Another day another update

Another small update is now available for the popular Painkiller mod PK++. This small update brings some minor tweaks and fixes, which you can see below:

FIX: Font sizes tweaked on scoreboard for lower resolutions and high resolutions.
FIX: DM_Mine loc file corruption
FIX: Small ProPlus telefrag bug
ADD: Timer position control Cfg.ShowTimerX/Cfg.ShowTimerY – Con. cmd(s) (\ShowTimerX & \ShowTimerY)
ADD: TeamOverlay position control Cfg.TeamOverlayX/Cfg.TeamOverlayY – Con. cmd(s) (\TeamOverlayX & \TeamOverlayY)
ADD: Teamscores position control Cfg.TeamScoresX/Cfg.TeamScoresY – Con. cmd(s) (\TeamScoresX \TeamScoresY)
ADD: TeamOverlay width control Cfg.TeamOverlayW – Con. cmd(s) (\Cfg.TeamOverlayX)
ADD: Timer font size control Cfg.ShowTimerFontSize – Con. cmd(s) (\ShowTimerFontSize)
ADD: Teamscores font size control Cfg.TeamScoresFontSize – con. cmd(s) (\TeamScoresFontSize)
ADD: Teamoverlay font size control Cfg.TeamOverlayFontSize – Con. cmd(s) (\TeamOverlayFontSize)

This update is just to fix some minor stuff, there will be a new content patch for PK++ in the near future.

Aside from that, if you still have questions or have suggestions or even want to contribute to this mod, please do not hesitate to contact us at this address

PK++ 0.5

One day after PK++ 0.4 we have PK++ 0.5! It contains the following fixes and features:

FIX: Bug with ProPlus callvote taking time to update clients / sometimes not working
FIX: Autorecord fixed
FIX: Bots voting bug
ADD: Old Scoreboard support, Cfg.OldScoreboard = true/false, and \oldscoreboard 1/0
ADD: ‘Soft’ item tracking for bot – Cfg.BotFindItems = true
FIX: Some minor GUI issues
ADD: HUD ping, Cfg.ShowPing = true/false and \showping 1/0
ADD: SimpleHUD for specmode
FIX: Config based FPS limit 125->150
ADD: SimpleHud command added

Please bear in mind that this version still is a beta test. You can update PK++ via Steamfish. If you don’t have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it. For those who need an offline install get the full version here. Anyone that wants to host these files, please contact us.
Before spamming us with complaints, please read the readme in \Bin\PK++Documentation.ZIP first.

If you still have questions or have suggestions or want to contribute, mail to