Poll for fixes

There is a smal chance that blowfish is going to fix some things for the MP part of PK. He would like to know what are the most importand things for you to be fixed.

Please describe the problems exactly as possible!!!

In the international DC Forum (english).
The polish Forum.
The german DC Forum.

Or in the comments.

There is also a new duelmap by killua-chan aviable called DM_Bam. If U would like to have this map in the ESL mappool too, vote at mason-gaming for it.

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0 thoughts on “Poll for fixes

  1. I voted for 6 things:

    – Netcode: for more players with less lag
    – Demo: like before 1.5 with free choseable view and not just 1.personview
    – PKTV: seeing the matches without being spectator
    – Coop: killing monsters with friends
    – Rocket\Clan Arena: no clue what it exactly does, but i voted for it to support it

    – additional Fixes:
    – lower stakedamage in all non-duel-gamemodes (100 Dammage)
    – increase Rocketrange in PCF
    – Snipergun isnt shooting where i aim if i use quad and weaponmodifyer at the same time
    – CTF got a nice feature … if teamdamage is on U can heal urself with shafting Ur teammate without killing him. This doesnt work in TDM but it should.
    – A smal part of TDM in TLB … means: the Lightbearer is in one team and all others in a other team. So U can play TLB with noobs too … they usualy kill each other without hunting the lightbearer.
    – Its editing and not programming. Maybe later more about it.

  2. one more thing from me fish 🙂
    the problem is if you got dual core pc and you wanna play pk the game is much too fast you can’t play. so everytime you run pk you have to close it in task manager once cause it’s twice there. an old friend of mine told me this cause i haven’t got a dual core pc. if masta“ is online in #painkiller.euro or #pk.1on1 pm him he knows the problem exactly.

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