WT Stop Sweden

The World Tour stop in Sweden is well under way with most of the field now eliminated. fnatic.Vo0 and Fatal1ty remain the only individuals in the Winners bracket while fnatic.Ztrider, 4K^Zaccubus, fnatic.gellehsak, check6\lexer, SK|zyz and stermy remain in the lower brackets.

Its anyones tournament but the sensible money has to be on yet another Fata / Vo0 final. Who will it be?!? Catch the excellent coverage (as always) from TSN via TVSN HERE. Brackets for all the matches HERE and HERE. GL to All remaining!

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0 thoughts on “WT Stop Sweden

  1. I’d just like to say TSN ROCKED! this time. The footage was smoother than the demos we download, with zero hickups. This might be the stop that turned them around, in terms of quality.

  2. Its thanks to the good ISP in Sweden the live matches did not lag on the webcam TSN where sending from! :] its a gigabit fiber ISP. Thats why TSN did not \”hickup\” or did i missunderstand you ? :]

  3. thanks for the comments guys. We are continually working to make our coverage better and better.
    Summer will be even better than sweden. Cant wait personally 😀

  4. Well, we did switch over the broadcasting to SUNet and from there we did send it to 7 american media servers who did send it out. At the event we had a 94MBit/s transmitting out to the internet which was more than enough to cover the stream.

    Glad that you did like the coverage.. we did our best to provide the best service to you guys out there.. also with 2 scorebots going on all the time and we did hold the schedule pretty good.


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