Converting 1.62 Demos to 1.64

Firstly grab the CPL demos here:

You then need to hex edit the demo to alter the version number which is near the start of the file.

Download a freeware hex editor here, and open the demo file using it.

On the first line or so, on the right hand side, you will see a 1.62, change the 2 to a 4 to make 1.64. Save, watch πŸ™‚

CAL Painkiller

CAL has recently announced a PK-Invite league. It will be made up of the people who make it to the 2nd round of season 1 playoffs and certain other invites.

There also seems to be a bit of interest in the community for a CAL PK 2v2 league. However, before one can be started, we need a significant number of teams. For anyone who is interested, please post your teams name, your name, and your partners name on this thread. Post them in that order and please just one post per team.

Thanks for your continued support.

PK++ supports v1.64

A little update today. PK++ 0.9 has been made compatible with patch v1.64. It also contains a few minor fixes and changes. Please bear in mind 0.9 ( now) is still a beta version. I suggest you to read to readme located in \Bin\PK++Documentation.ZIP. If you have questions/suggestions, contact us at Read the full list of fixes and features below:

CHANGE: Support for PCF version 1.64
CHANGE: Cfg.RocketFix default set to true
FIX: Pitabot minor fix for players joining game
FIX: Removed temptation to add old changelog to current version to make it seem more
FIX: Freezer is now showing on simplehud
FIX: Ammobackground is now working correct on simplehud
ADD: \version command to check local PK++ version
ADD: DisableHud [0/1] disables hud for map images
ADD: \camerayaw | \camerapitch for mapper image support

Download the update via Steamfish. If you dont have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it.

*UPDATE* Some extras added (run Steamfish again or grab Standalone Installer):

ADD: Orange and Pink options for brightskins
CHANGE: Low gfx effects re-enabled
FIX: Low gfx settings causing gradual fps loss
FIX: PCF bug, decal stay time set to Off failed to save to config
ADD: \nodecals [0/1] for toggling decal rendering ingame
ADD: Cfg.ShowTimerShadow, Cfg.ShowFPSShadow, Cfg.ShowPingShadow added

Oh, and DM_Q1KMB and DM_Lukin were added. πŸ™‚

Painkiller Patch v1.64

Dreamcatcher have released the v1.64 patch for painkiller today. The patch is pretty much the same as the v1.63 patch and has the following readme:

– FIX: Freezer bug
– FIX: Dead bodies bug
– FIX: Gold Armor bug

– FIX: If a certain path is taken you cant proceed (Docks) is fixed.

– FIX: Items now disappear correctly.
– FIX: Demon morph mode is recorded in demos.
– FIX: Sometimes demos were playing with incorrect speed.

NOTE: Version 1.64 can be installed only on PK ver 1.62 or 1.63.

We had expected v1.64 to be a standalone install to support installs from v1.0. The release of this ~6MB patch is a little puzzling as no changes above and beyond 1.63 are obvious. The official servers in the US are rolling to 1.64 shortly (if not already) and we expect the European servers to follow suit soon. At this time, we do not believe PK++ will work with v1.64 but will look to remedy this in the near future.

*EDIT* PK++ now supports 1.64, current version is Run Steamfish in the usual way to update. Standalone installer will follow shortly.

Grab the files here:




Vo0 Wins CPL WT Stop #1!

Vo0 has come through the field to win yet again! In a nail biting final, SK|Zyz defeated Vo0 in the first match to bring it head to head for the title. The second match then swung in Vo0s favour and he clinched the title in two straight maps. The final Standings look as such:

1st fnatic.Vo0 ($15k)
2nd SK|Zyz ($10k)
3rd Stermy ($7K)
4th Fatal1ty ($5K)
5th fnatic.gellehsak ($3.5K)
6th x6.Lexer ($2.5K)
7th SK|Stelam ($1.75K)
8th Daler ($1.25K)

Looking through the predictions made by you all, only Anon from Germany got the top three guys (but in the wrong order). A few of you predicted Vo0 1st and Zyz 2nd but missed Stermy out for 3rd. …and I thought you were all experts πŸ˜‰

Congrats to the top 6 who all recieve free trips to the next World Tour stop along with oodles of cash. Apologies for our very limited coverage but Easter weekend is never best for getting reporters at their keyboards. Well try better next time! πŸ™‚

Painkiller v1.63 CPL Fix Release

DreamCatcher have released a new patch for Painkiller today bringing the version upto 1.63. The patch includes the following changes:

– New version of the Linux server to fix custom maps/finding and manualIP issues with certain Linux versions
– Freezer re-work
– Gold Armor visibility issues
dead-bodies bug

As we do not have the official readme for the patch, this information comes from a post made on an earlier news item by [DC]Robert Stevenson.

