CPL Winter Championship Results

The CPL Winter Painkiller Tournament has now started up in earnest with Round 2 half completed. After a poor showing by a good number of competitors, only 79 started from a bracket of 128. Up until the 3rd round, all matches are single elimination. This has meant a number of good players have already left us with the match ups pitching some good players against each other. Below is a recap on the Round 2 games thus far (Round 1 lost none of the “named players with the exception of 4K^Tobes)

Finished (Round2)

Vo0 vs exe 38-0/52-3
Clearly a tough start for Vo0. I hope his performance picks up for the future rounds 😉

Deatz vs elpajuo 13-8/24-6
This on paper looked a tough match up. I would have expected Deatz to come through this match victorious after seeing his play online. Elpajuos online record not being the best with early knockout in the US tournament STFUandPLAY vs Lunat1c and other competitions.

Lexer vs Zaccubus 28-7/35-15
One of the newest members of 4Kings bites the dust early in another tough match up. The scoreline indicates that Lexer was just too strong for Zaccubus and took both maps with a fairly substantial frag ratio. Lets hope Zaccubus can spur his comrade Kuula onto the next round and beyond.

Xhep vs ZuluOmegaDelta 36-2/42-5
Looks like a walk in the park for Xhep as he decimates the unknown player ZuluOmegaDelta. Zulu had a bye from the first round against Vegeta so it is hard to tell if this player had any quality.

neok vs zhrance 19-1/17-13
Both of these players are well known on Euro turf. Zhrance has played in previous pkeuro tournaments and has demonstrated an above average skill level. I think Neok has been training hard for this tournament and it seems to have paid off with a fairly substantial score on map 1 (this being zhrances choice as the higher seed), and what looks to have been a close game on Map 2. I hope this match had demos! 🙂

ztrider vs M0erser 72-58
This is a strange one as the official brackets indicate ztrider won this match, while ztrider himself has commented on pkeuro that he in fact lost. 72-58 certainly seems to be a weird scoreline unless they were playing in the map big_box (q3 players will know what I mean 😉 ). Hope to find out what happened here soon.

Upcoming (Round2)

Daler vs Wieee
Aphextwin vs Whipboy
C_Lains vs TAU|$hield
Stermy vs Thump4
Stelam vs Gnosis
Kuula vs pfb
zyz vs DeusMortis
Slayer vs zen
Aim vs Zyos

Most of the above matches look very winnable for the Euro contingent. The matches that should provide possible dramas are Daler vs Wieee (will be tough for Wieee to overcome a strong Daler), Kuula vs pfb (is Kuula even there?!?) and Slayer vs zen (zen is a well known good player. This will be a very close match). Good luck to all those involved! Matches start at 4pm UK time. Keep in touch with the scores at the official CPL brackets HERE.

Coverage of the matches is being provided partially by TSN with an excellent video shoutcast. Open up the following link in Windows Media Player v7.10.00.3059 for best service. VIDEO LINK. Last nights coverage of the Painkiller matches was a little poor but we hope it will perk up tonight. Xyber, who plays Gellehsak tonight (unlucky!) was featured wopping poor ICEMAN. The video of the game was okay when you could get a stable 321kb/s source from the relays. We found the best way to achieve this was to keep switching relays using WMP7. Try it out!

**UPDATE** Demos are now available on the CPL FTP at this url:


Go grab them!!! Note that the ftp doesnt seem to like IE at the moment so use your FTP browsers 😀

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0 thoughts on “CPL Winter Championship Results

  1. Round 2:

    4k^AphexTwin vs. Whipboy

    DM_Psycho: 18-12 – 4k^AphexTwin
    DM_Psycho: 17-15 – 4k^Aphextwin

    Stermy vs. Thump4

    DM_Fallen2te: 38-8 – Stermy
    DM_Sacred: 38-12 – Stermy

    Daler vs. Wieee

    (Scores unknown at this point, but Daler won)

    Other matches still to be played

  2. For the M0erser vs Ztrider match:

    You see the high scores because they just added cumulative all of there frags for all three maps. This looks like how it’s going to be done if it goes to a third map.

  3. Der erste CPL Tag ist vorbei und die nicht so gut geseedeten Spieler mussten heute ran. Highlight dieses Tages war sicherlich das Spiel zwischen moerser und dem Schweden e*star Ztride.
    Auf dem Papier versprach dieses Match schon unheimlich viel Spannung, vor allem, da der Verlierer endgültig aus dem Turnier rausfliegen würde. Wie erwartet ging das Match auch über drei Maps. Als erstes wurde auf Sacred gespielt. Hier konnte Moerser mit 26 zu 16 gewinnen. Als nächstes folgte gleich doppelt die Map Psycho. Die erste Psycho Mapwahl stammte von Moerser. Leider hatte er kein Glück und musste die Map mit 16 zu 25 an den Schweden abgeben. Natürlich war Ztride für die alles entscheidende dritte Map auf Psycho der Favorit. Doch es kam alles anders und Moerser konnnte sich schon von Anfang an einen komfortablen Vorsprung erarbeiten, den auch ein sehr guter comeback Versuch in den letzten Minuten von Ztride nicht mehr aufholen konnte.

  4. You guys should have gotten a load of the Forrest v.s clowN match. I got lucky and turned on TSN right as it all started. Best PK match in recorded history 🙂

  5. Or rather, not really Selam. I hope I am wrong, I just want the best player to win. Nothing more.

    I’m not going to be USA USA USA USA!, because I’d rather not mimick you Selam. I also don’t take pleasure in other peoples pain.

  6. i always get “incorrect recording header” when trying to play one of those demos. ver is 1.35 without any mods
    what else do i need ?

  7. I have no idea, I just downloaded a whole butt load of ’em, but they won’t play back. The only difference between these and the ones I had previously is I see TGZ next to the icon, even though they are all PKD.

  8. how come I cant watch them then? I have unzipped the .pkd files to the /recordings directory… i have version 1.35, but I still get that “incorrect recording header” error.

  9. It doesn’t work with the CPL gui either… are these demos viewable at all? Has anyone had success in this regard?

  10. Use of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited at CPL events. Players may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while competing in a tournament.

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