Booh Release Date in the UK

A little birdy has let me know that the likely release date for Battle out of Hell in the UK is now December 3rd. Only another week and a half to wait!!

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0 thoughts on “Booh Release Date in the UK

  1. pkeuro: Finally, who do you think will win ESWC? :p

    stR4y: I think mysod|mess will win 🙂 Polish game, polish mod.. polish winner 😀

    kAzu: I hope: our great player – mysod|mess 🙂


  2. why not? it’s a secret or sth? :E

    No but i see no sense in telling it to everybody.
    It’s so childish-“Look,we will have this game for 5 euro and you won’t!”.Gimme a break

  3. Sorry, MasP, that I aint such a perfect person like you :/
    Guess I’m 2 childish for you but I still dont think that my post would make a harm to someone.

  4. As far as I know they only posted them today, I went to the web site to check on another order and found it had been shipped. I’d expect it Wednesdayish in the UK if their normal delivery times are anything to go by.

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