PK++ CPL Edition Ready!

The CPL Edition of the PK++ mod created by myself, worre and cubik is now available. The mod, which boasts a lot of needed features Painkiller is missing weighs in at around 12meg and can be downloaded below.

The mod will contain the following features and fiixes:

-Fixed FOV bug in GUI
-Fixed changing brightskins in GUI
-Fixed timer not moving to center
-Fixed frag messages not showing correctly
-Fixed chaingun sound(?) – may be still b0rked
-Fixed sticking to walls
-Added steamfish – auto download tool (resides in Data as Updater.exe, and will download fixes etc for PK++)
-Added frag messages
-Added ability to view demos in recordings folder with \demolist
-Added new console command \users – lists players in server, along with ping/status
-Added on-screen PLAYER VS PLAYER text in warmup
-Added new options to GUI – frag messages/timer pos/etc
-Added new startup screen
-Added new background for GUI
-Added multi language support
-Added Locked down console – in version sent to CPL only.
-Changed spectator text
-Moved warmup text
-Optimized Hud icons for better performance

The new tool steamfish is great, as it will automatically download stuff when ran. You will see a news post here telling you when to run it, for when theres a fix for PK++ or a new set of maps etc.

There is still a lot of stuff planned for this mod, and did not quite make this release. These features are such things as:

-Add new gamemode CPL mode
-Add crosshair names
-Add Vote options GUI
-Add Low ammo sounds
-Add ability to force enemy model
-Add Painkiller frag sound
-Add custom HUD
-Add vote sounds
-Add simple items
-Fix any bugs

As you can see, theres still a lot of nice stuff to be added, and it will all be coming soon. We intend to support this mod for as long as possible.

Just for knowledge purposes, if you want to change the crosshairsize in the GUI, you will need to restart Painkiller in order for it to take effect. This issue is being worked on, and will be resolved soon.

Aside from that, we have taken advantage of PCFs minimal mod support, and made it so you can now launch our mod from a shortcut which will automatically be created on your desktop. There is 3 shortcuts created infact.

-Play Vanilla PK (plays default PK, no GUI or anything)
-Play PK++ Mod (plays PK++ CPL Edition)
-Update PK++ Mod (a shortcut to Updater.exe, only run it when you see a news post here)

And finally, you can download the mod here & the server only install here.

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0 thoughts on “PK++ CPL Edition Ready!

  1. do you have to uninstall previous versions of PK++ for it to install properly? i tried to install it before work.. new splash page comes up fine, but the cpl bg and new GUI is not there.. its still v.2.0 (with FOV disabled)

    can someone gimmie a list of files to remove before installation.

  2. and small question: this mod needs a special server, right? because i see “server version” to download, so it is like old Chains.Mod, who (in theory ;P ) need special server?

  3. maniax so i have to delete files from the data folder??? all i did was install it in the default directory the self-installer wanted… i assume that was the painkiller folder.

    like i sed i musta put it in the right place as the proper splash page came up. I mught do a clean install, then add 1.61 and cpl pk++ just to make things easier

  4. retaliator, I dont think (im not sure since ive just been sitting on my ass doing nothing for the last 4 weeks) it needs a special server. The server version prolly adds some stuff like the old cpl mod (overtime).

  5. I have a question to the creators:
    Is it normal, that there’s still no GUI in demo playback?

    Anyway: very nice work, I like it!

  6. would be cool, if you would add some sort of autodemorec. i am connecting through HLSW on servers. so i have not got the chance to enter demorecord.

  7. This mod has just ruined it totally!

    My fps i now 67 – before this CPL Edition, I got 125 (max).
    I cant place the timer in the middle, and I cant remove the ammolist. Which I want!

    I cant stop lagging around, even though I have 49 ping.

  8. Laust – run updater.exe and tweak some net settings.

    We are releasing a new update soon, with some minor fixes and improvements to fps.

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