Patch Info from Adrian

[PCF]Adrian dropped by #painkiller.euro just a short time ago and provided us with some information on the upcoming patch. I’ve tried to split the IRC log into some kind of meaningful Q&A format. Hope its readable for you. Here goes:

[22:49] *[PCF]Adrian* so listen, here’s the scoop
[22:50] *[PCF]Adrian* quite sadly, we did find one bloody bug that we’ve been tracking for a whole day
[22:50] *[PCF]Adrian* with no luck… but we’re closing in on the bastard.
[22:50] *[PCF]Adrian* it’s just this one thing that holds the release
[22:50] *[PCF]Adrian* on a bright side
[22:51] *[PCF]Adrian* Krystian wrote the prediction code that now I cannot play without. It’s really good.

[22:51] *Hutchy* are u allowed to release what the bug is out of curiosity?
[22:51] *[PCF]Adrian* yeah
[22:51] *[PCF]Adrian* I can describe the bug
[22:51] *[PCF]Adrian* tell me if you have it in 1.00
[22:51] *[PCF]Adrian* it’s crash to desktop when the final scoretable is displayed

[22:51] *W4rh0g* we get crash to desktop everynow and again anyhow
[22:52] *W4rh0g* I think thats a known bug in 1.0 tho
[22:52] *[PCF]Adrian* does anyone experience that in 1.00?
[22:52] *Blowfish* yes, I had that a few times
[22:52] *Hutchy* i do recall others having occasional crash to desktop
[22:52] *[PCF]Adrian* yeah it happens at the end of the match
[22:52] *W4rh0g* we get when joining server
[22:52] *[PCF]Adrian* it’s annoying and a bitch to find
[22:52] *W4rh0g* as well
[22:52] *Hutchy* yeh ive had a joining one on occasion ๐Ÿ™‚
[22:52] *Blowfish* I’ve had it once when I didn’t even play, just left it in ‘spec’ mode on the scoreboard
[22:52] *Hutchy* will be good to fix that one at least
[22:53] *W4rh0g* apparently the crash to desktop happens when SP is played too
[22:56] *cK-blood|wrk* Adrian, one main CTD that ive found is upon joining that map with the Mansion
[22:56] *cK-blood|wrk* i think its DM_Psycho
[22:56] *cK-blood|wrk* when joining server, right when scoreboard is displayed u get CTD
[22:57] *cK-blood|wrk* thats the only map its happened to me
[22:57] *cK-blood|wrk* and ONLY when im connecting to server with that map
[22:57] *cK-blood|wrk* but if im already in the game and it loads that map im fine
[22:57] *cK-blood|wrk* but if i leave game and connect back i get ctd
[22:57] *[PCF]Adrian* weird, but I assume that is fixed, we play that map a lot… though I must admit

DM_Cursed is my fav map atm

[22:52] *[PCF]Adrian* all other bugs seem to be fixed
[22:52] *[PCF]Adrian* the bugfix log is 2 gigs long ๐Ÿ˜‰

[22:53] *W4rh0g* could u give us a short resume on weapon damage changes adrian?
[22:53] *W4rh0g* RL splash?
[22:53] *W4rh0g* stake power?
[22:53] *W4rh0g* we all want to hear the stake power at spawn
[22:53] *[PCF]Adrian* we fixed ElectroDriver, so now it’s actually useful ๐Ÿ˜‰

[22:54] *W4rh0g* what value for stake did u end up at?
[22:54] *[PCF]Adrian* we didn’t change the stake so far, why?
[22:54] *W4rh0g* well
[22:54] *W4rh0g* one of the main critiscms of the current weapons
[22:55] *W4rh0g* is the ability to kill a fully loaded player
[22:55] *W4rh0g* v quick with the spawn weapon
[22:55] *W4rh0g* we understodd u may be lowering the damage
[22:55] *W4rh0g* from 200

[22:55] *[PCF]Adrian* stakes cannot kill someone 100/150…
[22:55] *[PCF]Adrian* …but…
[22:55] *[PCF]Adrian* what we did is we added more items on maps, so now it’s a little easier to get armored

[22:56] *W4rh0g* so the stake damage will stay the same
[22:56] *W4rh0g* well
[22:56] *W4rh0g* is there a chance this could be changed per server settings?
[22:56] *[PCF]Adrian* just a little ๐Ÿ˜‰

[22:56] *[PCF]Adrian* we have really done A LOT of work on this patch, it’s like a new game now

