[PCF]Adrians impromptu visit

For those who are unaware, [PCF]Adrian visited us via our IRC website portal half an hour ago and spent a few minutes answering some Q&A. A big thank you to Adrian for doing this as 200+ people on IRC all hungry for information can be a rowdy bunch at times. Find below a log of the conversation that ensued:
[20:13] * PCF|Adrian has joined #painkiller.euro
[20:13] * Maniax sets mode: +v PCF|Adrian
[20:13] *W4rh0g* lo adrian
[20:13] * W4rh0g sets mode: +o PCF|Adrian
[20:14] *PCF|Adrian* hi
[20:14] *Morf* lo
[20:14] *Maniax* hi adrian
[20:14] *cj_* hehwe
[20:14] *cj_* (:
[20:14] *W4rh0g* nice of u to join us
[20:15] *PCF|Adrian* wtf is this applet… I am getting on and off…cant see the channel list.
[20:15] *PCF|Adrian* am I even in the channel now?
[20:15] *|K|RaZa`study* try www.mirc.com
[20:15] *Finn* haha
[20:15] *W4rh0g* yeah
[20:15] *Maniax* yes your in the channel
[20:15] *Maniax* with 247 people
[20:15] *PCF|Adrian* lol… yeah gotta install mIRC one of these days.

[20:15] *PCF|Adrian* I just stopped by pkeuro.com…

[20:15] *dean* lo
[20:15] *ChiZ-* Jeez, PCF Adrian, for real?
[20:15] *W4rh0g* 🙂

[20:15] *PCF|Adrian* when I saw the topic about the ElectroDriver and its autoaiming…

[20:15] *Maniax* 😀
[20:15] *|K|RaZa`study* cant developpers idle on irc channels,
[20:15] *|K|RaZa`study* :/
[20:16] *Blowfish* they do |K|RaZa`study
[20:16] *W4rh0g* adrian, www.mirc.com,
[20:16] *W4rh0g* 🙂
[20:16] *Blowfish* some evenings in here
[20:16] *W4rh0g* adrian, www.mirc.com
[20:16] *W4rh0g* even
[20:16] *m0erser^dr* is this a feature adrian?
[20:16] *Blowfish* oh
[20:16] *Blowfish* 🙂

[20:16] *PCF|Adrian* so… FYI…

[20:16] *Blowfish* like now ? 🙂

[20:16] *PCF|Adrian* its a freaking bug 🙂

[20:16] *W4rh0g* hahaha
[20:16] *Morf* wii 🙂
[20:16] *ChiZ-* lol
[20:16] *m0erser^dr* thank you 🙂

[20:16] *PCF|Adrian* obviously we dont promote any kind of auto-whatever.

[20:16] *|K|RaZa`study* thats what i mean
[20:17] *Morf* im glad its a bug 🙂

[20:17] *PCF|Adrian* pure skill baby… so it will be changed. And the weapon will be tweaked anyway.

[20:17] *W4rh0g* nice 1
[20:17] *Maniax* nice
[20:17] *W4rh0g* 🙂
[20:17] *|K|RaZa* PCF|Adrian: will there be a netcode update in the upcoming patch?
[20:17] *W4rh0g* gwan raza¬
[20:17] *W4rh0g* gwan raza!
[20:17] *W4rh0g* 🙂

[20:17] *PCF|Adrian* as for the netcode…

[20:17] *ChiZ-* any clues on whats coming in the patch Adrian? 🙂
[20:18] *W4rh0g* shhhh ChiZ-
[20:18] *W4rh0g* :p
[20:18] *|K|RaZa* yes
[20:18] *W4rh0g* applet is slow
[20:18] *W4rh0g* 🙂
[20:19] *ChiZ-* sorry man, just gagging on getting the game 🙂

[20:19] *PCF|Adrian* the thing is: netcode is pretty good for LAN. But if you have a ping * 80 it sucks donkey balls. Thats because its very hard (read: impossible) to do client prediction with Havok, because Havok works differently on every PC.

[20:19] *|K|EtoS* then why not take havok out for mp

[20:19] *PCF|Adrian* So for now server corrects your movement and with poor ping it causes this unbereable lag feeling.

[20:19] *|K|EtoS* who needs it
[20:19] *Cl1maX* PCF|Adrian : bugs… typyping fraglimit changes the frag limit but the console says timelimit is now x instead of fraglimit
[20:19] *|K|RaZa* so it will take long or it wont be possible to play well with a high ping
[20:19] *Cl1maX* k ? 🙂
[20:19] *|K|RaZa* There are also some bugs in the PCF mode
[20:19] *Blowfish* PCF|Adrian I think a lot might not be setting their connection type also?
[20:20] *vrykos* :(
[20:20] *DeepOS* heya raza
[20:20] *m0erser^dr* well i have that lags with a ping of 50, so i dont know PCF|Adrian
[20:20] *DeepOS* hows pk then?

[20:20] *PCF|Adrian* We will do what we can for the patch 1.1. There WILL be improvement to the Havok-based code, so you should feel it. If its not enough, we have the plan for something more revolutionary, but I cannot reveal anything atm.

