Photos of Istanbul Qualifier


photo French photographer Sandrine Camus-Durand has published forty black and white photos of the World Tour Qualifier, that took place in Istanbul, Turkey. Sandrine will also be covering other selected World Tour Stops, including the Barcelona Stop.

View the photos at:
Gamers: Black & White Vision Part #3 – Istanbul 05
Gamers: Black & White Vision Part #4 – Istanbul 05

Other photoalbums by Sandrine Camus-Durand:

Zb lan writeup

There was a wide range of talent at the tournement, ranging from dark horses Mashles and PBX, to contenders in 4K-ZaF and 4K-RazorB to the favourites Jabbor, 4K^Kuula and 4K^Zaccubus.

1.62 was used but sadly only a few recorded demos. But there were some FANTASTIC games that I wish had been demoed.

In the upper bracket 4K^RazorB knoced 4K^ZaF into the lower bracket (2-1 Sacred, absinthe, absinthe), and progressed to take on another team mate Zaccubus in the top part of the upper bracket. Zaccubus took the match 2-0 to set up a tantilising upper bracket final with the winer of Jabbor vs Kuula.

Both had gone through their games with realtive ease. Jabbor was taken close by Mashles but ultimatly prevailed, while Kuula took down PBX 2-0 with comfort. This left a fantastic game and for me, the best match of the lan.

With everyone surrounding the 2 players for the game, a an erie silence fell upon the players as everyone watched the biggest match so far.

Jabbor picked absinthe and Kuula chose sacred and it was absinthe the provided a class encounter. Kuula took a quick lead but jabbor regained control and punished kuula for long periods, with 2mins left and a 7 frag deficit it looked over, but a phenominal come back saw kuula needing 2 frags in the last 10 seconds, a rocket kill and a shotgun to the back handed him a massive first game, 17-16 the final score.

With jabbors relative lack of lan experiance, i felt he lost momentum in the match after this and fell away on sacred, Kuula winning by 24-6.

In the lower bracket, 4K^Zaf had fought past Digi|Mashles in a tense game. Having taken mashles map choice of Psycho comfortably, it looked like an easy win. Mashles had other ideas, with Zaf having to pull another comeback in the last minuite, overturning a 4 frag deficit.

RazorB had alost fought past PBX in another tight game. 7 frags down with 4min to go in the decider, razorB seemed down and out, but a crazy mid air stake led a fantastic comeback. PBX’s insane shotgun aim had him pushing RazorB all the way but it just wasnt enough in a another great game.

In the upper bracket final, Zaccubus insane stake aim had him win 2-0 with 1 frag seperating them on both maps, in intense games. in the last seconds Zaccubus seemed to cheat when he screamed “Please God give me a good spawn”. Lo and behold, he spawned with gold armour staring him in the face. =)

Jabbor then took out both Zaf and RazorB to set up a rematch with Kuula, but there was no revenge as Kuula took him out 2-0 again.

This led to him facing of vs Zaccubus again , and yet again, great games, but Zaccubus prevailing 2-0, with 2 frags between them in the first map and 1 frag in the second. No cheating though πŸ™‚

All in a all a fantastic lan, I would like to thank ZB.Flikblade and his crew for sorting out a great lan. Alot of commen sense and friendship was there for all to see and it was good to put faces to names. Thanks to Zboard for sponsoering the tournement and for everyone who attended.

Final Standings:

1st 4K^Zaccubus
2nd 4K^Kuula
3rd Jabbor
4th 4K^RazorB
5th/6th 4K^Zaf / PBX

Patch 1.62 Released Tonight!

News just in from DreamCatcher. The next patch (version 1.62) for Painkiller has been released tonight at 1pm EST (6pm UK Time). The patch will also contain the long awaited Linux server which will hopefully begin the proliferation of servers throughout the world at a greater pace then before. The main patch weighs in at 110mb while both the WIN and Linux standalone servers are 120mb. Note that you HAVE to have v1.61 installed before you install v1.62 to get it working.

The update includes a readme which looks like this:

– CHANGE: Linux server updated to 1.62.
– CHANGE: Additional minor physics tweaks to match 1.35.
– CHANGE: Improvements to visual artifacts caused by high lag.
– CHANGE: Shotgun horizontal knockback reduced slightly.
– CHANGE: Cfg.NetcodeEnemyPredictionInterpolationFactor added to allow adjustments to enemy position prediction (default 0.66).
– CHANGE: Removed hallway collision models in maps DM_Psycho, Absinthe and Sacred to facilitate faster player movement.
– FIX: Demo recording FPS dropping issues.
– FIX: Demo playback resetting to Main Menu no longer occurs.
– FIX: FPS drop collision issue on map DM_Psycho fixed.
– FIX: Getting stuck issue on maps DM_Psycho and Sacred fixed.
– FIX: Random drop on demo playback bug corrected.
– FIX: Spectators going through portals now works correctly.
– FIX: Double teleportation visual now fixed.
– FIX: Staked grenade explosions behind walls no longer work.
– FIX: Map changes while demo recording no longer cause crashes.
– FIX: Miscellaneous sound playback issues.
– FIX: Minor Windows incompatibility error for some users.
– FIX: Weapon fire prediction FXs.
– FIX: Automatically firing after respawn.

