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  1. hmm. Have you just used converter tools to port this? You do realise that’s against id’s policy. They have previously stated that, while they don’t mind people _remaking_ their maps, they do object to _converting_ their maps. And that’s aside from the fact that a map should be built or at least well adjusted for the physics engine of the new game. Still, everyone does it for every game, I guess you are entitled to make the same mistakes over again.

  2. no old Quake map would be nice for PK, quake 1/2/3 is boring, and that makes the old maps very boring in a new game..

  3. oh and sum1 make a q1dm2, that would be nice for pk, as would dm6(even tho psycho is a bit of a dm6 ripoff)

  4. sweet read 😛 Nice to hear things like the stakegun are getting considered. I think making it voteable in-game will give the public a chance to test stuff a bit, and eventually this will lead to a ‘majority’, from where the CPL and other tournaments distillate their rules.

    Lowering the dmg of the stake gun seems a must to me anyway. 150dmg or smth? i dnow tbh..

    btw: if u look close to a stake, while u shoot it, it’s arrow lits up after a, say, 10 meters… Does that mean it does more dmg? there’s smth that says me it does 300 dmg on long distance, am i correct?:P

    anyways, the game gets better and better, and the BOOH netcode is rocks! 😛

    nice to see that kind of motion in a game in a positive way.. guess the pressure that comes from making a game the worldtour game actually works in a positive way for the game itself.

  5. For Dm3:

    PK currently lacks proper underwater support, unless it is for the whole level … i.e. underwater is a property of CLevel and not of zone.

    Saying that it would be possible to make it a watery feel with ladder objects to allow vertical ascent.

  6. hopefully be better than the doom3 conversion of dm4 that was just lol
    better idea is everyone move back/to quakeworld !

  7. This one is for wide 🙂
    In fact, I guess blowfish can make it bigger just to met pk physics. I remember when it was ported to q3, it was bigger and missed some key points, as the exit from teleport/ra/rl 🙂 there was a fence on the floor, wich made me fall all the time :O Qw version didn\’t had it 😀 I was so used to it…but, if it\’s playable on q3, it will be on pk…for sure =)

    And I do believe blowfish will make a great work 😉 (now it\’s up to u :p)

  8. im not at the event, got a java assignment to do :<<<<<<

    and i spelt BYE buy…. hahahahah i suck 😀

    can u make this major news or something so every1 can see and post comments, its my first news post ! 😀

  9. LOL i just been looking at the bracket and these games are INSTANT KNOCKOUT.

    no double elim till the next round…. gg seedings .

    i think the worst thing is either Ztrider or m0erser will be out by the next ride, either of these guys can go all the way. terrible seedings and waste of sponsers money :<

  10. I believe flaming stake is 250 damage.

    Regarding vo0’s comments, I routinely watch 1v1 players whoring armor and mega health (and rightly so!) with potential 450 total health and armor points. People with a stake gun only typically will only get one shot before they get blasted down with rockets, so it has to be a potentially one shot weapon. If you don’t have enough armor and health to take it, go get it. If you killed last, you should have enough time. Or use your own stake gun if you think it’s the “better” weapon. The example given is bad. Points should be earned earlier in the match. If you come from behind to tie, great, but why expect “saved by the bell?”

    Don\’t stand with your back to spawn points (you know where they are!) is the easy solution to that. No luck involved.

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