The czech developers Mindware Studios, based in Prague, has announced today plans to release (August 2007) a community created SP mod for Painkiller, including new levels, new weapons and new end bosses!

More infos, artworks and screenshots HERE.

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  1. they are such a skilled crew as it seems. im sure they could help blowfish with the multiplayer fixing.
    concerning the reply:
    hope they can find a solution for their issues.

  2. Statement from Tomas “sep” Pluharik (executive producer Mindware Studios) in the DC forum:

    “To be honest I have to keep still things about Overdose in shadows (weapons, tools, story etc.), but I hope DC will not make problems to us about Overdose. So far we think Overdose will be nice impulse for PK fans.

    BTW I think we will be able to defend ourselves in our house/office against direct/indirect Canadian attack.
    We are Armed and Dangerous with new and secret demonic weapons.”

  3. DC are likely to have issue with MWS, either because:

    EITHER they paid MWS for the PSP conversion (which was abandoned) and now MWS are going to release part of that work for free.

    OR that or the tools used for the mod development were under NDA and only for PSP development and therefore inappropriate to use for a community mod.

    .. at a guess, anyway.

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