[22:58] *W4rh0g* any chance you could tell us what kind of voting will be allowed adrian?
[22:58] *W4rh0g* referee/rcon
[22:58] *W4rh0g* ?
[22:58] *[PCF]Adrian* like what?
[22:58] *W4rh0g* like a server admin can modify server settings thru the console
[22:58] *W4rh0g* or a referee can change match settings
[22:59] *[PCF]Adrian* no, we don’t want zillions of servers with different settings… it happened to MoHAA

and killed the scene slowly. But wait, lemme give some info on CALLVOTE
[22:59] *cK-blood|wrk* there wont be a zillion settings, tournaments will get a standard
[22:59] *cK-blood|wrk* for instance, CPL usually sets the standards

[22:59] *[PCF]Adrian* Server (commands available on server and for voting):
[23:00] *[PCF]Adrian* sec it’s a long list ๐Ÿ˜‰
[23:01] *[PCF]Adrian* here goes:
[23:01] *[PCF]Adrian* map *map_name*, timelimit *value*, fraglimit *value*, kick *name*
[23:01] *[PCF]Adrian* ankick *name*, maxplayers *value*, maxspectators *value*
[23:01] *[PCF]Adrian* powerupdrop *0/1*
[23:01] *[PCF]Adrian* powerups *0/1*, weaponsstay *0/1*, teamdamage *0/1*
[23:01] *[PCF]Adrian* allowbunnyhopping *0/1*, allowbrightskins *0/1*, allowforwardrj *0/1*
[23:02] *[PCF]Adrian* gamemode *ffa/tdm/pcf/tlb/voosh*
[23:02] *[PCF]Adrian* reloadmap
[23:02] *[PCF]Adrian* that’s it

[23:00] *esc\Sui* is their anychance that u can add map name to the loading screens?
[23:02] *[PCF]Adrian* it’s added
[23:02] *[PCF]Adrian* map name shows now

[23:02] *esc\Sui* can it be made possible
[23:02] *esc\Sui* to connect ctrl+v in console
[23:02] *esc\Sui* with ips
[23:08] *W4rh0g* is copy pasting ips into the console when in a multiplayer game now possible?
[23:08] *[PCF]Adrian* don’t know, write me email about it so I can double check tomorrow

[23:03] *W4rh0g* when is the linux server due for release?
[23:03] *[PCF]Adrian* yeah I know… everyone wants that… we plan on that as well, but it won’t be that soon

[23:03] *W4rh0g* is it tough to implement adrian?
[23:04] *[PCF]Adrian* yes, because we’re still working A LOT on the code
[23:04] *W4rh0g* ok
[23:04] *W4rh0g* will be a while then
[23:04] *Blowfish* is the Havok licence the problem for linux build? (aside from directx)
[23:05] *[PCF]Adrian* license is not a problem (but it does cost ;))

[23:04] *[K]EtoS* adrian, how bout client side brightskin settings and not server side?
[23:04] *[PCF]Adrian* client side is unfair
[23:04] *[PCF]Adrian* but
[23:04] *[PCF]Adrian* you can CALLVOTE that ๐Ÿ™‚

[23:05] *W4rh0g* we understand that client prediction has been added
[23:05] *W4rh0g* does it REALLY help netplay?
[23:05] *W4rh0g* in your opinion
[23:06] *[PCF]Adrian* yes it does, BUT this code is experimental… 2 things:
[23:07] *[PCF]Adrian* a) it uses more processor power, so unless you have a good PC remember to set gfx to low

to have as much free computing power for Havok prediction
[23:07] *[PCF]Adrian* b) er… I forgot what was that… sec…

[23:07] *Blowfish* any chance of a female player model for female gamers?
[23:07] *[PCF]Adrian* we hope to have a fat slut in 1.2
[23:08] *[PCF]Adrian* because all models need to use the same ragdoll for collision

[23:08] *W4rh0g* have you managed to tweak havoc right down to help netplay
[23:09] *Maniax* yes, everyones main concern is more or less netcode, is it majorly tweaked in 1.1 or just

[23:09] *[PCF]Adrian* yes, hence the prediction code. As I said, you need more processor power now, because we

predict Havok or shit, no idea, programmers tried to explain that to me with no luck ๐Ÿ™‚

[23:09] *[PCF]Adrian* so
[23:09] *[PCF]Adrian* guys
[23:09] *[PCF]Adrian* bottom line is
[23:10] *[PCF]Adrian* I bet there will be 1.2, and 1.1 has its faults, it’s still not perfect game, BUT it’s

HELL OF a lot better than 1.0 and you should like it.

