PCF/DC Media Question time..

.. is over. We have just finished the 2.5 hour Question and Answer session with DC, PCF and journalists from all over Europe. We also gave Vo0 a sneaky chance to ask his #1 question to PCF about the strength of the Stakegun. A question thats been on a lot of peoples lips for a LOOONG time. Below is an excerpt from the discussion with the whole log linked either here, or viewing at eslive here (thanks SwaT).

[TVG]Chris]: With recent AAA titles such as Half-Life 2 and Halo 2, how difficult has it been to continue marketing Painkiller to an oversaturated market?

[DC]Simon]: I think it all comes down to the product and the community that goes with it. HL2 and H2 quite started on the same foot as we did, gaining much respect through their flawless solo campaigns and continue selling with MP support. So all in all, 2004 will probably be best known as the FPS year, and youre damn right, its hard to fight against giants

[DC]Simon]: but you do know what happens to giants in PK… 🙂

Thanks to all those who joined us. Especially to Simon and Tiphaine from DreamCatchers, and Andrew from People Can Fly.

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0 thoughts on “PCF/DC Media Question time..

  1. Just as a quick fix for a problem…

    If ASE/PK changes your name to ‘John Doe’ you can use 1.2 to get around this by binding your name to a key.


    bind n name #4B#7lowfis#4h

    Then just hit n when you join.

  2. wow, now I can see just how little PK servers excist and even less players on it :X

    but its good that ASE works, always comes in handy

  3. um, so all the official Fr, Gr, Sp, It servers are actually in the UK hosted by Jolt? Aren’t ASEs little flags informative…

  4. this would explain the equal pings on all servers tho.
    Im from germany, and i ping 80ms to a german jolt server.

    and i also ping 80ms to the spain servers, and i never had 80ms to a spain server b4 in any game.

    to the german kplays on the other hand i have 60ms, but always had about 80 ms to UK servers (in every game).

    gr + fr = same ip
    it + sp = same ip

    i guess jolt is just fooling us 😉
    got the feeling all servers are located in the UK

  5. I know only one serv 0.81: Playground TDM and Playground FFA but they’re always empty :/
    Chainsmod is dead???

  6. Nice that they show up and do stuff like this 😀

    A bit dull questions though, should have been questions from people who actually play the game (MP) 😉

  7. idd agree I think its very good for the community that the developers let us know that they pay attention to our comments

  8. CLains, I agree. We shoulda had twenty more Vo0 clones all coming at them. Maybe then we would have addressed the ED as well 😉

  9. WTF ? yar was supposed to make a CPL gui :/

    This person should be damn quick 🙂
    Looking forward for a mod/gui and especially hitsounds :> (ja,ja,ja I know that there are hitsounds for BooH already, but I’m waiting for a official guimod consisting official hitsounds) 😛

  10. I can write complete mod from begining in 1 day or less, 7 days of work is a LOT of time.

    BUT there is a problem…

    I have 1 milion personal problems and im depressed like never. So now(now means from ~1 month…) i dont have time and enough strength to concentrate and do this…

    Sorry. GL.

  11. Sorry to hear that yar, gl with solving everything. And im sure you could easily do this but for me and cubik the first time we saw lua was about 2 days ago, but I must say we are doing pretty fine anyway.

  12. Too bad yar, would have really looked forward to see a nice new chainsmod 🙂

    Our mod is no way near that quality :/

  13. for the cpl gui
    plz include (im sure they are on ur list):
    1. cmd to change fov up to 110
    2. allow green brightskins


  14. at work…

    Can this be used with both PK and BOOH? If not, will you transfer all this nice work to BOOH after winter CPL?

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