PK CPL UK Videos

Levitation has published the PK videos from the UK CPL WT event which took place a few weeks ago. The videos were recorded from TsN, and were not seen due to hacking of the event from outside.

Complete List

PK Upper Bracket Finals vo0 vs fat (tsn_upper-finals_painkiller_vo0_vs_fatal) 133MB

Movie File – PK 4K-Zaccubus vs Daler (tsn_painkiller_4k-Zaccubus_vs_daler_cplu) 134MB

Movie File – PK SK-zyz vs 4k-Zaccubus (tsn_painkiller_SK-zyz_vs_4k-Zaccubus_cpl) 172MB

Movie File – PK fnatic-Ztrider vs Fata1ty (tsn_painkiller_fnatic-Ztrider_vs_fatal1t) 176MB

PK stermy vs SK-zyz (tsn_painkiller_stermy_vs_zyz_cpluk_9-4-0) 252MB

PK Grand Finals vo0 vs Fatal1ty (tsn_grand-finals_painkiller_fnatic-vo0_v) 502MB


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