Caption Compo

We have a copy of BooH to give away to the author of the funniest caption for the piccy from WCG 2004 below. The best caption will be chosen by the pkeuro admins. Our decision is final! πŸ˜‰

The competition is open to anyone from Europe (for the prize) but anyone from other continents is welcome to participate for a laugh πŸ™‚ We’ll send the expansion pack first class once we have a winner. The competition ends 12th December.

Caption Compo

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0 thoughts on “Caption Compo

  1. “And now it’s time to play the national anthem of Fatal1tyland. Pzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt pfyyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Practice practice practice!”

  2. “Gimme an F! Gimme an A! Gimme a T!” Fatal1tys cheer-leading team wasnt the most exciting, experienced, or attractive, but they still managed to work 3 fans into a Fatal1ty Frenzy! Wooooo GO TEAM!

  3. -Why that guy in the corner didin’t get a Fat t-shirt?
    -Couse he is waiting for an Abit Fatal1ty gaming PC

  4. “OK, we’ve run out of Fatal1ty’s T-shirts … the next prize will be this pretty blonde girl next to me …”

    Who want to face Fatal1ty for that prize now ? :>

  5. “Sorry folks, going to have to wrap this up early, there seems to be hundreds of fatality imposters all walking around with his shirt! So somehow we have misplaced the real slim fat ality and one of our booth girls!”

  6. Big guy: “Oi, I have to confess something…”
    Girl: “Yea, yea, we already know your gay”
    Crowd: “Fatty! Fatty! Fatty! Fatty!” (/jeryspringerstyle)

  7. “I’ve got my back to the screen because I find looking at geeks is more interesting than watching Fatal1ty play DOOM 3”

  8. Welcome to the first lesson of our workshop “How to become a true Fatalonel1ty”. As you see, you’re not gonna make it by just wearing his t-shirt… Terribly sorry to disappoint you wannabes. The first lesson will be: “How to turn down a date with a blonde bimbo”. Remember kids, no time for dating… Practice practice practice!

  9. to implus:
    actually she’s not a bimbo. she’s the one who helps fat and his crew and besides, she’s really smart.
    it’s funny how people say things about ppl they see on pictures without really knowing them.

    don’t throw rocks at me. I just want you all to know the truth πŸ™‚

  10. “You thought you’ve seen some cool Doom3 graphics? Then check this out, look at the bumpmapping on this girl…”

  11. This week we have a special guest from the opposing gender, please put your hands together for NATALIE. *claps claps*

    -Hi, my name is natalie. I’m a compulsive gamer.
    *grunts of approval*
    -Hellllloooooo natalieeeeeee.

  12. “Hello everyone. We brought that blonde “ho” over there just so you fucktards would show up and wear Tshirts. Can I get a… fat tal1 ty (thank you)?”

  13. BIG GUY – And now, Suzie is going to show you why she was awarded the biggest boobie trophy in Indiana, 1994…
    FATAL1TY FANS – Move off the screen girlie, we can’t see the score tab !

  14. Him: “Yes, I just got done 1v1’ing her (he winks at the crowd slyly while sucking in his gut).
    Her: “Yeah, and all he kept hearing was ‘WORTHLESS’ over and over”.

  15. muzzle I didn’t even see your post. doh!

    implus has got it right on the money. Whatever I said a few posts up is not what I really think, nor can think. I don’t know any of those people.

  16. guy:”and now fat takes the lightning gun to hit his enemy in the head”
    girl:”oh the guy in the middle of the first row looks really nice”
    guy:”eehh your micro is on”
    girl getting red:”oh i’m so sorry…”

  17. Mdieler, the guy in the middle of the first row is the bulgarian UT player Sektor, sittng to his right is Evil_AVI ];)

  18. ‘After losing in doom3, Fatality begins the search for a new game in earnest, starting with behind the monitor.’

    Shat, I know.

  19. “Fatal1ty leans over to conceal the effect of seeing a woman for the first time in 5 years.”

  20. “step right up step right up we’re now taking bids for this beautiful blonde babe on stage, we’ll start the bidding at 1 doller!” … “get off the stage your blocking the screen FFS!”

  21. Ok Folks, Now that nts’Zen is done sucking Fatal1tys pecker, we thought it would be nice to see what this blond can do. Who calls first dibs?

  22. “”phwooooaarr look at the fatpads on that””


    If you had a name, you would of won for sure. UL.

  23. “Look, if you want to be like Fatal1ty, you need to become a real nerdz and don’t turn back to your screen even if there is beautiful blonde babe behind you ! Stay focused !”

  24. “Nick has really let himself go…” a stunned onlooker was heard saying after his pre-game duet with wife Jessica.

  25. Guy with mic -“Hi I’m Fat Black and welcome to the Fatal1ty blind date game show!, now which one of these scumbag fatal1ty fans would YOU like to go out with?”

    Blonde fata1tly girl – “Hhmmmmmm what a choice…”

  26. The Guy: “Ok listen up folks. We’ve just ran out of the prize computers…”
    Fatal1ty from the background: “Fuck off, it was a server bug!”
    The Guy: “Yeah sure… Well we’ve already got a new prize, let me introduce you: Jessica!”
    Jessica: “?!?!”
    The Crowd: * mix of boo’s and yay’s, general confusement *

  27. *guy looking at the screen* Hey, turn around to see a firm ass
    *guy playing* Shh Im playing
    *guy looking at screen* But dude, its a girls ass
    *guy playing* I gotta keep my eyes on the game, besides if i wanted to see a girls ass I would ask you to turn around

  28. what is painkiller = well this is a game for arround 50 players and for no1 else !!! so i wish gl to those “chosen” “stars”

  29. what is oneheart = well this is a player for around 0-50 and for no1 hard !!! so i wish hf to this “c*ckeating” “onlineallstar”

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