The state of play

Well theres just over a month left until CPL turkey, am i excited? hmm well i would be…

But sadly, no one knows what game we will be playing ,what mod we will be using, what maps will be rotated. hell the only thing i know about this event is its in Turkey, or a country sounding just like it.

This raises a question… due to the poor implentation of Booh, is the choice (between VPK 1.x and Booh) not as obvious as once thought?

Booh seems to be some sort of dumbed down or buggy version of pk, slow, unresponsive and even more random. Maybe this is what the cpl wants, some sort of skill cap in the game so different people can win the game, i mean who can deny (apart from the man himself) that if voo won every world tour stop it would get boring? Does booh represent a, hell i will say it, a noobie friendly version of the game?

Does any1 remember promode? The skill level was extremly high, new players or those who started late had no chance of competing, so out came promode 2. Well those in the scene at the time know what im talking about.

Maybe booh (if minor things are fixed) with its new (read: crap) movement, is good for the scene in general? Hell would it hurt if we had to play a slower more tedious version of the game if the community thrived?

But then we have the flip side, the (relative) beauty that is 1.35. Fast, fluid and entertaining without a doubt. But is it the right game to be in a WORLD TOUR. Surley this game has to be open to all gamers not just a select, highly skilled few? Hell for me and other players who have been here since day 1, i want 1.35 movement and general style to stay, but then again i would say that. I would say im half descent at pk, i’ve just got used to the movement and am beginin to play well.

Anyway, theres some food for thought =)

ooh then theres the stakegun….actually dont get me started 😀

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