Painkiller Maps Released

As promised a a short while ago, the THREE new Painkiller maps have been released. Developed by Ritual Entertainment, the 3 maps have the following names:

DM_Absinthe, DM_Balist and DM_5quid01

Ive ran around the maps, just to see what they were like.. and all I can say at the moment is that DM_Absinthe looks like the most playable (competitively).

The other two are “ok”, but lack that special appeal. You decide though.

Please remember that the three maps are only in testing stage, so they are NOT finished. You can also give feedback on the maps here.

Mirrors & Installation

Please extract the 3 files to your DATA folder.


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0 thoughts on “Painkiller Maps Released

  1. dm_absinthe looks great
    dm_5quid01 is good reminds of cpma maps but needs item changes
    dm_thebalist looks not too good in my eyez ;S

  2. dm_absinthe is pretty good already
    dm_5quid01 still needs a lot of tuning, but has some decent potential
    dm_balist has bad maplayout and bad item placement, as clla already said, its a big mistake ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. i have error with dm_5quid01, can anyone help me? [string “../data/lscripts/main/utils.lua”]:586 attemt to concatenate field `BaseObj’ (a nil value)

  4. I’m guessing mrclean:absinthe, charon:5quid01, the other guy:the other map.

    Is 1xGold, 1xBronze and 1xMH a good armour load out? Seems odd to me.

  5. I think that’s right swelt, but it says on the post at Kind of
    wish one of the maps didn’t have electro, but I guess this means they really
    want to see it in competitive play. I think they should lower ammo and take
    out knockback then.

  6. Maybe they refused to lower the damage? If that is the case, zero knock back with no life leeching potential is the only way to go with that gun.

    This is the problem when you have two “follow” hitscan weapons. Mini and shaft. Same gun. One almost has to be a bit stronger to warrant the things existence.

  7. “They” are PCF, the developer of PK.
    There’s already the chaingun with no knockback. What’s going to be the advantage of the shaft? It has a (justified) range disadvantage already. A little knockback, a little more damage, maybe even the leech effect would be ok.

  8. A little more damage and knockback compared than the chaingun I mean of course, not the current shaft, lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. dm_thebalist is a failure I think.
    other 2 maps are nice, espetially 5quid01

    and imo the dmg of shaft shold be reduced but knockback should stay (lowered)

  10. ive played absinthe and thebalist. In my first opinion i thought that absinthe is really great. But after few games we played on both maps, thebalist was appeared to be better;) i think thebalist is after few games very cool

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