PK++ Progress 15/01/07


Interpolation now works, although there is a small glitch I need to resolve which might be a rendering issue. Other than that play is smooth at 1 network frame per second, but much more reasonable at about 10-20. PCFs interpolation appears to be very wrong, and it is worth noting that it screws up servers to have it enabled too. Player pitch/yaw is also being interpolated but needs more work.

Extrapolation was added too, although we will need to play with this. It may be possible to auto-compensate for lag, both on the server and client. Extrapolation of course makes things slightly less smooth, but this can be controlled.

I have yet to play with item/weapon prediction.

I have to look at whether I can reduce the amount of data per player.

I also added all the netcode commands to console.


Killua-chan provided an excellent map, although I believe PeTjA has some minor alterations.

It is possible to add a lot of the monsters already, but their code requires a listen server. Once I have perfected how to deal with multiple players using one monster, I will duplicate to all (probably via the AI Brain code).

My thoughts for COOP are basically either SP COOP or MP COOP, MP COOP perhaps more like ffa with monsters. I also thought about a COOP Arena gamemode.. where as a group of players you have to make it through progressively more difficult levels. Imagine DM_Boss with Thor to start, you have to kill him without you all dying, then level 2 is the same map, but with Thor and Panzer_Demon, and so on…


Now is a good time to work on structuring the code better – so this is what I am doing, mainly the game and player code. I wish to use polymorphism rather than conditionals for custom gamemode responses (if you know what I mean). This will make thing a lot easier to make new custom gamemodes without screwing up existing code – an important method


At a glance it might be possible to try some new movement code, but we can try this later.


I am still yet to confirm whether I can obtain the CDKEY to MD5/RSA. Without it, making something unqiue generated from the game might be difficult.


Netcode improvements make writing this easier.

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