More PK++ Fixes..

Please run your Update PK++ Mod shortcut to get the latest fixes. The fixes include such stuff as:

– FPS cap raised to 150 (more fps)
– Fragmessages tweaked (more fps)
– Hud tweaked for better performance (more fps)
– Now able to change connection settings

Just run the updater, start PK and play. πŸ™‚

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0 thoughts on “More PK++ Fixes..

  1. i think it updated my maps?

    should be careful about updating the maps because now if you update the client then you cannot play those maps until the servers update the maps as well?

    maybe something went wrong with my update

  2. noticed 1 more thing: in tdm the fragmessages are smaller than in duel. same goes with the score thing in lower right, the digits are very small, nearly unreadable.
    and : in tdm there is also blablabal vs muhmuhmuh in warmup

  3. great work!
    is it possible to implement a command to lock the refreshrate
    of the monitor, like r_displayrefreh in q3?
    this would be nice to smooth gameplay.
    anyway, thxalot!

  4. lysis, I noticed that mine also updated the maps, I know my maps were the latest(ritual maps), maybe these were just added to the steamfish and it automatically dl’d them, dunno,does anyone get a weird delay in rockets during a scrim, especially close quater action?my fps are still ok at 100-134 during this delay, seems to happen mostly on dm_sacred

  5. a frend of me has sometimes a ping of exactly 255, the same time when my ping is 30-50. what are the opportunities he has to tweak his game? can somebody help? thanks

  6. wah, playing with pk++ sux, my inet always gets laggy then disconnects. with minimod, no probs…

  7. delete pkplus.pka, pro folder, textures folder then u got to run normal pk shortcut and u can play w/o pk++

    the idea of pk++ is nice but its 2 buggy atm

  8. i have no internet connection at home… then HOW THE HELL CAN I UPGRADE THE MOD?

    the fps drop is extremely annoying…

    thx for the help… i any =(

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