Pkeuro Issues/Bug List Available

Just a note to let users of the site know that the Pkeuro buglist is now open to define and rank the bugs and issues you have with PK. When submitting an issue you can include a screenshot or relevant zip attachment. Also you are able to comment on each bug/issue to give feedback to others.

DC/PCF are well aware of this list and your contributions will be read. If you have nothing which isnt already on the list, please help out by voting on the severity of the issues.

You can find the buglist here.

0 thoughts on “Pkeuro Issues/Bug List Available

  1. I wouldn’t assume that 🙂 Mr. Christian Anderson wrote a story about people’s fear of saying what they assumed everyone else already knew 😉

  2. i wouldnt use the nvidia refresh rates… i’d use something like ReForce.. the built in nvidia refeshrates give a lower sensativity then if you use reforce, so just make sure that at CPL if reforces is htere you use the right one

  3. i use 150hz refresh on pk, u dont need extremly expensive monitor for this average one will do it. and use reforce to lock the refresh rate

  4. well if you use this prog , be careful. I totally fucked my monitor up 😛 I guess 200 hz was to much on 1024×768 😀

  5. I always used the highest possible res for 85 hz in game rmode9 in quake :P, but now i use lower res so i get better hz 🙂 No turning back..

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