Trickjumpvideo PKJAM by Uuber

Uuber from the american PK-clan “SLIPKNOT” made a Trickjumpvideo from DM_Illuminati and DM_Absinthe. Its called “Painkiller Jumps and More”.

Check it on Google-Video here.
Or download it (45MB) from SYSs server here (need DivX).

You can post your thoughts in the comments or in the DC forum here.

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0 thoughts on “Trickjumpvideo PKJAM by Uuber

  1. Cool movie. Awesome. Really outstanding. Oh, I made it.
    Never mind.

    I did have trouble with the Filefront file though. Trying to find out why. Check Google first…

  2. good collection of jumps.
    reaching the top on illuminati with 4 jumps is pretty nice,
    i wonder how often you messed it up until you got it right :p

    new movies are always welcome! thx

  3. medix0r – Messed up? What’s that? Can’t you all make it
    up there first time, every time?

    Seriously, I messed up plenty. Trying to do it in as few jumps as possible meant I had to hit a lot of things just right. Didn’t want to edit it with clips cobbled together from different tries. Should have included outtakes but then it would have been longer than Lord of the Rings.

    One of the hardest was actually the jump by the shotty from the crack in the wall. Harder than it looks. Give it a try.

  4. I don’t recommend putting to wider audience because the audience will trash you and PK down. People there don’t appreciate PK, they love only Q3 and could masturbate with it if Q3 was a banana…

    I ccould not imagine how good PK video should be that someone would appreciate it in ownage etc..

    All you get there after striving the whole month to do a video is like “was not worth watching” when actualy they have not plaued PK itslef.

    People from Q3 community are retired assholes.

  5. Retired or not, a good video would encourage them to play it. I wouldn’t assume that everyone who doesn’t play PK plays Q3 though and is only loyal to that.

  6. fun, but he had rocketfix 0, way2ez then, the tricks u did can be done with rocketfix on as u can see in my noob movie in map illu. :)) but still fun to see, thnx!

    (p.s.: download crack for fraps so you dont have in your screen and more fps, message me if u cant find it)

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