You can download the patch from:

FileShack PATCH Linux Server
Fragland PATCH

CPL Turkey Starts Today!!


TSNCENTRAL have the list of seedings up now. You can find these HERE. Still no news on matches.


Thats right.. The long awaited first world tour stop has finally arrived. Players vying for the first $50,000 competition have been arriving all week into Istanbul, all hoping to kick Vo0 from his number 1 perch and get their hands on the $15,000 first prize.

The player list is rather long, but some of the more well known names include:


There are many other excellent players in the roster, and anyone could take it if they have been practising hard enough. Of course, Vo0 will be the favourite at this time, with a pretty much undefeated record across every tournament he has played. Some of the others have come mighty close however and perhaps this time, well see an upset. Cmon the underdogs!!

We asked some of the players who join us in our channel (#painkiller.euro @ quakenet) to give us their predictions for the first 3. Heres a few of those:

d`Odee – 1. Stermy 2. Fatal1ty 3. Vo0
Cubik – 1. Stermy 2. Vo0 3. Fatal1ty
Dom1n – 1. Stermy 2. Vo0 3. Fatal1ty

Think you know better? Put your top 3 in the comments and lets see who gets it right πŸ™‚

Good luck to all who attend! Well try to keep some kind of update going but as its Easter, a number of our reporters are away. Hopefully Aphextwin who is attending the event can keep us all posted here on pkeuro while performing his other numerous endevours. (thanks Aphex!)

CPL and TSN WT Website

Spotted first by CP84 and posted in our minor news section HERE (open to all members), The CPL and TSN have joined forces once again to create a new Painkiller World Tour website. The website is set to be crammed with journals and information from each of the stops and should provide a great resource for all those interested in following this years competition.

Along with blogs from various members of the community, TSN will be posting schedules for transmissions direct from the events, along with hopefully recordings for those of us not willing or able to stay up all night to tune in.

The website can be found HERE. Interview Fatal1ty

RUSHED.DE have posted a good interview with one of the top PK players at this time, Fatal1ty. The interview is in English which is fortunate for us non-German speaking readers (google translation does provide some funnies sometimes tho πŸ˜‰ ) and is a good read if you have 5 or 10 minutes. Catch the full interview HERE.

affentod: What Im interested in is, who are you bootcamping with besides zen?

Fatal1ty: Uhm, actually were gonna be training for a whole week here in Germany. Actually tomorrow after the show were heading up to Frankfurt to LAN with Dr.Doom, reptile, canna and the other gamers sponsored by ABIT. So, were gonna have 6 or 7 guys all LANed up, practicing non-stop all night long.

Busy Busy…

PK ++ 0.9

Better late then never but I finally got some time to post about the not so new release of pk++ 0.9! Mostly fixes this time. Please bear in mind 0.9 is still a beta version. I suggest you to read to readme located in \Bin\PK++Documentation.ZIP. If you have questions/suggestions, contact us at Read the full list of fixes and features below:

ADD: Cfg.RocketFix option for ProPlus rocket fix in non-ProPlus gamemode
ADD: Cfg.FallingDamage option for falling damage removal
ADD: Cfg.AutoScreenshot | \autoscreenshot [0/1] Takes screenshot 5 seconds after match end
FIX: Restartmap/Reloadmap respawning players during process
FIX: Autorecord naming errors
FIX: Overtime in tdm faulty
FIX: Bot respawning crashing server in some circumstances
FIX: Allready command malfunctioning
FIX: Bots continuing match play
FIX: PCF mode rockets
CHANGE: MOTD now shows server version and rocketfix on/off
CHANGE: Low gfx, No* effects temporarily disabled (dont panic – they will be enabled later)

Download the update via Steamfish. If you dont have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it or download the full install.
Also, take a look at the list below:

