Video: Painkiller Ownzone

In his illiterate speil, Artas1984 has announced a new MP video to watch

[q]My first Painkiller multiplayer video, sorta tribute to the multiplayer, after all these multiplayer videos around (and not much of them are anyway) i got what it needs for a such video. The footage was taken from demorecords recorded in November 2006, but the quality is good. Putted some good music (you cant bash Queen and Pink Floyd) since i was tired from death metal music like a tradition to be faetured in Painkiller. I guarantee the video wont disapoint, i included footage from lots of maps (not like people like to record only Sacred, Meatless, Psycho and Absinthe) and different gamemodes. Frags variete from funny frags (the ones noobzs put me in) to some double and tripple mid air rockets or mid-air spawn rockets. The outro (after the main frags contains a footage of the MP immunity secret rocket jumps).
Well, you dont have plenty vids to watch of PK, so WTH are you waitin for? Downlaod![/q]
JeffK is alive and well it seems. You can download the video to watch here:

OWNZONE High Quality (340 MB)
OWNZONE Low Quality (95 MB, will be removed after a while)

0 thoughts on “Video: Painkiller Ownzone

  1. Btw, the low quality link i have deleted and the high quality video i have recompressed, so now it it is 260 MB.
    Please update the file blowfish, thak you…

  2. Thanks Artas1984. People can read it here in the comments though, and the smaller file will be a pleasant surprise for them.

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