Tomas Pluharik answering

Tomas “sep” Pluharik (the Boss of MindwareStudios) took some time and answered various questions he was asked by the community throu the forums:

– About the distribution of character development tools:[q]”These things has to be decided yet … I would like to say yes, but I am not sure if some tech issues will emerge …”[/q]

– About Demo:[q]”These things are being discussed now … what when how. We are now still thinking that some of Overdose stuf will be free for everyone/comunity … but that is part of further dealings.”[/q]

– About improving the game engine:[q]”Some small pieces, but the engine is slightly messy.”[/q]

– About the storyline and redoing stuff:[q]”There will be some content bump which will describe the cover story too … Some pieces, but we were ahead of schedule.”[/q]

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