Known PCF/Game Core Bugs

BUG: Invisi-Dead Body bug still exists
BUG: Stakes still fire off spawn
BUG: Linux dedicated has issues with finding maps
BUG: Next weapon does not queue properly (example: fire rocket, hit stake bind, hit sg bind, both before rocket reload is done. Next weapon is stake, not sg)
BUG: Demo playback does not interpolate players movements.
BUG: Two different sounds still play when weapon switching + firing.
BUG: Invisible dead bodies bug. After having killed someone, a shot fired in the direction of his dead body will hit the dead body and damage you. Also happens to the last shot one fires when dying. If you fire e.g. a stake the instant you die, youll hit your own dead body instead of the opponent (can happen midair).
BUG: Gold Armor invisible. At times the Gold Armor is invisible for a certain player. Sometimes other items on a map are invisiable to a single player – mostly happens on absinthe
BUG: Delay with changing/firing weapons. Sometimes it will take a long time for e.g. the Rocket Launcher to fire after you just switched to it from e.g. the shotgun. Happens to all weapons I believe.
BUG: Directional rocket splash. Rockets fired in front of you will not slow you down, but speed you up. Happens both when the opponent shoots a rocket to your feet and when you yourself shoot a rocket in front of you.
BUG: Shotgun secondary fire (Freezer) does NOT work. The freezer does not work at all. The only thing it does is change the armor display of the player who has been hit with it to 0. However, he still HAS the armor and it is still protecting him when it is not supposed to protect him for 5 seconds.
BUG: Getting stuck and receiving a lot of falling damage after coming back to the ground. When you get stuck at e.g. Silver Armor on Sacred on the broken steps youll lose 60+ health when you hit the ground again.
BUG: Server sometimes drops to low fps, clients on server drop also. Known since 1.4. Even seen in tournament final in Turkey.
BUG: Listen server/Dedicated server sometimes start in slowmotion mode, only a restart fixes it.
BUG: Occasionally one client will connect to a server and move in slowmotion.

Thats all Folks!

New World Tour Coverage Site

Well, I am bored, sat in the office and scouring the net and I come accross this entry in the CPL Forums.

Looks like the CPL have re-launched a new version of their CPL World Tour Coverage Site.

The site is integrated as a part of the main TSN Central Site (our favourite chaps for all things esports related) and seems to contain a lot more new content than the old WT site.

New features include updated World Tour Blogs maintained by some of the shoutcasters attending the WT stops along with galleries (for those of us who are REALLY bored) and lots of other nice bits and bobs.

Admitedly this isnt so much of a news scoop, more of a heads up for anyone whose bored and hasnt stumbled onto the site as of yet.

The official news post can be found here:;f=30;t=000183;p=1#000000

The new site is available here:

Happy reading!


This Friday at 09:00 pm , PKSC host a painkiller cup if u wish to take part in this u can visit there website or ask in there irc channel #pksverige speak with an op for help or information about the event

Menu to the left AnmΓ€lning means Sign up !

good luck and have fun for all people that take part in this event

ESL Spring Cup

The Electronic Sports League is hosting a 2on2 TDM Spring Cup for Painkiller which still has some open slots.

The cup consists of 16 teams as a maximum and will kick off on wednesday 23/03/2005 at 9:15pm (cet).

Of course this cup also has some prizes:

1st place: 2 x Speedpad orange-flex, 6 month ESL Premium Account
2nd place: 3 month ESL Premium Account (for each player)
3rd place: 2 month ESL Premium Account (for each player)

A double elimination system is used and each week a new round is played, the grand final will be at the end of april. The first match date is fixed, the matches for the next rounds can be adjourned by 6 days.

The signups will close on wednesday at 5pm (cet). Since this cup uses a checkin system to figure out which team is active in the beginning the teams have to be online at 8:30pm (cet) on wednesday to validate their presence on the ESL site.
So even if you do not get a free slot during the signups there is still a chance to play in this cup if teams do not show up.

Each team can chose one map of the following mappool for each match:
DM_Ballistic DM_Cursed DM_Fallen1 DM_Illuminati DM_Sacred

If the match results in a draw DM_Ballistic has to be played as decider map.

