One of the main criticisms of PK is the simplified movement. While being complex compared to 95% of games out there, compared to QW/CPM the movement in PK is relatively simple. That being said, there are some good features about it, and some complex things that can be done. However, with things like the in-built Forward Rocket-Jump option, the options are decreased.

The way the FRJ works in PK, is by firing a rocket directly behind you. By looking down towards the floor, you set the angle the rocket will come out of your ass. Therefore, by looking directly ahead, the rocket flies out directly behind you. So not only does it remove the skill of FRJ’ing manually (which is fairly difficult), it also removes the skill of doing a 180 and continuing bunnyhopping so you can fire behind you (also difficult). To be honest, these are the two hardest manouevres possible and the only challenge presented by the PK movement system, so in my opinion the FRJ bind should be disabled on the servers (which it currently is not).

PK offers something unique that most games out there don’t, a (somewhat) higher level of depth and complexity and potential skill – why take that away? Isn’t that what attracted us to PK in the first place?

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