[23:10] *[K]EtoS* will you be at QuakeCon this year Adrian? anyone else from PCF/dc going?
[23:11] *[PCF]Adrian* no idea atm
[23:11] *[PCF]Adrian* I would like to see PK gimps in action, but I just don’t know atm

[23:11] *hp|47* will the bug with the scores be fixed ? when a player is scoring points for the team and he

leaves the server the team loses those points (frags), that is a big problem if we would have a situatuion

like that in a league mach
[23:11] *hp|47* ?
[23:11] *[PCF]Adrian* ok, so just a little patience plz, one last bug and we’re done. Can’t wait to hear your

opinion. Yes this team bug is fixed as well.

[23:12] *[PCF]Adrian* Ok thanks for your support ppl and ttyl
[23:12] * [PCF]Adrian has quit IRC (Read error: EOF from client)

Multiplayer Thoughts

// Concerning peoples suggestions about changes to weapon balance in particular that shotgun should be the spawn weapon:

I think the shotgun is probably more powerful than the stakegun 7 times out of 10 except in the hands of the best players who could likely do about equal damage with either in the same period of time (i.e. hit 1 stake shot or hit 3 SG shots with a good spread in the same time space).

I think rather than just the shotgun as the default spawn weapon, an idea might be a shotgun with a reduced damage stakegun as the secondary fire:

The stake would have to have reduced damage <150, and a slow reload time, even slower than the current stake (something up to 3s reload, rather than 1.5s how it currently is). However, it should operate similar to how the current shotgun/freeze whereby you can fire the freeze, then fire the SG a few times while the freeze reloads - i.e. you could fire a couple shots of SG, switch to stake and fire one shot, then switch back to SG while it reloads. Some will remember this concept from the earliest betas of CPM which had TRUE instant weapon switching, and one could fire a rail, switch to RL fire a rocket, switch to SG and fire then switch back to RL which had by then reloaded and fire it and then switch to rail which had by then reloaded and repeat the cycle again. This would minimize the current lucky stake kills off the spawn, while providing the opportunity for skill with the spawnweapon (i.e. divine stake aim can still do serious damage). Perhaps even the shotgun could have a slightly reduced damage & increased rate of fire making it more like a boomstick. Importantly, the secondary fire (reduced stake), should not be fireable in the first 3 seconds (or however long the reload time is set out - would need testing) after spawn (i.e. as if it were reloading), to prevent those annoying times when someone spawns directly behind you and is tapping fire and gibs you before you can turn around - pure luck and no skill. However, it means that when the freshly spawned player is fighting a dominating player (RL/CG + Armour) with good aim they can still do some degree of damage (with the SG/Stakegun spawn weapon that is) and with great aim can kill them (i.e. connecting with 2 or 3 good SG shots and then immediately a stake - anything more is NEVER going to happen against a good player with RL/CG). I think then, that the stakegun as it is now (200 dmg / 1.5s reload), should be a pickup weapon only (maybe super-stakegun or some shit). And the Shotgun should be as it is now (i.e. a pickup weapon), but with a tigher spread (i.e. the spread that you get when you have the weapon modifier powerup) – the spawn shotgun could have the random spread (like the current shotgun) or be reduced to a single barrel with tight spread.

As for other balance issues: I think the chaingun needs the knockback removed (to make it easier to get away from when youre being hit from the other side of the map), and it should be added to the LG (and increased to QW levels, i.e. pinning people in the air). Perhaps reducing the damage of the chaingun, but this might reduce the dominance of the RL too much changing the whole gameplay so perhaps not (testing required). Perhaps something like decreased damage over distance, so when chaingunning someone who is across the other side of the map is just like a machinegun (placing more emphasis on close combat), but up close the chaingun stays as it is and really rips people apart.

Thinking about it some more, I think there should maybe still be some degree of knockback up close with the chaingun or it just wouldnt be quite the same, but from the other side of the map it shouldnt have any (with the reduced damage).

I think that,and the knock-back changes would create reasons to use both the CG and LG in certain situations e.g. close range chaingun does more damage in skillfull hands, mid-range LG does same damage as chaingun but has significant knock-back and at long range CG can be used as a weak finishing off weapon.