After loging in to the ESL site and creating a 2on2 team you can sign up here:

European Painkiller League

“AAt last, after a hard days work from me (mostly spent on google) and a hard few weeks of work from a friendly chap aka Boov (many thanks for the design), the website is all but done and the leagues ready for launch. The first season of EPK will include a 1v1 duel and a 2v2 TDM league in the format of 10 player/team divisions. Im not expecting to get a huge amount of signups for either but i will limit these to 4 division s each – ranked, by skill, from 1 through 4. Rounds will be played weekly for both leagues and wont clash, so it will be possible to participate in both the 1v1 and the 2v2 league. The 1v1 league will kick off on Monday 28/03/05. The server rules, map pools and signups for both leagues are below.”
The signups are now open – – Idle and support in #epk-league

PKEURO presents PK++ 0.8

Today, PK++ 0.8 has been released. This update has several new features like warmup damage, PK Rocket Jump Fix (only in ProPlus mode), some low graphics settings, … Please bear in mind 0.8 is still a beta version. I suggest you to read to readme located in \Bin\PK++Documentation.ZIP. If you have questions/suggestions, contact us at Read the full list of fixes and features below:

ADD: WarmUp damage, 100/200, item pickup, infinite ammo, all weapons – \warmupdamage 0/1
ADD: ProPlus PK Rocket Jump fix! \rocketfactor and \rocketfactororder. Test differences on dedicated server. See included document and readme.
ADD: \serverpassword – sets server password.
ADD: Advanced PiTaBOT Scorebot Support –
ADD: MOTD Support for servers. Set in Cfg.MOTD, semicolon for line return
ADD: Hitsounds / killsounds in spectator HUD
ADD: Console commands/netsettings gui disable, Cfg.TournamentSettings = true/false
ADD: Low graphics settings –
ADD: NoExplosions [0/1]
ADD: NoBlood [0/1]
ADD: NoGibs [0/1]
ADD: NoSmoke [0/1]
ADD: NoSpawnEffects [0/1]
ADD: NoFlames [0/1]
FIX: Teamscores not resetting correctly on clients
FIX: Initial health/armour in warmup incorrect until first hit
FIX: PCF TIMER BUG! Items were not respawning on time because of PCF coding
FIX: Bots cheating in Voosh
FIX: Non-daily log file missing file extension
FIX: Extremely rare overtime bug
FIX: Minor map restart issues
CHANGE: Minor reformatting on weapon statistics
CHANGE: Faster authenication for PK++ clients on servers
CHANGE: Duelqueue tweaked (tied game doesnt exchange players)
CHANGE: Rcon / Ref, confirmation / errors returned to client
CHANGE: Bot respawn set a fraction longer

If you want to know what this rocket jump fix is all about, read Painkiller.pdf in PK++Documentation.ZIP. As usual, download the update via Steamfish. If you dont have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it or download the full install.
Have Fun!

Run Steamfish:PK++ 0.7

Theres a new update available for your favorite PK mod! It has some new features as there is scoreboard packetloss, referee, restartmap,…Please bear in mind 0.7 is still a beta version. If you have questions/suggestions, contact us at Read the full list of fixes and features below:

FIX: Ping issues on PK++ server
FIX: Map change code tweak (related to autorecord)
FIX: Demolist
FIX: Crosshairsize now works correct from the menu
FIX: Armour not showing in spectator mode in simplehud
FIX: Bots stubbing noses in fights on corners
ADD: Optional coloured icons for hud Cfg.ColouredIcons | \colouredicons [0/1]
ADD: Optional desaturated-colour scoreboard Cfg.AltScoreboard | \altscoreboard [0/1]
ADD: Cfg.CustomCrosshairLocation = true/false , Cfg.CustomCrosshairLocationX, Cfg.CustomCrosshairLocationY
ADD: Restartmap , starts new map without reloading the map (or optionally \restartmap)
ADD: Cfg.BotQuickRespawn added for quicker bot respawn
ADD: Cfg.BotFakePing (visual only)
ADD: \saferespawn [0/1]
ADD: Forcespec / Cfg.Forcespec – forces newcomers to a game into specmode regardless of join type
ADD: Cfg.AutoTeamLock = true/false – Automatically locks the teams in the last second on pre-match count down
ADD: TeamLock | teamlock [0/1] – keeps specs from joining game.
ADD: \exec | \writeconfig added
ADD: Rcon, Cfg.RconPass | \rconpass on client and server, then \rcon on client
ADD: Referee. Like rcon but only on callvote-allowed commands. Referees can be callvoted, or use RefPass in the same way as RconPass.
ADD: Scoreboard packetloss Cfg.ScoreboardShowPacketLoss [true/false] | \ScoreboardShowPacketLoss [0/1]
ADD: DuelQueue (Cfg.DuelQueue), will swap loser with spec who has waited longest on starting a new map
ADD: Cfg.AutoStatsDump – Dumps the weapon stats to a file (on server or client).
CHANGE: Bot goal location movement tweak
CHANGE: Cfg.CrosshairNamesDisabledInDuel added
CHANGE: Game uses restartmap for normal map changes
CHANGE: botminplayers logic tweaked
CHANGE: Falling damage removed from ProPlus mode
CHANGE: Logfile now based per day rather than per server restart per day
CHANGE: StatsDump fixed to request latest stats

