ADD: Console now bound to F1 (may make key configurable later)
CHANGE: Console now completes on settings as well as commands
ADD: DeferLoadingPlayers and DeferLoadingRest for faster load times
FIX: Teleporters and Jumppads now work based on client, rather than server
CHANGE: Converted PK++ over to easier-to-maintain format

Have fun 🙂

0 thoughts on “PK++

  1. I’ve been running 1.41 for about a week. Is there a new version available? This is the one without jumping sounds (although I found other players can hear when I just, I just can not.)

    FYI – 1.41 works great on US servers.


  2. Uuber, I can add back sounds to 1.41, but at the same time I want to deliver some of the improvements to the community.

    You will notice I haven’t released interpolation yet, since there is a bit of work to be done there.

  3. Just to add the comment that some thought needs to be placed over other MP prediction.

    For example, the RL animates firing immediately, but the rocket only appears when the server has said it does. Therefore you have a latency of roughly + between firing and seeing a rocket. This makes something like rocket jumping particularly hard. An alternative to this might be to have the rocket predicted ahead on the client (so appears immediately) and then confirmed later by the server. In this case you *would* rocket jump, and the damage taken should be that confirmed later. Death, much like life, requires server confirmation only, and should never be predicted.

    The downside of this approach is that rockets would appear ahead of where they normally are in fights. An alternative here is to actually move the rocket ahead by . The predicted rocket location *should* then be where the server will tell you it is. This is roughly what interpolationtimenudge is doing when written fully.

  4. i get all kinds of soundbugs with this version: tele, spawn and jumpingsounds missing. i will stick to the old version…

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