Introducing more reasons to use different weapons in specific situations means increasing combos etc which is not only skillfull but alot more fun. As it currently is, there is never any need to switch from RL/Chain, you always have the weapon(s) for EVERY situation.

With the suggestions Ive put forward, youd see things like rocket fights up close then switching to shaft as the distance increases to close/mid level then switching to RL to fire 1 rocket as the other player is pushed back then switching to CG as they are now at the other side of the room then switching to LG as youve now closed the distance towards them etc…

And with the pickup version of the stakegun (identical to the current spawn weapon), you could see things like the player whos trying to fight his way back into the match bouncing the dominating player (stacked with 100+/200) into the air with RL then gibbing them with a mid-air stake – difficult to do and justly rewarding. Obviously there are endless combinations… bounce them with RL shaft them upwards then stake them or whatever….as it is now though, the game becomes fairly repetitive, because you just use the RL/CG for everything and never have a reason to switch, so the game is just an effort to get all the quads and a bunnyhopping (which doesnt even require much mastery) exercise around the map to try and hoover up RLs/armour.

// Concerning suggested item placement changes (e.g. those in zr0/zafs PK review on ESR) :

Its too early to determine whether maps need changing or not, I mean noone has probably even played a proper 4v4 yet? Or maybe a few, but theres definitely not been enough play to determine whether or not the maps are suitable for TP. I mean, give some credit to the designers, I mean after all, thye didnt just randomly drump items wherever they felt like, they must have put thought into it, so if theyve designed the map(s) with TP in mind then they will probably work (to an extent at least). I mean look at the maps in iD games, some worked straight out of the box and turned out great for tp (DM3/q2dm1/q3dm7). Also others, not designed for TP worked great for TP (e1m2 in QW), and then of course, others needed totally changing (q3dm14), while others needed moderate changes which only came about after playing the original for a significant length of time (q3dm6).

Basically: its not even possible to PROPERLY determine how maps will play when the gameplay in PK has not even been finalised yet. I think a little time is needed… the more pressing issues need to be dealt with first, i.e. netcode/bug issues and weapon balance so people can actually play the game properly.

// About the suggestion for an ingame timer and the suggestion that it would make PK more tactical:

Thats debatable – it could be argued either way. Game timers are a relatively recent thing remember, and yes they do add an extra element to it, definitely a good thing in TP with timing items, but in 1v1 its more questionable and has a significant impact on changing the game. If you watch good players in games without timers, they still manage to be there when the armour/weaps spawn – why? Because they have a good instinctive timer in their brain, its another part of their talent/skill, and requires more in-game awareness than looking at a timer on your screen whenever you pickup an item and doing some quick mental arithmetic to determine when you need to be back. Like I said though its debateable, I can definitely see a place for it in TDM games, but in 1v1 perhaps it could end up reducing strategy rather than increasing it…

// Concerning the movement:

A lot of people have issues with the movement, and I would say that this is one of, if not the biggest things preventing more people from switching from their current game to PK.

In the period leading up to the release of the game, PCF/DC made claims as to the nature of the multiplayer gameplay being similar to the advanced nature of QW. This caused significant interest in a LOT of people. Some examples:

(03:09:44) [ @EventServices ] there is alot of controversay on the bunnyhopping in the single player demo, what will be changed if anything in multiplayer bunny hopping ?

(03:11:00) [ @PCF-Adrian ] Yes, we do realize b.h. should require “m@d skillz”, not just pressing the Jump button like a drunken monkey. SP b.h. will stay as it is, simple version, MP b.h. will be more advanced. Were working on that issue atm.

As well as:

How much will the speed of the Mutilplayer mode change as compared with the Single Player demo, and then finally compared with the Quake series of games.


PCF-Adrian: We want to have a very fast MP, insanity, carnage, mayhem, ownage, you name it. Comparable to QuakeWorld, one of the fastest and most adrenaline rushing games ever. Its hard to compare that to the Single Player part, both things are really different. generally everything in MP, incl. running speed etc., is faster than in SP.This can most definitely be seen as a positive thing. Many players were complaining about the bunny hopping in the SP demo being too easy, and it is good to hear straight from the developer that the MP movement will be different and even faster (SP demo movement was quite fast already when bunny hopping).

Now, (for totally understandable reasons) the multi-player gameplay hasnt turned out completely as described (particularly in the minds of a lot of people who were interested in the game) – they are particularly dissapointed with the movement, which, while slightly more advanced than any other game out there bar QW/CPM, still isnt what it could/should be.

