Bloody Cup 2006

1.Place) 25 Euro
2.Place) 20 Euro
3.Place) 15 Euro
4.Place) 10 Euro
5.Place) 5 Euro

If you would like to sign the cup mail (with U nick and mail). Or use the polish messenger GG 2347385 to contact Xaero.

The Cup is will start April 14. and will end April 17.(mostly played on polish servers). Sign up is open to 10th April at 23.59 🙂

But keep in mind that the organisators made a neat compromize that allows nonpolsih players to play on official servers in there own country. Until they face a polsih player.
Then the match will be (for sure) played on a polish server because its a polish cup!

Check the official site
or the Dreamcaterforum

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0 thoughts on “Bloody Cup 2006

  1. From Xaero – Main rule Nr.: 1:

    1. We must know about exact date and place of playing every match before, write it to me or Osh

    2. Match without confirmation will be cancell (dont ask us why)

    3. If nobody (osh or me) will be online u can play [but then we need screens and demos!]

  2. If there are good mods in this forum, they must make a security code comfirmation before posting any message.
    That is how there won’t be any spambots.

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