CPL Turkey Reloaded

The CPL today announced the doors opening for registrations for the second attempt at the World Tour Stop in Turkey. Heres the news from the CPL directly:

The CPL announced today the launch of the online registration for the first World Tour Stop, in Istanbul, Turkey taking place Friday, March 25 to Sunday, March 27, 2005 at the CNR EXPO.
The Stop will feature a $50,000 one-versus-one Painkiller competition and the top four players will qualify for advancement into the $500,000 CPL World Tour Championship Finals.

The Turkey Stop will not feature a BYOC because of local restrictions on the importation of electronic devices, but a practice area will be hosted at the venue.

The 128 competition spots are $60USD per person and spectator passes are free. The online registration for the spectator passes will open next week.

Gamers wanting to participate in the free Cultural Tour taking place Thursday, March 24, 2005 must arrive in Istanbul no later than Wednesday, March 23rd.

Register now for a spot in the Painkiller Tour Stop at www.thecpl.com/register/

Also of interest is Scott Valencias account of what happened at the first attempt to run this world tour stop. Its an interesting read and Im sure that everyone that made the long trip to Turkey for the event is especially thankful to Scott and all that worked hard to make the event a success. You can catch Scotts blog HERE.

Vo0 and Gellehsak on GIGA

From www.fnatic.com:

Tonight on GIGA TV in Germany Vo0, and gellehsak will be making an appearance. GIGA TV is a show dedicated to Esports which runs on the NBC Europe channel.

The entire show will be broadcast between 22:00 and 00:00 CET, on NBC Europe, or for those that aren’t in Germany will be available by a live broadcast stream here: http://broadcast.giga.de/listen.pls. The stream is run on a first come first serve basis, and has a 1000 slot limit. Because of Painkiller’s +18 rating, it will only be shown after 23:00, so if your just tuning in for the Vo0 and gellehsak show, make sure your there between 23:00 and 00:00!

Firstly they will be starting the show with an interview with the both of them, talking about Painkiller in general, as well as some more personal questions about the World Tour amongst other things. This will be followed up by a show match between the both of them for 15 min, on a map of their choosing. And finally the show will finish up with “Esports Nanny” a regular feature on the Giga show, to find out more tune in later!

So make sure you stay awake, stay tuned, and either jump onto a TV or join the stream, for some Painkiller fun with the worlds’ best players!

Video Stream | fnatic | GIGA.DE

Zaccubus wins ZB lan

Zaccubus came out on top at a great ZB lan this weekend. A full write up for the event can be found here.

Final standings:
1st : 4K^Zaccubus
2nd : 4K^Kuula
3rd : Jabbor
4th : 4K^Razorb
5th / 6th : PBX / 4K^ZaF