Upcoming Patch

I understand that PCF are working hard on producing the first Patch for Painkiller. I understand that there are a lot of tweaks and fixes. Here are the main ones I could glean from talking to some of the guys:

Fix: Pentagram on Illuminati causing all players to be disconnected
Fix: Lava kills players on FFA mode
Fix: Allow LAN play with no Internet connection
Add: Voting (not sure params that will be votable)
Add: Spectating
Add: Different sounds per player
Add: Recording Demos
Add: Recording movies (not 100% on this one)
Add: New Map
Change: Weapon balancing (ElectroDriver combo in Voosh changed as is Electrodriver damage)

If any of the PCF guys read this, I would appreciate an update as to the contents. Thanks in advance 🙂

I also understand that tests are being carried out this Friday. Hopefully we will see this additional functionality soon 🙂

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