PK++ Beta On Steamfish Updated

Right, we are now updated with the following changes. If they do not appear correctly, please communicate that HERE (in comments):

FIX: Player models now show correct weapon
FIX: Teleporter prediction turned off, was causing issues
FIX: Ravens/barrel removed
FIX: Loading times fixed
FIX: Local player jump sounds
FIX: Kill/out of level should work in warmup
FIX: Dedicated server now loads monsters
FIX: Clan arena and COOP modes shown in server create menu
FIX: Most monsters (90%) should work now on listen and dedicated
FIX: AI Brain changed for basic handling of multiple players
FIX: Respawnable on SP maps
ADD: Loc files for most maps! THANKS SYS!
ADD: Waypoint files for most maps! THANKS SYS!
ADD: Mapview files for most maps! THANKS SYS!


Weapon prediction issues
Interpolation model hovering
Item handling from SP maps for MP

If you get LScript errors, I need the name of the lua file, and the line number! LOOK AT YOUR script_error.log (and paste it here)!


0 thoughts on “PK++ Beta On Steamfish Updated

  1. nice i do see lots of progress (load-time faster than even)but still have some small issues

    i see two weapons insted of one, whichever they have in hand plus the RL looks really wierd…

    well i cant see script_error.log but it does says u need to upgrade or reinstall the game when i try to connect to a public server

    so far this is it besides the HUGE FONTS ;P, all the maps are running excellent plus i got to give up to PeTjA for the loading pics they look nice, by the way theres any way i can make my own loadpics for my costume maps???

    ok later… BF ur the man

  2. Petja is looking after the loading pics issue – so he will need to answer about that.

    Don’t worry about the script_error actually – I believe that is only for dedicated server after all.

    The two weapons is possible… I didn’t have a full install for PK for testing this, so had to test most of it ‘blind’ on a dedicated server.

    Incidently – I found a batch image resizer – and given that most of PK’s size is the texture file – I was going to try and see how small we can make PK for fun.

    Also if anyone is interested in making some custom skins for the player models… perhaps something along these lines:

    let me know! 🙂

    \defaultfont “Impact” btw

    The server issue is something I am looking at…

  3. \addmonsterall get errors,many missing model errors appear

    aturday, June 30, 2007 00:15:45:

  4. I have a little problem.
    I have the german black edition of painkiller installed(With patches from 1.61-1.64).
    Everything is working but when i try to install pk++, painkiller doesn´t work anymore.
    I get an error which tells me, that something isn´t correct with the engine.dll.

    Help will be really appreciated.

    Does somebody know how to deactivate the cuts for the german version?

    Icq 84949468

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