CPL has Ended!!

The Final has just come to an end and the result is…..

Vo0 14:9 DM_Sacred & DM_Psycho 11:10 SK|zyz

That final was one of the greatest matches ever. Vo0 proved once again why he is #1, by coming back from 4 frags down in the last 20 seconds to win 11:10, and thus retaining his CPL crown. Good games to all who played, and good work Vo0!


Last night saw the lower bracket final, consolation final and the winners bracket final played. The outcome of these matches surprised quite a few people.

In the Winner Bracket it was a battle between Vo0, the #1 Painkiller player in the world, and Fata1lty who came 2nd last CPL. This was bound to be a match to remember, as both players have a fairly similar attacking style on certain maps.

DM_Fallen2te: 2-24 – Fatal1ty
DM_Psycho: 9-10 – Vo0
DM_Sacred: 12-27 – Vo0

Overall: Vo0 moves to the Grand Final.

Losers Bracket Final

This match was between Stermy & SKs zyz, which would of been strange to both of these players as they have never played each other before as far as I know. So, they would be meeting each others playing styles for the very first time.

Scores still unavailable at this point.

Overall: SK|zyz takes the win.

Consolation Final

This match again, was a first time battle between these 2 players in Painkiller.. which would mean that they would have to predict each others playing styles for the first 10 minutes or so. There was a pretty big burden on this match however, as the winner of this goes onto the Grand Final to meet Vo0.

DM_Fallen2te: 0-25 – SK|zyz
DM_Sacred: 10-16 – SK|zyz

Overall: Massive win for a fairly new guy on the Painkiller scene, SK|zyz takes the win.

The Grand Final which everyone is waiting for will take place today at 2pm CST (8pm GMT, 9pm CET) and is definately going to attract some attention. Can the new guy on the block ruffle Vo0s feathers and take this one? Or will the defending champion breeze past and be crowned CPL Player of the Year? Only time will tell.

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0 thoughts on “CPL has Ended!!

  1. Nah.. He was pretty good in Q2 😉 I remember an insane DM1 demo where he had about half the frags of his team (Unmatched) 😉 Insane Railgun!

  2. “the new guy”.. I know zyz has played games before this, I mean new to Painkiller, if you would of read my post properly.

  3. Fallen just showed with Vo0 vs Fat and Fat vs zyz that once lock has happened, that’s it. Map over. (not all the time)

    Fallen is awful. I hope the CPL dumps this map once and for all. The matches are a bore on that map to add fuel to the fire.

  4. zyz already played Q3 at CPL cologne… and he won CB’s TDM eurocup with team unmatched!
    I always loved his style in Q3.. cant wait to see his PK demos! gl 4 the final.

  5. I think we may have to wait until after the finals today, and then they will prolly upload all 5 or 6 matches in one go.

  6. VoO all the way! Nice live coverage with video by TSN of the finals – great comeback by VoO! 😀 Nice play there champ 😉

  7. How is it that I bring down the console from within Painkiller with a standard Euro keyboard (Danish)?

  8. “Vo0 proved once again why he is #1, by coming back from 4 frags down in the last 20 seconds to win 11:10”

    Yeah I’m really impressed with how he managed to make zyz spawn next to him several times in a row 😉 Truely an amazing skill.

  9. Zyz owned himself because he ran the last 2 minutes and less rather than play. He stopped his dominate control/lock that he had on psycho which was frustrating the hell out of Vo0 and just ran wanting time to run out. That was the exact wrong thing to do against the player who has undoubtedly the best movement in the game so far. VoO tracked him down finally and got a kill. Then Voo kept control and found him again and got another easy kill then he spawned near him once and he got a kill then Voo had to track him down for the last few kills. I believe Voo only got 1 spawn kill in that run. Zyz just beat himself by allowing Voo to have control and running when he should have just kept playing the game that gave him that 10-5 lead. It was a great match regardless and made for a great ending.

  10. zyz lost to Vo0. Let’s cut the BS. There is no doubt zyz is going to be a monster in this game, but, great players find ways to win. As we just saw, 2x from Vo0.

  11. actually, we were all around some pool tables and tonya came down. voo asked tonya about the finals demos and when they would be up… she then told us that the intel guys packed up the computers, so it might be awhile before we see the demos if they can find them. even then, they might be gone forever:(

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