hope the 1v1 game is quake 4. Even though I like 1v1 games better than team games, I will probably also give the Team game a try also.

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