[20:20] *|K|RaZa* eg. getting a stake gun in place of rl
[20:21] *|K|RaZa* hi DeepOS
[20:21] *W4rh0g* thanks for the update adrian
[20:21] *|K|RaZa* its quite good
[20:21] *DeepOS* cool 🙂

[20:21] *PCF|Adrian* …and…

[20:21] *DeepOS* thinking about buyin it atm
[20:21] *W4rh0g* nice to know your not ignoring us all
[20:21] *W4rh0g* 🙂
[20:21] *roxsz`gr* what is painkiller ?
[20:21] *fanapathy* pcf mode its annoying you die if ur close to the wall even if its no direct hit..
[20:21] *roxsz`gr* :p
[20:21] *|K|EtoS* adrian, why not take havok out for multiplayer
[20:21] *lazy`pk* …
[20:21] *|K|EtoS* who needs havok for mplayer
[20:21] *|K|RaZa* its very quake alike so i recommend to buy it DeepOS

[20:21] *PCF|Adrian* Patch 1.1 will have shitload of features… not extremely advanced, but demo recording, spectator, voting system, new map and more 🙂

[20:21] *|K|EtoS* what can havok possibly add to mplayer that we need bad netcode
[20:21] *|K|RaZa* PCF|Adrian: sounds great
[20:21] *Blowfish* PCF|Adrian I think a lot of people just want to hear that you are on the case of the netcode and looking to improve it
[20:21] *vrykos* \o_
[20:21] *lazy`pk* PCF|Adrian: do you know when the netcode is going to be worked on?
[20:21] *[wC]Eer0_INT* omg i hate the netcode
[20:21] *cK-bloodshot* i actually did alot of testing with netcode server settings
[20:21] *|K|RaZa* lazy`pk
[20:21] *W4rh0g* k guys
[20:21] *[wC]Eer0_INT* its unplayable

[20:21] *PCF|Adrian* netcode is worked on …all the time.

[20:21] *|K|RaZa* i just asked ..
[20:21] *cK-bloodshot* got 4v4 playable
[20:21] *cK-bloodshot* netcode is good
[20:21] *W4rh0g* since we have adrian here
[20:21] *lazy`pk* ok, thanks
[20:21] *ChiZ-* fanapathy aint that splash damage*?
[20:21] *[wC]Eer0_INT* netcode sux imho
[20:22] *lazy`pk* bloodshot netcode is only OK with 30-50 ping…
[20:22] *fanapathy* yea, but that splash damage seems to be 300+
[20:22] *cK-bloodshot* thats because most servers have wrong serverfps setting

[20:22] *PCF|Adrian* read Netcode Tweaks topic on pkeuro and try the setting someone came up with.

[20:22] *[wC]Eer0_INT* i played with 60 in ping
[20:22] *[wC]Eer0_INT* and it sucked big time
[20:22] *cK-bloodshot* EVERY server should use Cfg.ServerFPS = 45

[20:22] *PCF|Adrian* splash for the rocket will be reduced in 1.1

[20:22] *cK-bloodshot* 45 is the optimal setting
[20:22] *Blowfish* someone kick eurobot 🙂
[20:22] *cK-bloodshot* 60-90 is bad
[20:22] *lazy`pk* thanks..
[20:22] *cK-bloodshot* causes lag movement
[20:22] *fanapathy* roger that
[20:22] *DeepOS* cze adrian o/
[20:22] *cK-bloodshot* when 7+ clients connect
[20:22] *|K|EtoS* PCF|Adrian what can havok possibly add to mplayer that the netcode must suffer for it
[20:22] *W4rh0g* while adrian is here
[20:23] *W4rh0g* plz send Q thru op
[20:23] *W4rh0g* else the applet goes mad
[20:23] *tm-InFeRn0^* W4rh0g can I have auto voice? 😡
[20:23] *lazy`pk* kick eurobot ;o
[20:23] *tm-InFeRn0^* I am always sweet
[20:23] *tm-InFeRn0^* 😡
[[20:23] *DeepOS* czesc still.
[20:23] *SLAyRe* lo

[20:23] *PCF|Adrian* People… I get the message, I know you want Havok off, just give us some time 😉 And hush 😉

[20:23] *lazy`pk* hehe.
[20:23] *lazy`pk* PCF|Adrian: perhaps you can change the steakgun aswell? maybe less damage?
[20:23] *lazy`pk* or something… ;o
[20:23] *|K|RaZa* some people do not seem to understand that it takes time to code something 🙂

[20:23] *PCF|Adrian* Yes, were also thinking of tweaking stakes damage, you people are becoming too good with it 🙂

[20:23] *Hutchy* 🙂
[20:23] *vrykos* :U stakegun is fine
[20:24] *tm-InFeRn0^* y is this shit
[20:24] *tm-InFeRn0^* ?
[20:24] *tm-InFeRn0^* :*
[20:24] *W4rh0g* send ops questions
[20:24] *W4rh0g* plz
[20:24] *W4rh0g* else major spammage
[20:24] *Maniax* lol
[20:24] *Maniax* there
[20:24] *Blowfish* weeeee
[20:24] *Blowfish* 🙂
[20:24] *Blowfish* much better
[20:24] *W4rh0g* ask any op the question
[20:24] *W4rh0g* they will relaye it
[20:24] *W4rh0g* -e
[20:24] *Blowfish* questions to ops

[20:25] *PCF|Adrian* There will be lots and lots of very small tweaks in 1.1… Apart from the big features I already listed.

