PK++ 0.4 released

Today, the PK++ team has released the long awaited PK++ 0.4 beta test. It has a lot of new great features like a new scoreboard, bots, mapview, stats & proplus mode. Are these screens nice or what?:


Features & Changes:

ADD: Bots for online and offline play (!)
ADD: Backwards/Forwards compatible network protocol layer*
ADD: Specmode fix, info in HUD*
ADD: New specmode camera modes: followcam, staticcam, autocam
ADD: Mapview, HLTV style birds eye view while in spec
ADD: Map loading screens
ADD: New scoreboards for tdm, ffa, duel
ADD: Team overlay with loc file support
ADD: Crosshairnames
ADD: Logging for server and client
ADD: Weapon Stats*
ADD: Forcemodel
ADD: Allready / breakmatch
ADD: Simplehud
ADD: New crosshairs
ADD: New hitsounds/killsounds
ADD: Direct input on/off modes
ADD: Test arena warmup map
ADD: Match overtime
ADD: ProPlus mode, 150dmg stake, no telefrags, 50% bronze protection, 25% increase in stake-nade blast
CHANGE: Fragmessages
CHANGE: Game fonts
ADD: Eliza module for hybrid bot chat
ADD: New hitsounds/killsounds
CHANGE: Teleport radius and stakenade dmg strength inline with CPL requirements*
CHANGE: SafeRespawns added

*requires PK++ installed on server.**
** NOTE: It will take up to 20 seconds for you to auth with a PK++ server, be patient! Once authed you will recieve stats and info in spec HUD.

PK++ (Internal)

CHANGE: Bots now retain names between maps/adds during game sesssion and kicks
CHANGE: Bots bored time decreased
CHANGE: Bots level 10 turn speed decreased
CHANGE: Bots range-based weapons tweaked

TODO List for

ADD: Waypoints for all maps
ADD: Locs for all maps
ADD: Mapview images and configs for all maps
ADD: Spec support for bots
ADD: Ref and Admin status of players
ADD: Bot item timing + item navigation
ADD: Bot chat on keywords
ADD: Bot team behaviour
ADD: Scoreboard/team overlay Q/F/M/P indication
ADD: CTF flag state indication
ADD: MD5 cdkey hash communicated to server for GUIDS
ADD: Stats overlay
ADD: Autodownload PK++ / Maps
ADD: Duel queue
ADD: Tweaks for ProPlus mode
ADD: Clan Arena
ADD: New maps for CA, TDM
ADD: Vote options GUI
ADD: Low ammo sounds
ADD: Painkiller frag sound
ADD: Custom HUD
ADD: Auto download feature
ADD: Vote sounds
ADD: Simple items / super low gfx mode
FIX: Low fps bug – Missile Controller Code?
FIX: PCFs missing game sounds bug

Before downloading, we advise you to back up your files because this version is a beta test.
You can download PK++ 0.4 via Steamfish. If you dont have a previous version of PK++, download Steamfish installer first and run it. For those who need an offline install get the full version here. Anyone that wants to host these files, please contact us.
If you have problems, run the updater a second time. Keep in mind that you cannot use hacked 1.61 no cd exes.
Before spamming us with complaints, please read the readme in \Bin\PK++Documentation.ZIP first.

If you still have questions or have suggestions or want to contribute, mail to

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0 thoughts on “PK++ 0.4 released

  1. so nice.

    pk++ team doing alot of work for the community, this rocks so hard πŸ™‚

    now we just need cpl to agree to this:

    ADD: ProPlus mode, 150dmg stake, no telefrags, 50% bronze protection, 25% increase in stake-nade blast

    and we have our selves a fun game πŸ™‚

  2. Nice work! This was worth waiting for.. sorry for being unpatient, just hope this beta test works fine now and that bugfixes are fixed quickly.

    Thanks and good job pk++ team!

  3. good ones:
    +crosshair names

    no good things aka pkeuro team not funny jokes:
    -menu is probably designed to irritate user
    -“lets just ctrl+c, ctrl+v q3 osp” hud and scoreboard
    -q3 style font
    -hud items positions aka “hello my name is blowfish and im completely blind”
    -server side weapons stats? is this a joke?

  4. zaF dont they have to agree to that? its the offical PK mod of the CPL after all? πŸ™‚ I CAN’T WAIT TO WASTE HOURS ON THIS!

  5. scoreboard is unreadable on low resolution (640×480) and i agree with yar, scoreboard is copy from q3 osp, but is it better than nothing πŸ™‚

  6. I had to do a total reinstall of the game to get it to work. Said mss32.dll was missing.

    When I got it working after reinstalling, I went to multiplayer options and changed my model.. it said model missing about the 3rd time I clicked on change model (btw, it didn’t show the model preview either). Then I tried to start a listen server on the new test map and it had about 10 missing model dialog boxes while on the loading screen, then crashed painkiller. I can repeat this exact error.

  7. Very nice work! I like the newest PK++ version very much.

    Can somebody please test if you get a crash (script error) after loading DM_Mine?

  8. worre: I installed everything properly. Painkiller, then 1.61, then 1.62, then pk++ mod. I have it working now.. I ran the updater about 5 more times. Maybe there’s some minor problem with steamfish updating properly?

    What files & folders do I need to upload to my server in order to install pk++ properly for server-side? I only have access to FTP on the server (with no execution privs), so I can’t run steamfish on it or anything.