I love PK, I think its a good multiplayer game with a lot more potential, to be a GREAT multiplayer game, better than I ever imagined would come out for a long time, and I think this is how a lot of other people feel as well. I think for once in the whole history of gaming the developers and the players are on the same page and something truly special could potentially happen (i.e. the “second coming” of hardcore DM).

However, no matter how good everything else is, the game will never be fully embraced by the hardcore community without SOME kind of change. Not necessarily a direct copy of QWs movement (although there was a QW physics variable in the demo/beta), afterall what would be the point – PK has some nice innovations which should be capitalised on.

For instance, the sideways bunnyhop is a great innovation, taking a mediocre element from UT (the dodge) and incorporating it into the quake-series style bunnyhopping to create something unique, and most of all, both useful AND skillfull. Having identical movement physics to QW I imagine would mean getting rid of that, and I dont see that as being the ideal situation. Thus I would propose the following movement system:

Most importantly, strafe jumping (holding forward+strafe) should be added, however, it should be limited to the initial jump only (i.e. starting off the bunnyhop or just single jumps) – this would mean that the sideways bunnyhopping could be kept as is, while enabling an initial skill-based jump (and shorter acceleration time into the bunnyhop).

On top of this, Standard air control (directional keys while in mid-air) should be added. As well as adding significant more options and skill to the movement, this would fix the problem when getting stuck on a jumppad.

To clarify:

The directional keys being pressed in mid-air would offer additional air control, but are not required to steer in mid-air (like you currently can using the mouse).


– If you are moving in one direction and you press the opposite direction you will stop dead (which is what currently happens).
– If you are moving forwards and press strafe right while in the air you will jeer to the right slightly in the air while still looking forwards.
– If you are moving forwards and do a 180 and then press backwards (which would now be forwards in terms of your momentum) while still in midair you would continue moving forwards (and bunnyhopping) at the same speed.
– If you were moving forwards and then curving to the right (less than 45 degrees) in mid air and you pressed the left directional key you would continue moving more-or-less forward (and possibly gain a tiny bit of speed – it seems that currently curving in the air increases speed/acceleration slightly – so being able to constantly curve & counter the change of direction with direction key could mean skillfull players could maintain an increased speed from normal).
– If you were curving more sharply than 45 degrees to the right and you pressed your left directional key, you would inhibit your momentum.

If however you still had a directional key pressed when you landed and then jumped, you would veer off in that direction (provided it was not counter to your momentum), as is what happens right now in PK (the sideways bunnyhop / dodge-type thing).

Dont know if thats all explained well enough, I know what I mean in my head though.
Apologies for the incoherence of this post, Id been up all night working.

Clan Arena for PK?! :\

It has recently been brought to my attention that some people want a Clan Arena style mode aโ€™la RA3 built into Painkiller. Not only do I think this would be a mistake, I think it would degrade the gameplay in this game.

Painkiller is a game with so much depth, focusing on armor, health, and ammo control. Each map has limited supply of these items, which in turn makes them a very crucial part of the gameplay. This promotes a very defensive game with offensive aspects.

A Clan Arena mode would remove all of this depth from the game and add nothing. Sometimes people just want to jump around and senselessly frag, not having to pay in mind this depth, but thatโ€™s what we have CS for, right? =)


Log from tonights takeover attempt. Note that Iggy tells everyone about the script 5 seconds before it kicks in, and no, it wasnt him that clicked it… you know who you are :p

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[22:24] *iggy* yer
[22:25] *iggy* webpage
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an admin of them, but he said it was given to them.. he said it would be free ??
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[22:35] *tau-* cya ya
[22:35] *tau-* bye
[22:35] *si|o* lol
[22:35] *Vo0`* hahaha
[22:35] *Vo0`* hahaha
[22:35] *Vo0`* hahaha
[22:35] * FF|nadar|oFF has joined #painkiller.euro
[22:35] * ghizm00 has left #painkiller.euro
[22:35] *Vo0`* god damn this was fun


