European Painkiller League

“AAt last, after a hard days work from me (mostly spent on google) and a hard few weeks of work from a friendly chap aka Boov (many thanks for the design), the website is all but done and the leagues ready for launch. The first season of EPK will include a 1v1 duel and a 2v2 TDM league in the format of 10 player/team divisions. Im not expecting to get a huge amount of signups for either but i will limit these to 4 division s each – ranked, by skill, from 1 through 4. Rounds will be played weekly for both leagues and wont clash, so it will be possible to participate in both the 1v1 and the 2v2 league. The 1v1 league will kick off on Monday 28/03/05. The server rules, map pools and signups for both leagues are below.”
The signups are now open – – Idle and support in #epk-league

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