Jolt PCZone PK Tourney

Yes, its that time again. Jolt bring you PCZone Readers Challenge Painkiller 4, one of the most successful online PK tourneys theres been so far. Jolt send word that the tournament will start the first week of March, and that signups are on a pretty short deadline. So make sure you sign up quick!

They also say that past prize winners from their cups will NOT be allowed to compete in this tournament, so everyone gets a fair chance at winning something.

You can signup and read more!

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0 thoughts on “Jolt PCZone PK Tourney

  1. No hud, no scores, no kill messages, you can’t even know who is the player you are whatching. If PCF is unable to make a working demo system, how the hell are they going to be able to have PKTV?…

  2. Hi! I have got one VERY stupid question:
    How can I open the console?
    When I start PK++ Vanilla\PK++ and I press “^” or “ΓΆ” then nothing happens! And when I start a mp map and then press “^” something pops up, but when I type “demoplay …” nothing happens and at the top of the monitor there is my nick and this “message”!!!

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