NewPK 0.2

NewPK 0.2 changelog

-Removed videos at startup
-New Main Menu background
-Added “NewPK Options” menu
-Added 2 minutes overtime for Duel, TDM and CTF modes
-Added frag messages
-Added “player -vs- player” text during Duel warm up
-Electro+Driver Combo: reduced range and increased required ammo to 75
-Ammos: reduced the amount of ammo you pick up from Freezer and Shurykens ammo packs
-Maps: various changes on DM_New_Psycho; partially fixed teleporter textures on “New” maps (thx PeTjA)
-Compiled the scripts, increasing code efficiency and locking the game to possible cheaters
-Increased hitsounds/killsound quality (thx to Jeremy “Mogul” Emerson)
-Fixed ammolist bug
-“Addbot” command for listen servers (the bot will just idle; to remove it change/reload the map)

Previous features and more info in the readme.

Download NewPK 0.2 from HERE

Here is a list of NewPK 0.2 servers: [ITA] (you can callvote maxplayers and gamemode here) [DE] (password: rami)

When there will be new servers (soon) i will write here

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0 thoughts on “NewPK 0.2

  1. I already know about 2 online cups with prizes next year (with newpk ofc)… and one of them is enough “important”.
    More info soon anyway :p

  2. 2? which is the other one? Anyway, why u compile, it isnt much faster (whole pk isnt compiled) but u cant see source code. Hello Blowfish ;).
    good work btw, u have to get used but then ;).

  3. Ye Mogul you are right…and NewPK would be much more skilled with the PK++ Rocketfix…too bad Blowfish doesnt want to give me that code (without a real reson)

  4. before you add any new features, you really need to add the rocketfix (so you cant rj to lightening speed)… see if blowfish will let you implement it cause its a MUST!!

  5. I never played PK, but if this mod is successful I will get it for sure. Good luck to you guys in reviving the PK scene.

  6. recommendation: maintain a list of all active PK players and their contact info, so they can be easily reached for a duel or news of a PK-cup

  7. we are organising a small cup in january (probably with prizes) using newpk 0.3… the cup will be open to all players but i guess the .euro servers will be used :/

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