NOTE: Version 1.62 includes all changes and enhancements from previous Painkiller updates. Also note, installing this patch will break any previous savegames that are not autosaves or saved in version 1.61.

As always, well keep this news post upto date with links as to where you can grab the files. Check back for your best host if you find the initial ones hammered to death πŸ˜‰







Win An IPOD!!

An online survey has been created to gather some feedback after the last “Extreme Edition Challenge 3 : Bloodline” MOVIE. It doesn’t take long to fill out & there is a chance you could win an iPod!

Check out the survey HERE and refresh your memory on the movie HERE.

Painkillers First IRC Scorebot

PiTaGoRaS has released the first IRC scorebot to take advantage of the new Server information provided by the 1.61 patch. The BOT is nicely put together with a very good website to support it. The presentation of the scores etc looks something along the lines of:

*** PiTaBOT v0.65 started ***

Server: My server (v1.61)
Mode: Duel
Players: 2/2
Map: DM_Sacred
Timelimit: 15
Currently playing:
fnatic\Vo0 score: 0 latency: 12
SK|zyz score: 0 latency: 10

You can find this new application at sourceforge HERE. If you come across any, please let PiTaGoRaS know of any bugs you find in our forums HERE. PiTaGoRaS is continuing to expand the bot once new server information is supported. We may see some extras once 1.62 is out πŸ™‚

Jolt PCZone PK Tourney

Yes, its that time again. Jolt bring you PCZone Readers Challenge Painkiller 4, one of the most successful online PK tourneys theres been so far. Jolt send word that the tournament will start the first week of March, and that signups are on a pretty short deadline. So make sure you sign up quick!

They also say that past prize winners from their cups will NOT be allowed to compete in this tournament, so everyone gets a fair chance at winning something.

You can signup and read more!

ZB Lan signup update.

Signups have been open now for about 4 days.. so far all who have signed up have been accepted. The list of names reaches about 20 however I am posting the more ‘known’ names of competitors here.
Hopefully this will fuel a few more signups as it stands we need to get the full 32 to cover the LAN centers expenses. I must stress no profit is being made for our team or our sponsors, all money is goin to cover costs of hiring the centre, insurance, game licences etc. Anyway here is the list of ‘known’ competitors so far:


there are serveral more people but these are names i do not recognise. (no offence meant :> )

All details can be found here:

the actual signup form can be found here:

TSN have confirmed their attendance, as well as serveral magazines and TV coverage. See you there!


The purpose of this survey is for pha3z and I to compile some demographic and psychographic information about the painkiller community. The statistics we compile from this informal poll will be used to help us get sponsorship for our map, meatless, which will be used in the CPL World Tour. We hope that everyone will take the couple minutes to complete this survey – your time is very valuable to us.

If you wish to take the survey, you may post here with your response, or if you would rather do it by email so your information will not be made public on this forum, you may email your answers to:

Your personal information will not be given seen by anyone except pha3z and myself (unless you post it here), except in that it will be a part of our compilation of statistics.

Just fill this in:

Occupation (student is an acceptable answer):
Yearly Income (if you get allowance or money from parents, take a guess at how much you get in a year):

Thanks guys!

The Fnatic|Vo0 Interview

He is known to most as the King of PainKiller, even with the new release of PK he managed to take the CPL Spain Qualifier this weekend, beating Fatal1ty in the finals. He has now won over $20,000 in PainKiller events, thats an impressive achievement in a scene so new. I was able to catch up with Vo0 before he departed for Turkey, there was a few more questions I had, but he was hard at work training for this event, hopefully he can answer them when he returns. Vo0 talks about his past gaming experiences and also somethings he expects for the future, here is a small snippet of the interview.

What is a normal day pre LAN event for Vo0?

All of my 3 events I attended I had a bootcamp one week before the event for a couple of days. At that bootcamp I just play for several hours a day, usually three to five. I just play 15 minutes matches and try to get the game down as good as possible.

If you could setup a Match of the Decade, obviously you would be in the final, but who would you have as your opponent?

