Fatal1ty Shootout surprises!

Yesterday the Abit Fatal1ty Shooutout came to Finland, making a stop at the Verkkokauppa.com store in Helsinki, where Finns could challenge the infamous Fatal1ty in a 4-minute round of Painkiller. The maps to be played were randomly chosen between DM-Psycho and DM-Sacred. The whole Z-Partio Painkiller squad was in attendance with the following lineup: Timo cubik Hänninen, Tarmo Dread` Juhola, Tommi fack Juhola, Jussi osir Kärpänen and Antti rat Tolvanen.

The former Quake 3 CPMA champion, rat, managed to become the second person to defeat Fatal1ty in his global shootout tour, the only other person being [EYE]sakh who accomplished the same feat a day before at Dreamhack LAN. The Z-Partio player started off well on DM-Sacred but was telefragged(!) in the first minute by Fatal1ty, but managed to grab a frag in the next minute, finishing the game in a 1-1 tie. On the second map, DM-Psycho, Fatal1ty was instantly under pressure, and rat got off to an early lead of 3-0. Fatal1ty managed to catch up and tie, but a last-minute frag put the situation at 4-3 after 4 minutes had passed. However, due to a server bug, the game continued for another 3 minutes, at which point rat was in a convincing lead with 7-4. Congratulations to rat, who will be receiving an Abit Fatal1ty gaming PC worth nearly 2000 euros!

All performed exceptionally well and gave Fatal1ty a very hard time, as is shown in the results below:

  • rat (1-1), (5-4)
  • osir (1-1), (0-1)
  • fack (0-0), (0-2)
  • cubik (2-2), (2-3)
  • Dread` (0-2)

Fatal1ty went on to dominate all other challengers, which underlines the excellent performances of the Z-Partio players. osir, fack and cubik will also be receiving Audigy 2 soundcards for their excellent scores in the shootout.

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