Dignitas PK Spotlight 12 – Daler

Continuing with our series of Pankiller player spotlights, number 12 is Daler.

Check it out – http://www.team-dignitas.com/news.php?newsid=1162

Team Dignitas: In europe in preparation for the first WT stop in Turkey we saw a few bootcamps going on, SK and Fnatic, Fatal1ty and Team Dignitas also play.it. How was it on the other side of the pond, did you bootcamp?

daler: I traveled up to New York to bootcamp with Wombat, Cha0ticz, Destrukt, DJ, Geoff, Brett, Thump4. I stayed at Cha0ticz’s place and we all played at Web2Zone, a lan center in New York City. This definitely helped me tons in preparing for Turkey. It is amazing how many things I do before the bootcamp and those things I do after, a completely new player and strats. I hope to be able to bootcamp with the same players for future tournaments.

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