EEC 3 Online Qualifiers End

The online qualifiers, which have seen 128 of the UKs best players battle it out for a place in the finals have now finished.

In the Bloodline tournament, the UKs top players will battle it out in order to find two new players to join the ranks of the world championship winning team: the 4Kings sponsored by Intel.

The players will participate in worldwide competitions in 2005 as part of the $1,000,000 CPL World Tour and the game of choice will be Dreamcatchers “Painkiller”.

The 8 finalists are as follows:

KuuLa, Razorb, Maniax, ZaF, Zaccubus, sU, DunToN, Appz

Who will come out of the tournament wearing the kings crown? Only time will tell. For more information, please visit

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0 thoughts on “EEC 3 Online Qualifiers End

  1. plz tell the players to record demos and post them. spectator demos don’t work well (no hud etc)

    gl to all competitors :)!

  2. Sounds good, wish PKTV would be out by then. Will it be possible to get some shoutcasts or would an extra spec or two lag server too much?

  3. IM GOING SO ILL see you all there 😀

    GL guys, your all gonna own.

    edit: ps. manny if u lose i’ll still love you 🙁

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