Fatal1ty. Everytime we play eachother in Painkiller we have thrilling matches. I dare to say that both at CPL Summer and Winter both our matches were the best of the tournament.

Check out the full interview HERE (free registration required).

UK LAN Painkiller Tournament

Moongames, based in Kettering in the UK, are running their next 48 hour event starting 1st April 2005.

As part of the LAN there will be a Painkiller 1v1 tournament, hosted on possibly the best network infrastructure you could imagine.

There is seating for about 60 players, however, these seats sell out quickly. The venue hosts a bar, food, big screens, and the best damn admins out there!!

Moongames is a multi-gaming LAN, with prizes for each of the tournaments.

More details can be found at

IRC #moongames on quakenet

There were over 100 signups for the last event, and over 40 people were dissappointed, don’t be one of them!!

Vo0 wins CPL Turkey Qualifier!

Again Vo0 has proven that he is the best Painkiller player of the world. He has just won the grandfinal versus Fatal1ty in two rounds!

fnatic/Vo0 > Fatal1ty
sacred: 24-12
absinthe: 19-14

Other coverage:

CPL Turkey Qualifier: Day 2

So far day two has had his share of upsets, bugs and overtimes. But dont worry, because Vo0 still hasnt lost a match, and is playing in the grand final.

Currently the tournament has been moved to another location due to problems with the venue. TsN cannot cast live from that location and will record the matches locally and upload them asap.

fnatic/Vo0 > fnatic/Gellehsak

A match everybody was waiting for. It turned out to be an incredible tense first map, which needed four overtimes to decide the winner.

sacred: 18-16
absinthe: 22-15

stermyplay.uts > Fatal1ty

Both players playing pretty defensive, and no frags were made the first few minutes. Fatal1ty took the first round on psycho. After that stermy came back to win two maps and the match.

psycho: 4-8
sacred: 22-17
psycho: 17-14

Winner bracket final:
fnatic/Vo0 > stermyplay.uts

A match with a lot of problems, stermy and the server crashed six minutes into the game. At that point the score was 8-3 in favour of stermy. It was decided that the map would be continued with a 9 minuted timelimit. In these 9 minutes Vo0 managed to even up the score to 15-15 (8-3 + 7-12). Because the server score at that point was 12-7 the game did not go into overtime.
Instead of restarting the server with a 2 minute timelimit, they replayed the map with a 15 minuted timelimit. Vo0 took the map with 26 to 15.

psycho: 26-15
sacred: 14 – 21
sacred: 24 – 1

Lower bracket round 4:
estar*Ztrider > SK|SteLam

This match was quite an upset, Ztrider beating SteLam in two maps. The first map was incredibly exciting, going into double overtime, after which Ztrider won the map with 19 to 18.

psycho: 19-18
absinthe: 20-15

Lower bracket round 6:
Fatal1ty > estar*Ztrider

Painkiller showed us once again why we love it so much. After Ztrider lost the first map versus Fatal1ty with just 1 frag, he ran into the FPS bug in dm_psycho. With a very close score near the end of the map, the bug denied ztrider a couple of spawnfrags that wouldve won him the map, and wouldve given him the chance to play a third map.

CPL Turkey Qualifier: Day 1

Day 1:

The players that made it too the semi finals are: fnatic/Vo0, fnatic/Gellehsak, PlayIt.stermy and Fatal1ty.

The matches for the semi’s are:

  • fnatic/Vo0 versus fnatic/Gellehsak
  • PlayIt.stermy versus Fatal1ty

The players left in the lower bracket are: checksix\deatz, checksix\destrukt, checksix\LeXeR, estar*Ztrider, Zen , EYE]sakh, SK|Stelam and [3D]Daler.

From what ive heard the lower bracket matches for tomorrow are:

  • checksix\destrukt versus [EYE]sakh
  • checksix\deatz versus Zen
  • checksix\LeXeR versus estar*Ztrider
  • SK|Stelam versus checksix\LeXeR or estar*Ztrider

CPL kicked out of Turkey

For everybody not listening to TsN: The CPL Qualifier in turkey has been kicked out of the venue. Apparantly the contract does not allow the tournament to stay any longer. Just a few matches are remaining in the Painkiller tournament, and they will be continued when a new location has been found.

update: the matches are being played now in an other conference room in the venue.

CPL Expands Summer Championship

This just in from the CPL:

The CPL announced that it has expanded the $50,000 World Tour USA Stop for Painkiller from 128 to 256 slots. The tournament has been full for almost a month and the CPL wants to provide more gamers an opportunity to qualify for the $500,000 finals.

Get in quick if you want a chance to take on the greats at Painkiller in the US of A. Sign ups can be found HERE.