cOde to Joy

You have to think about them don’t you? Cheeky little fellas that they are. As you fall asleep, or in the middle of the night; somewhere out there, they are playing. How many millions of frags, how many close games, how many times have awesome frags gone unseen. Chatting with each other, hopping around maps without a care. Of course even when all is said and done, it is likely that a large proportion, (if not the majority?) of hours of PK, has been played by PK++ bots.

As a small tribute to them (and yes I know the quality is bad and the content is shockingly awful 🙂 ), I’ve put together a little movie.

Grab it here:

0 thoughts on “cOde to Joy

  1. rofl…the bots have nearly perfect aim,can look trough walls and have completly no gameplay and movement. They are to hard for beginners,to stupid for skilled Players….a funny movie anyway.

  2. No, they cannot see through walls, and aim can be scaled with \botskill (\botskill 0 is pretty bad aiming) 🙂

    ‘They are to hard for beginners,to stupid for skilled Players’

    Good, they are ideal for the majority of average players then 😉

  3. they support bunnyhopping? LOL? I should play more often with pk++-bots.
    I raped botskill9, buti get raped by botskill 10

  4. Indeed 🙂 The video features ‘Billy’ making a circuit of DM_Sacred also making the RL and GA jumps – cheeky fellow 🙂

  5. Somewhere in the logs yes 🙂 From the beta testing of them as you remember when no one knew about them and they were being tested ‘blind’ 😀

    The funniest was something like ‘c u on lan noob’.. 🙂

  6. lool. I had a conservation about maybe 5min, trying to find out if it is a bot or not and about his movement and so on. Imo there has to be a command so one can find out more easy!

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