tTw Painkiller Cup


Start: 29.01.06 at 20 cet
32 Participants
Double elimination (winner and lower brackets)
Mod: NewPK 0.45
Best of 3 maps
Mappool: DM_New_Psycho, DM_New_Sacred, DM_New_Meatless, DM_New_Absinthe
Settings: Gamemode Duel, Timelimit 15, Fraglimit 0, ServerFPS 60


1. Place: 60€ + WRISTEE Pad
2. Place: 30€ + WRISTEE Pad
3. Place: 10€ + WRISTEE Pad
4. Place: WRISTEE Pad

More info on tTw site:

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0 thoughts on “tTw Painkiller Cup

  1. “And btw there is no way to cheat in NewPK :]”
    Who sayed this? Cheating online works well.

    Im not about modmixing! Im about skillfaking.

  2. Is overclocking your gfx legal?
    Is setting monitor to 120hz legal?
    Is drinkin coke before the match legal?

    cheater everywhere!! we cant escape!!!
    run forrest run…

  3. U get me wrong: I asked for a cheatprotection, i didnt sayed somebody is cheating. But never say “never”.

    “The answer is that you are completely crazy.”
    So im crazy and Ur petja? (laughing)

  4. hi guys this question is for blowfish,hi blowfish i know you know alot of mapping ,i would like to ask you how to add music to a map from scratch.iam doing a map on maya but lost on how to add music sorry new in here .

  5. Hi Ozzy:
    With the music isnt so difficult or do U talk about complete new Songs?
    Then the *.pak format will not work and U have to create a extra folder called /Data/Music where is U *.mp3 included. To use this can be done in the PainEd.

    Just upload the mappack somewhere and post the link + post it under Add/Edit News (Upper right corner) and Ur Post will be on top of this page in the news. Or post it under Recent Minor News, whatever U like.

  6. Die Frage nach einem anticheat Tool ist einfach dumm und überflüssig. Es müßte eigentlich jedem klar sein dass es sowas für PK nicht gibt und nie geben wird !!! Außerdem kann ich mir nicht vorstellen dass jemand so blöd ist und an diesem Turnier teilnimmt und cheatet.

    Regards Frosch

  7. ich bin der einzig wahre frosch!
    faker frösche dürfen nicht am turnier teilnehmen.

    petja fragt nach cheatprotection, obwohl er die antwort genau kennt o0 leute gibts…

    quaaaaak, hüpf, quaaaaaaaak!

  8. dir sei vergeben.
    aber als strafe musst du für 3 wochen den morgendlichen quaaak-dienst übernehmen.

  9. It’s very hard to make an online FPS completely immune of cheaters. There are always ways that people will find. Despite the obvious one of aimbot, which is a matter of reading from the Painkiller process memory and inserting fake input (I would imagine inserting fake input would be hard… locating where Painkiller stores opponent location information in memory would take a while, but is by no means impossible). Cheats for CS and Half-Life used to intercept calls to the OpenGL DLL and use it to disable texturing and modify the alpha components of surfaces (i.e. wallhack). PK uses Direct3D though… I don’t know how much harder it is. In a way, PK is lucky that it hasn’t had much exposure compared to something like CS… so I guess all of the hardcore cheater llamas don’t bother. 🙂

    Remember that when you play _any_ game, the only thing you’re doing is changing a few numbers. 🙂 It’s possible for other programs to read, analyse and change those numbers too.

    This tournament looks awesome and I wish that I could be home from uni in time to play in it… but I’ll just have to watch. gl hf.

  10. After the allot of frags and NO CHEATING… the tournament has ended:

    #1: n!AgamemnonZ
    #2: n!ScOoBz0r
    #3: tTw|Crazy
    #4: Osh

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