Good work chaps!!

Announcement by the CPL today:

Today, the CPL publicly recognized the invaluable contributions of Timo “Cubik” Hanninen and Vikto “Worre” Liljeblad for creating an excellent tournament mod for Painkiller.

Both Cubik and Worre provided an exceptional level of support to the CPL and created the tournament mod in a very short period of time. Without their support the flawlessly run Painkiller tournament could have encountered insurmountable obstacles.

We’re pleased the CPL took the time to recognise these two gents. It’s true to say that without their motivation and efforts, the CPL tournament would have suffered. Well done!

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0 thoughts on “Good work chaps!!

  1. ROFL

    After i unpacked worre and cubik mod it looks like that:

    95% of code in this mod is mine code stolen by worre and cubik from chains 0.55 or smth EXCEPT overtime code because i gave it them…

    All of u can check this.

    ALL is same – variables name, fuctions names and code etc. They changed only directories to hitsounds, and gfx…

    All icons are also from chainsmod.

    GW CPL, GW THIEVES – very, very good ctrl+c -> ctrl+v 😮

    Anyway: I will write later article comparing chains 0.5X code to OMFG GW L33T CPL MOD(done of course by cubik and worre :X !)…

    Now im returning to fixing up my life…

    Cya later…

  2. Yar. Even if they did copy code, they got it working with dedicated servers and the timer bug fix. I dont think you need to be vindictive here. I’m sure worre and cubik would have preferred to work with you if you had been here.

    my two penneth…

  3. i don’t want to say who is the best programer or anything but “Without their support the flawlessly run Painkiller tournament could have encountered insurmountable obstacles.
    ” why not use minimod ? ( ok for the overtime ) but minimod got more feature like custom xhair for each weapon … so minimod just need a little update to be ok for the cpl that s what worre & cubik did … we thanks them for that but don’t forget yar for all his work during a long time …

  4. perhaps if you hadn’t have screwed over the community and cpl by making promises you couldn’t keep, only to show up at the last minute with heavily bugged unusable code, things wouldn’t have had to have been fixed at the last moment this way. The fact shouldn’t be overlooked that they stepped in and fixed the huge mess you’d created from misleading the community/cpl and breaking your promises made to them. That’s what the CPL acknowledgement is about, whether it was a reworking of earlier opensource code or not.

  5. \”whether it was a reworking of earlier opensource code or not.\” when i use some class or fonction found on i-net as opensource i mention the maker name .. that\’s all, TY worre and cubik for the new stuff and for the cpl mod itself but TY yar for the basic code ..

  6. Warhog has the point here, CPL is thanking worre and cubik for supporting them with the mod. From their point of view, it is irrelevan whos code is in it.
    I understand Yars disappointment with this situation though. As it looks as though his work has been forgotten. Perhaps this wouldnt have happened if worre and cubik pointed out in their mod (readme or whatever else) that their mod is based on Yars.

    >perhaps if you hadnt have screwed over the community and cpl by making promises you couldnt keep

    Yar is spending his free time for that, he is not getting anything from that except his own satisfaction. Bear in mind that.

  7. Okey, lets clear some things out here. We have never lied or anything at all about yars code, I can say directly that most part of the ingame huds code have big influence from the chains 0.56 code and without it we would never have gotten this mod done.
    The reason for that is because the night before cpl we were contaced by some cpl staff and they told us about the situation, if we didnt finish the mod in 12h (more or less) the whole tournament would have been played complety without any mod at all. This of course gave us a little problem since we never worked with lua code before, so I guess you can see where this is going.
    Still we hade the entire options gui and sevral other things made (which we wrote ourself) within a few hours and the mod ran without any problems at all on the tournament the next day.
    For those who cares, yar is and has always been thanked in the credits list.
    And for yar, theres really no need to write an big article about it, we have nothing to hide so its just a big waste of time.

  8. “Yar is spending his free time for that, he is not getting anything from that except his own satisfaction.”

    …really ?

  9. “…really ?”

    Actually, yes. You know, he doesnt have to be doing this for you pathetic slobs. Stop taking things for granted you ungrateful leaching fuck.

  10. CPL mod was only an emergency solution to work with the timer fix & dedicated servers. The CPL and all the other people new very well that most of the code was originally made by yar. And yar is on the credits aswell.
    I think it’s irrelevant who’s code is on the mod, as long as it works.

  11. And yar, you can write as many articles as you want comparing these two mods. We’re not denying anything, and if anyone woulda asked how we made the mod, we would have said that most of the in-game stuff like the hud and such are yar’s code which we just built together to get everything working with the timer fix. Hell, I can write an article on how I used copy & paste to include hitsounds to the mod myself aswell! Better yet: it has already been done. Check the BOOH Hitsounds-article.

    If someone copies something I wrote for the community’s sake, I wouldnt care. And you were thanked at credits anyway.

  12. Oh and another thing: it wasnt you who was up for the whole last night before the event putting everything together for the CPL, it was us.

  13. Yar, I find this immature beyond measure that you would even bring this up.

    Yar, one would have to be a fool not to get already coded code to get this thing up and running pronto.

    I guess the only question is…

    Would you rather someone help this community in an emergency? Or would you rather have bragging rights, and have the community suffer?

  14. I would first like to point ouyt the reason these guys HAD to write the mod for us in such short time. Yar fell through, not once, but twice. He TWICE made committments to have the mod ready for CPL and TWICE backed out with no notice to the CPL or community. The first time Yar backed out, he left the CPL hanging after he committed to updating the previous mod to work for us. When he quit responding to email, IRC, etc, we began to look for a new solution in the very short amount of time we had. The only solution on such short time was to look for someone who could continue the work that had been started previously. After they started work, Yar came back and the development team said they wanted to step aside and let Yar continue his work. After we arrived at the event, the solution we were sent from Yar was lacking. It would not work with dedicated servers and the timer bug fix. These guys stepped in and finished their work and sent it to us for testing. Any bugs found, they were available within 15 minutes to correct the bug or add features and send us the patch. The result was that these guys were able to get the job done that Yar failed to complete. I thank them for their work in getting it completed.

  15. Yar every second day you are on this site posting some whining bitchy comment and then finishing it with some lame pity line about going to sort your life out. Well why dont you fuck off and sort your life out.

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