CPL and TSN WT Website

Spotted first by CP84 and posted in our minor news section HERE (open to all members), The CPL and TSN have joined forces once again to create a new Painkiller World Tour website. The website is set to be crammed with journals and information from each of the stops and should provide a great resource for all those interested in following this years competition.

Along with blogs from various members of the community, TSN will be posting schedules for transmissions direct from the events, along with hopefully recordings for those of us not willing or able to stay up all night to tune in.

The website can be found HERE.

Rushed.de Interview Fatal1ty

RUSHED.DE have posted a good interview with one of the top PK players at this time, Fatal1ty. The interview is in English which is fortunate for us non-German speaking readers (google translation does provide some funnies sometimes tho 😉 ) and is a good read if you have 5 or 10 minutes. Catch the full interview HERE.

affentod: What Im interested in is, who are you bootcamping with besides zen?

Fatal1ty: Uhm, actually were gonna be training for a whole week here in Germany. Actually tomorrow after the show were heading up to Frankfurt to LAN with Dr.Doom, reptile, canna and the other gamers sponsored by ABIT. So, were gonna have 6 or 7 guys all LANed up, practicing non-stop all night long.

Busy Busy…

PK ++ 0.9

Better late then never but I finally got some time to post about the not so new release of pk++ 0.9! Mostly fixes this time. Please bear in mind 0.9 is still a beta version. I suggest you to read to readme located in \Bin\PK++Documentation.ZIP. If you have questions/suggestions, contact us at mods@pkeuro.com. Read the full list of fixes and features below:

ADD: Cfg.RocketFix option for ProPlus rocket fix in non-ProPlus gamemode
ADD: Cfg.FallingDamage option for falling damage removal
ADD: Cfg.AutoScreenshot | \autoscreenshot [0/1] Takes screenshot 5 seconds after match end
FIX: Restartmap/Reloadmap respawning players during process
FIX: Autorecord naming errors
FIX: Overtime in tdm faulty
FIX: Bot respawning crashing server in some circumstances
FIX: Allready command malfunctioning
FIX: Bots continuing match play
FIX: PCF mode rockets
CHANGE: MOTD now shows server version and rocketfix on/off
CHANGE: Low gfx, No* effects temporarily disabled (dont panic – they will be enabled later)

Download the update via Steamfish. If you dont have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it or download the full install.
Also, take a look at the list below:

Known PCF/Game Core Bugs

BUG: Invisi-Dead Body bug still exists
BUG: Stakes still fire off spawn
BUG: Linux dedicated has issues with finding maps
BUG: Next weapon does not queue properly (example: fire rocket, hit stake bind, hit sg bind, both before rocket reload is done. Next weapon is stake, not sg)
BUG: Demo playback does not interpolate players movements.
BUG: Two different sounds still play when weapon switching + firing.
BUG: Invisible dead bodies bug. After having killed someone, a shot fired in the direction of his dead body will hit the dead body and damage you. Also happens to the last shot one fires when dying. If you fire e.g. a stake the instant you die, youll hit your own dead body instead of the opponent (can happen midair).
BUG: Gold Armor invisible. At times the Gold Armor is invisible for a certain player. Sometimes other items on a map are invisiable to a single player – mostly happens on absinthe
BUG: Delay with changing/firing weapons. Sometimes it will take a long time for e.g. the Rocket Launcher to fire after you just switched to it from e.g. the shotgun. Happens to all weapons I believe.
BUG: Directional rocket splash. Rockets fired in front of you will not slow you down, but speed you up. Happens both when the opponent shoots a rocket to your feet and when you yourself shoot a rocket in front of you.
BUG: Shotgun secondary fire (Freezer) does NOT work. The freezer does not work at all. The only thing it does is change the armor display of the player who has been hit with it to 0. However, he still HAS the armor and it is still protecting him when it is not supposed to protect him for 5 seconds.
BUG: Getting stuck and receiving a lot of falling damage after coming back to the ground. When you get stuck at e.g. Silver Armor on Sacred on the broken steps youll lose 60+ health when you hit the ground again.
BUG: Server sometimes drops to low fps, clients on server drop also. Known since 1.4. Even seen in tournament final in Turkey.
BUG: Listen server/Dedicated server sometimes start in slowmotion mode, only a restart fixes it.
BUG: Occasionally one client will connect to a server and move in slowmotion.

Thats all Folks!