to bash or not to bash

When youre a regular visitor, you know there are a lot of user who dislike Painkiller and dont hesitate to bash the game whenever they can. But other people are getting annoyed of this stuff, so did ScOOp. Heres a little snippet of what he wrote:

honestly, im getting annoyed by those people, that let not one thread or posting slip, to tell everyone how they dislike painkiller. the fun thing is, they can easily filter out painkiller news and topics, but i cant filter out stupidity in general.
it kinda reminds of the same bashing, that was going on for month (years even), against q3 by old quake world players.

Read the rest over at and tell him why you agree or disagree.

PK++ 0.4 released

Today, the PK++ team has released the long awaited PK++ 0.4 beta test. It has a lot of new great features like a new scoreboard, bots, mapview, stats & proplus mode. Are these screens nice or what?:


Features & Changes:

ADD: Bots for online and offline play (!)
ADD: Backwards/Forwards compatible network protocol layer*
ADD: Specmode fix, info in HUD*
ADD: New specmode camera modes: followcam, staticcam, autocam
ADD: Mapview, HLTV style birds eye view while in spec
ADD: Map loading screens
ADD: New scoreboards for tdm, ffa, duel
ADD: Team overlay with loc file support
ADD: Crosshairnames
ADD: Logging for server and client
ADD: Weapon Stats*
ADD: Forcemodel
ADD: Allready / breakmatch
ADD: Simplehud
ADD: New crosshairs
ADD: New hitsounds/killsounds
ADD: Direct input on/off modes
ADD: Test arena warmup map
ADD: Match overtime
ADD: ProPlus mode, 150dmg stake, no telefrags, 50% bronze protection, 25% increase in stake-nade blast
CHANGE: Fragmessages
CHANGE: Game fonts
ADD: Eliza module for hybrid bot chat
ADD: New hitsounds/killsounds
CHANGE: Teleport radius and stakenade dmg strength inline with CPL requirements*
CHANGE: SafeRespawns added

*requires PK++ installed on server.**
** NOTE: It will take up to 20 seconds for you to auth with a PK++ server, be patient! Once authed you will recieve stats and info in spec HUD.

PK++ (Internal)

CHANGE: Bots now retain names between maps/adds during game sesssion and kicks
CHANGE: Bots bored time decreased
CHANGE: Bots level 10 turn speed decreased
CHANGE: Bots range-based weapons tweaked

TODO List for

ADD: Waypoints for all maps
ADD: Locs for all maps
ADD: Mapview images and configs for all maps
ADD: Spec support for bots
ADD: Ref and Admin status of players
ADD: Bot item timing + item navigation
ADD: Bot chat on keywords
ADD: Bot team behaviour
ADD: Scoreboard/team overlay Q/F/M/P indication
ADD: CTF flag state indication
ADD: MD5 cdkey hash communicated to server for GUIDS
ADD: Stats overlay
ADD: Autodownload PK++ / Maps
ADD: Duel queue
ADD: Tweaks for ProPlus mode
ADD: Clan Arena
ADD: New maps for CA, TDM
ADD: Vote options GUI
ADD: Low ammo sounds
ADD: Painkiller frag sound
ADD: Custom HUD
ADD: Auto download feature
ADD: Vote sounds
ADD: Simple items / super low gfx mode
FIX: Low fps bug – Missile Controller Code?
FIX: PCFs missing game sounds bug

Before downloading, we advise you to back up your files because this version is a beta test.
You can download PK++ 0.4 via Steamfish. If you dont have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it. For those who need an offline install get the full version here. Anyone that wants to host these files, please contact us.
If you have problems, run the updater a second time. Keep in mind that you cannot use hacked 1.61 no cd exes.
Before spamming us with complaints, please read the readme in \Bin\PK++Documentation.ZIP first.

If you still have questions or have suggestions or want to contribute, mail to

NBC Germany to Cover World Tour


Yesterday, DreamCatcher Europe and the CPL gave final approval to NBC Germany for the broadcast of a Painkiller Tournament on GIGA-TV. With one million daily viewers its one of the most watched shows in Germany.

The show will include several broadcasts and repeated follow-up of the $1,000,000 CPL World Tour. To commence the ongoing coverage GIGA-TV will air interviews with CPL Painkiller Champions Sander Kaasjager (Vo0) and Andrew Ryder (Gellehsak).