As usual, download the update via Steamfish. If you dont have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it. For those who need an offline install get the full version here.

Your beloved newsposter

*UPDATE* Minor scoreboard bug fixed, run Steamfish again to update.

Giga Liga opens

This tuesday the new season of the Giga Liga ( ) launched. This time, Painkiller also got its own league for every1 to attend in.

Additional to that, Painkiller might have a chance to be one of the 5 Grand Slam games of the league which gets their own televised lan finals with cash prizes. All Painkiller has to do is to attract people to play. It will battle agains 9 other games over the next 10 weeks to become one of the most played leagues on .

If you want to attend in the leage, but you cant read german, just look at the pkeuro forums for a brief description on how to sign up.

Have a nice Painkiller season spring 2005! || || How to sign up

Another day another update

Another small update is now available for the popular Painkiller mod PK++. This small update brings some minor tweaks and fixes, which you can see below:

FIX: Font sizes tweaked on scoreboard for lower resolutions and high resolutions.
FIX: DM_Mine loc file corruption
FIX: Small ProPlus telefrag bug
ADD: Timer position control Cfg.ShowTimerX/Cfg.ShowTimerY – Con. cmd(s) (\ShowTimerX & \ShowTimerY)
ADD: TeamOverlay position control Cfg.TeamOverlayX/Cfg.TeamOverlayY – Con. cmd(s) (\TeamOverlayX & \TeamOverlayY)
ADD: Teamscores position control Cfg.TeamScoresX/Cfg.TeamScoresY – Con. cmd(s) (\TeamScoresX \TeamScoresY)
ADD: TeamOverlay width control Cfg.TeamOverlayW – Con. cmd(s) (\Cfg.TeamOverlayX)
ADD: Timer font size control Cfg.ShowTimerFontSize – Con. cmd(s) (\ShowTimerFontSize)
ADD: Teamscores font size control Cfg.TeamScoresFontSize – con. cmd(s) (\TeamScoresFontSize)
ADD: Teamoverlay font size control Cfg.TeamOverlayFontSize – Con. cmd(s) (\TeamOverlayFontSize)

This update is just to fix some minor stuff, there will be a new content patch for PK++ in the near future.

Aside from that, if you still have questions or have suggestions or even want to contribute to this mod, please do not hesitate to contact us at this address

PK++ 0.5

One day after PK++ 0.4 we have PK++ 0.5! It contains the following fixes and features:

FIX: Bug with ProPlus callvote taking time to update clients / sometimes not working
FIX: Autorecord fixed
FIX: Bots voting bug
ADD: Old Scoreboard support, Cfg.OldScoreboard = true/false, and \oldscoreboard 1/0
ADD: ‘Soft’ item tracking for bot – Cfg.BotFindItems = true
FIX: Some minor GUI issues
ADD: HUD ping, Cfg.ShowPing = true/false and \showping 1/0
ADD: SimpleHUD for specmode
FIX: Config based FPS limit 125->150
ADD: SimpleHud command added

Please bear in mind that this version still is a beta test. You can update PK++ via Steamfish. If you don’t have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it. For those who need an offline install get the full version here. Anyone that wants to host these files, please contact us.
Before spamming us with complaints, please read the readme in \Bin\PK++Documentation.ZIP first.

If you still have questions or have suggestions or want to contribute, mail to