NewPK 0.4

NewPK 0.4 changelog

-Fixed vPK spectator-bug
-Added AutoScreenshot to NewPK Options menu: if checked, it will take a screenshot 2 seconds after the end of the match (the screenshots will be saved in the Data/Screenshots folder)
-Reduded Electro Combo duration from 3 to 2.5 seconds (that also means total combo damage is lowered by 17%)
-DM_New_Psycho: added Bronze Armor; added/moved shotgun ammo
-Fixed vPK ammo bug (wich allowed players to take Electro and Minigun ammo packs even if they already had maximum ammo)
-Removed the blinding graphic effect when hit by Electro combos beam
-Changed Spectator sound and console messages

Previous features and more info in the readme.

Download NewPK 0.4 from HERE (previous NewPK versions are not needed)

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0 thoughts on “NewPK 0.4

  1. Please fix the Downloadlink, there is something wrong with filefront i cant download 0.4 it says:
    Your download key for the requested file is invalid. Download keys are only valid for 48 hours. Once your download is complete, the key is no longer valid. Keys are also only valid for the original server.

    Hu? I need a downloadkey? O_O

  2. 1. i think bronze armor is not equal in psycho
    2. change shotgun to outside of roof,shotgun make the gameplay slowdown in psycho
    3. too many ammos of shotgun,one ammo is enough,it switch with ammo of freeze place,freeze’s ammo place switch with bronze armor

  3. Nice to see you’re still making progress, crazy. 🙂 I wish I could play in the cup, but here at uni I don’t have a machine capable of playing PainKiller… I’m coming home for a week at the start of February, so maybe I’ll be able to watch the matches at least. Sorry I didn’t get back to your e-mail.

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