[PCF]Adrians impromptu visit

For those who are unaware, [PCF]Adrian visited us via our IRC website portal half an hour ago and spent a few minutes answering some Q&A. A big thank you to Adrian for doing this as 200+ people on IRC all hungry for information can be a rowdy bunch at times. Find below a log of the conversation that ensued:
[20:13] * PCF|Adrian has joined #painkiller.euro
[20:13] * Maniax sets mode: +v PCF|Adrian
[20:13] *W4rh0g* lo adrian
[20:13] * W4rh0g sets mode: +o PCF|Adrian
[20:14] *PCF|Adrian* hi
[20:14] *Morf* lo
[20:14] *Maniax* hi adrian
[20:14] *cj_* hehwe
[20:14] *cj_* (:
[20:14] *W4rh0g* nice of u to join us
[20:15] *PCF|Adrian* wtf is this applet… I am getting on and off…cant see the channel list.
[20:15] *PCF|Adrian* am I even in the channel now?
[20:15] *|K|RaZa`study* try
[20:15] *Finn* haha
[20:15] *W4rh0g* yeah
[20:15] *Maniax* yes your in the channel
[20:15] *Maniax* with 247 people
[20:15] *PCF|Adrian* lol… yeah gotta install mIRC one of these days.

[20:15] *PCF|Adrian* I just stopped by…

[20:15] *dean* lo
[20:15] *ChiZ-* Jeez, PCF Adrian, for real?
[20:15] *W4rh0g* ๐Ÿ™‚

[20:15] *PCF|Adrian* when I saw the topic about the ElectroDriver and its autoaiming…

[20:15] *Maniax* ๐Ÿ˜€
[20:15] *|K|RaZa`study* cant developpers idle on irc channels,
[20:15] *|K|RaZa`study* :/
[20:16] *Blowfish* they do |K|RaZa`study
[20:16] *W4rh0g* adrian,,
[20:16] *W4rh0g* ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:16] *Blowfish* some evenings in here
[20:16] *W4rh0g* adrian,
[20:16] *W4rh0g* even
[20:16] *m0erser^dr* is this a feature adrian?
[20:16] *Blowfish* oh
[20:16] *Blowfish* ๐Ÿ™‚

[20:16] *PCF|Adrian* so… FYI…

[20:16] *Blowfish* like now ? ๐Ÿ™‚

[20:16] *PCF|Adrian* its a freaking bug ๐Ÿ™‚

[20:16] *W4rh0g* hahaha
[20:16] *Morf* wii ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:16] *ChiZ-* lol
[20:16] *m0erser^dr* thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

[20:16] *PCF|Adrian* obviously we dont promote any kind of auto-whatever.

[20:16] *|K|RaZa`study* thats what i mean
[20:17] *Morf* im glad its a bug ๐Ÿ™‚

[20:17] *PCF|Adrian* pure skill baby… so it will be changed. And the weapon will be tweaked anyway.

[20:17] *W4rh0g* nice 1
[20:17] *Maniax* nice
[20:17] *W4rh0g* ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:17] *|K|RaZa* PCF|Adrian: will there be a netcode update in the upcoming patch?
[20:17] *W4rh0g* gwan razaยฌ
[20:17] *W4rh0g* gwan raza!
[20:17] *W4rh0g* ๐Ÿ™‚

[20:17] *PCF|Adrian* as for the netcode…

[20:17] *ChiZ-* any clues on whats coming in the patch Adrian? ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:18] *W4rh0g* shhhh ChiZ-
[20:18] *W4rh0g* :p
[20:18] *|K|RaZa* yes
[20:18] *W4rh0g* applet is slow
[20:18] *W4rh0g* ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:19] *ChiZ-* sorry man, just gagging on getting the game ๐Ÿ™‚

[20:19] *PCF|Adrian* the thing is: netcode is pretty good for LAN. But if you have a ping * 80 it sucks donkey balls. Thats because its very hard (read: impossible) to do client prediction with Havok, because Havok works differently on every PC.

[20:19] *|K|EtoS* then why not take havok out for mp

[20:19] *PCF|Adrian* So for now server corrects your movement and with poor ping it causes this unbereable lag feeling.

[20:19] *|K|EtoS* who needs it
[20:19] *Cl1maX* PCF|Adrian : bugs… typyping fraglimit changes the frag limit but the console says timelimit is now x instead of fraglimit
[20:19] *|K|RaZa* so it will take long or it wont be possible to play well with a high ping
[20:19] *Cl1maX* k ? ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:19] *|K|RaZa* There are also some bugs in the PCF mode
[20:19] *Blowfish* PCF|Adrian I think a lot might not be setting their connection type also?
[20:20] *vrykos* :(
[20:20] *DeepOS* heya raza
[20:20] *m0erser^dr* well i have that lags with a ping of 50, so i dont know PCF|Adrian
[20:20] *DeepOS* hows pk then?

