0 thoughts on “Osh wins Bloody Cup 2006

  1. …Right. I highly recommend everybody to read everything from page 16 till the end of the post on the Dreamcatcher forum (see the link above).

    @Masp 4-0? 😀 real close

  2. hehehe … real close… but osh didnt know that he played with Vo0… if he knew that i know he could beat him… osh didnt have much problems with scoobzor indeed.. U can call this joke but 2 me its pathetic.

  3. WOW hitman, you knew osh was that good? Why didnt you tell him about CPL, then osh would have been rich. Too bad man ><

  4. Hehe.. not everyone have money..time.. and partner for training on lan to go to CPL… thats why some persons can only play online cups.. if u dont like it or if this is lame 4 u .. play on lan.. be pr0 & go away :S. And u didnt understand me man.. u are stupid or smth? I know that Vo0 are great player but i think if osh knew that he ll play with him both could have equal chances :S. This was sad :< joke like -> ten year old kids xD

  5. @hitman, according to you osh is as good as Vo0. So why would he need a training partner, if his current training made him as good as Vo0? He also doesnt need money, because if he is sooo good (lol :D), then he could go to one CPL tourney then win and get 15.000 dollar. So who is stupid? I would have gone to CPL if I was as good as Vo0.

  6. The bigest nonsence in this match is that Petja suportet it with some cash and spoke his brovado: – ” Scoobz0r and AgamemnonZ will not be payed…

    LOL, that’s funny imo.

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