  9. You have done a nice work with the bots to be the first version, they are fine to practise aim. The new scoreboard looks nice also, god work πŸ™‚

  10. Tectonic: What I can tell from some testing is that you only need the pkplus.pak (rename it to lscripts.pak for linux) to run a server.

  11. when youre telling us youre opinion we dont want any “hello my name is blowfish and im completely blind”… just lame, I can actually understand that the PKeuro guys bans u

  12. tabmow — you can use the select the old scoreboard if you like. It’s in Options > PK++ GUI > Old Scoreboard (at the bottom).

  13. I don’t understand this scoreboard :>

    to yar: i like minimod much, but tell me when the next version, new features etc. in minimod?

  14. few bugs that i think i’ve found:

    i have to /setmaxfps everytime i start a server
    when i watch demos from me vs bots there’s no hud and the fps are really low
    no console on main menu (dunno for sure)
    team and enemy colors are switched
    i got telefraged a couple of times with proplus on

    besides that, really nice job πŸ™‚

  15. awsome job.. as pointless as it is, the new background and hud are an awsome addition, looks sweet even in low res.

    My bots use rockets as well as stakes. And i did a direct install over minimod with no probs at all. Ill have to check the new map out after work tonight but so far this is the best addition so far.

    I do agree the scoreboard is a little hard to read at 8×6 tho. Could be just cos im not used to it, but there is alot of overlapping tzxt on mine. Apart from that. Spot on. πŸ˜€

  16. i had to switch back to minimod because pk++ gave me fps drops in every battle, pretty bad ones too, to like 60 fps or lower.

  17. omg q3 wannabe .. BEEEEEEEEEEE
    pk++ = low fps(drops), sux interface.
    minimod + “cfg.texturequality 9 ,” = +10fps.
    go yar.

  18. Guys, have some respect for yar – he made big part of PK++

    About pk++ 0.4
    – I do not like how it looks (hud, fonts, etc.), it don’t Painkiller feeling;
    – crosshair name is fine, though it works only when crosshair is exactly on enemy – this causes blinking of nickname;
    – bots are immune for stakes and a player is immune for stakes shooted by bots
    – I’d like to see map sketches instead of their screenshots
    on a loading screen (I can make those sketches for you if you want)

    Other than that GJ

  19. And btw, how can ANYONE respect a guy who’s taken a mission to flame every single post containing pk++ stuff πŸ™‚

  20. mashles have your tried stopping the auto demo rec ???. That might be causing some of the fps drops :((. And minimod = teh fps drops aswell :|.

    Yar if you think PK++ is so sucky why not instead of flaming bring out some new features on your minimod. Oh and it might be a good idea next time you tell CPL you are going to make them a minimod you dont run aweh like a little girleh :>

  21. One thing I don’t like from the server mod is that it messages the players who doesn’t have PK++ installed with something like “Please install pk++ from pkeuro” every 20 secs, which is quite annoying.

  22. What I think is that yar and his polish crew should stop flaming all the PK++ posts and concentrate on helping the community because no-one benefits from this (one sided) flame war.

    I feel like MiniMod is a great mod and in no way worse than PK++, all it comes down to is personal taste.

  23. And also yar, if you want to criticize or give feedback, please do it in a constructive manner, instead of these stupid ‘blowfish is completely blind’-remarks.

  24. minimod doesnt even have a fraction of the features in pk++, its a joke to compare them
    pk has never had most of the features in pk++ πŸ™‚

    great work guys!! bots/specmode ownez

  25. worre, cubik – though I can’t be sure about the code, if you say it’s completly re-written then I believe you and that’s fine. But hitsounds files and weapon icons were taken from chainsmod/minimod. I appreciate what pk++ crew did for community, I do not dislike pk++ and I didn’t bash anyone, but this thing (hitsounds etc.) is definately not fair. And instead of clearing this things you ban and censor. So I wouldn’t name this situation “one sided flame war”.

  26. Lukin, the weapon icons is default textures from a texture pak that comes with painkiller. We have also made our own hitsounds/killsounds and the only reason for keeping the old ones is that a lot of people are still using them.
    And for clearing, we have been nothing but nice to yar and we did actually try to talk to him a while back about working on the mods. But no no, he seems to think its better to whine to his polish crew and let them tell everyone how evil we are ‘stealing’ his mod, which this thread is an excelent proof of.

  27. music owned …my kinda shit
    btw i know i asked u this b4 but how u gonna make fod6 with the demorecord feature the way it is atm (it sux cock)…

    and no i aint gonna make insignia II ….maybe i might :p

  28. – Change music (the one in FOD5 was too heavy)
    – Music + frags = timing
    – Use higher FOV (100-110)
    – Sprinkled with great secial effects

    That was my 2 cents

  29. i don’t mind a fov of 95 since it’s default so thats fine, but make sure the resolution is 800×600 ingame and the video is 800×600, widescreen PK is ugly

  30. Current Config
    FOV = 105
    Brightskins = 0
    Bloom = ON ( Depends on Capture rate πŸ™‚ )

    And it still going to be heavy shit!… that cause nobody else tries it and I also know that the current demo system blows asshole.. but im trying some shit :). Hopefully blowfish can help me out with something :)!!! (hint hint πŸ™‚ )


  31. rofl fod6 will be horrible
    fov 105 is bad, brightskins off (dont work in demos anyways) is retarded and demos are just bad in general
    and ouch @ music
    gl with that

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