[20:25] *W4rh0g* *PCF|Adrian* Yes, were also thinking of tweaking stakes damage, you people are becoming too good with it 🙂
[20:25] *W4rh0g* any idea when the patch will be released adrian?

[20:26] *PCF|Adrian* Fire away, I got 10 mins, then I need to go back to answering 9078938475897 e-mails I got today 😉

[20:26] *W4rh0g* *kijoAWAY* will there be a new armour system ?

[20:26] *PCF|Adrian* Monday. It will be ready Friday and then tested a lot… So hopefully Monday.

[20:26] *W4rh0g* *kijoAWAY* the timings etc.
[20:26] *outsafk* coz ;x
[20:26] *W4rh0g* any idea when mod tools will be out adrian?
[20:26] *W4rh0g* *cow|impulse* Question: When u die and respawn u dont immediately move forward, u have to let go of your keys before u can move again. Will this be fixed?
[20:27] *Blowfish* [20:30] *u`am1R* will u change eny thing bout the movement in mp?
[20:27] *W4rh0g* ill just put the questions up
[20:27] *W4rh0g* 🙂
[20:27] *W4rh0g* asnwer if u can adrian
[20:27] *W4rh0g* 🙂
[20:27] *W4rh0g* *MrFunky* how do you switch smoke off from shotgun for eg, cos it really kills my gfx card, even with all other setting on low.

[20:28] *PCF|Adrian* New armor system? Whats wrong with the current one? As for the modtools, as soon as we finish 1.1, we will start working on map making tool.
[20:28] *PCF|Adrian* impulse: just another bug, will be killed in 1.1

[20:28] *W4rh0g* *tm-InFeRn0^* will the shotgun power increase?
[20:28] *Maniax* lol
[20:28] *Maniax* useless
[20:29] *PCF|Adrian* W4rh0g: I have a task for you 😉 If you want… Please gather ALL issues in one big phat mail and send it to me (stuff like shotung cloud causing low FPS etc.) – this way we can track/fix it easier…
[20:29] *W4rh0g* ok adrian
[20:29] *W4rh0g* i will do so

[20:29] *PCF|Adrian* Shotgun power doesn t need increasing, but it needs to work better, its too random atm.

[20:29] *W4rh0g* ok guys
[20:29] *W4rh0g* -m gone in a mo
[20:29] *W4rh0g* questions pm them to me
[20:30] *W4rh0g* for the email
[20:30] *W4rh0g* u can ask now if u want
[20:30] *Maniax* will the enemy colors will be different than just red and white in 1.1?
[20:30] *Morf* 13:4) 13:4] 13:4D 13:4P 13:4* 13:4X 13:4O
[20:30] *Hugin* lol
[20:30] *tm-InFeRn0^* adrian PK OWNT ;p
[20:30] *Hutchy* thx for ur time adrian 🙂
[20:30] *W4rh0g* yeah good to see u adrian
[20:30] *W4rh0g* bet your glad u dont come on irc now
[20:30] *W4rh0g* 🙂

[20:30] *PCF|Adrian* as for brightsking, I guess we will release these textures OUTSIDE of the pak file, so you can tweak them to your likening.

[20:31] *W4rh0g* \o/
[20:31] *JAALI* how long before gamespy3d and ase work for it?

[20:31] *PCF|Adrian* heh
[20:31] *PCF|Adrian* one important explanation…

[20:32] *Maniax* Have you thought about adding new gametypes like CTF or do you want the communnity to mod such things?

[20:32] *PCF|Adrian* We could open a forum topic called “PK issues” of course, but then it will be spammed in no time… Thats why I prefer everything goes through warhog and his minions 🙂 This makes out life way easier.

[20:32] *izzential\steph* 😀
[20:33] *dean* 🙂
[20:33] *PCF|Adrian* out=our
[20:33] * u`am1R has joined #painkiller.euro

[20:33] *PCF|Adrian* its easier to keep track if you have one big mail with all the issues. I would need it for tomorrow though…

[20:33] *W4rh0g* np adrian
[20:33] *W4rh0g* i send it in one hour
[20:33] *Maniax* yeah alot easier

[20:34] *PCF|Adrian* And some surprises are coming in the forthcoming weeks. Dont want to spoilt it all. Go play some SP ffs 😉 Anyway, thanks for your support guys, well do our best for 1.1.

[20:34] *dean* cheers adrian
[20:34] *W4rh0g* 🙂
[20:35] *PCF|Adrian* Cheerio and l8r all.
[20:35] * PCF|Adrian has quit IRC (Read error: EOF from client)

Cant wait for the patch 🙂

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