[20:20] *PCF|Adrian* We will do what we can for the patch 1.1. There WILL be improvement to the Havok-based code, so you should feel it. If its not enough, we have the plan for something more revolutionary, but I cannot reveal anything atm.

[20:20] *|K|RaZa* eg. getting a stake gun in place of rl
[20:21] *|K|RaZa* hi DeepOS
[20:21] *W4rh0g* thanks for the update adrian
[20:21] *|K|RaZa* its quite good
[20:21] *DeepOS* cool ๐Ÿ™‚

[20:21] *PCF|Adrian* …and…

[20:21] *DeepOS* thinking about buyin it atm
[20:21] *W4rh0g* nice to know your not ignoring us all
[20:21] *W4rh0g* ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:21] *roxsz`gr* what is painkiller ?
[20:21] *fanapathy* pcf mode its annoying you die if ur close to the wall even if its no direct hit..
[20:21] *roxsz`gr* :p
[20:21] *|K|EtoS* adrian, why not take havok out for multiplayer
[20:21] *lazy`pk* …
[20:21] *|K|EtoS* who needs havok for mplayer
[20:21] *|K|RaZa* its very quake alike so i recommend to buy it DeepOS

[20:21] *PCF|Adrian* Patch 1.1 will have shitload of features… not extremely advanced, but demo recording, spectator, voting system, new map and more ๐Ÿ™‚

[20:21] *|K|EtoS* what can havok possibly add to mplayer that we need bad netcode
[20:21] *|K|RaZa* PCF|Adrian: sounds great
[20:21] *Blowfish* PCF|Adrian I think a lot of people just want to hear that you are on the case of the netcode and looking to improve it
[20:21] *vrykos* \o_
[20:21] *lazy`pk* PCF|Adrian: do you know when the netcode is going to be worked on?
[20:21] *[wC]Eer0_INT* omg i hate the netcode
[20:21] *cK-bloodshot* i actually did alot of testing with netcode server settings
[20:21] *|K|RaZa* lazy`pk
[20:21] *W4rh0g* k guys
[20:21] *[wC]Eer0_INT* its unplayable

[20:21] *PCF|Adrian* netcode is worked on …all the time.

[20:21] *|K|RaZa* i just asked ..
[20:21] *cK-bloodshot* got 4v4 playable
[20:21] *cK-bloodshot* netcode is good
[20:21] *W4rh0g* since we have adrian here
[20:21] *lazy`pk* ok, thanks
[20:21] *ChiZ-* fanapathy aint that splash damage*?
[20:21] *[wC]Eer0_INT* netcode sux imho
[20:22] *lazy`pk* bloodshot netcode is only OK with 30-50 ping…
[20:22] *fanapathy* yea, but that splash damage seems to be 300+
[20:22] *cK-bloodshot* thats because most servers have wrong serverfps setting

[20:22] *PCF|Adrian* read Netcode Tweaks topic on pkeuro and try the setting someone came up with.

[20:22] *[wC]Eer0_INT* i played with 60 in ping
[20:22] *[wC]Eer0_INT* and it sucked big time
[20:22] *cK-bloodshot* EVERY server should use Cfg.ServerFPS = 45

[20:22] *PCF|Adrian* splash for the rocket will be reduced in 1.1

[20:22] *cK-bloodshot* 45 is the optimal setting
[20:22] *Blowfish* someone kick eurobot ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:22] *cK-bloodshot* 60-90 is bad
[20:22] *lazy`pk* thanks..
[20:22] *cK-bloodshot* causes lag movement
[20:22] *fanapathy* roger that
[20:22] *DeepOS* cze adrian o/
[20:22] *cK-bloodshot* when 7+ clients connect
[20:22] *|K|EtoS* PCF|Adrian what can havok possibly add to mplayer that the netcode must suffer for it
[20:22] *W4rh0g* while adrian is here
[20:23] *W4rh0g* plz send Q thru op
[20:23] *W4rh0g* else the applet goes mad
[20:23] *tm-InFeRn0^* W4rh0g can I have auto voice? ๐Ÿ˜ก
[20:23] *lazy`pk* kick eurobot ;o
[20:23] *tm-InFeRn0^* I am always sweet
[20:23] *tm-InFeRn0^* ๐Ÿ˜ก
[[20:23] *DeepOS* czesc still.
[20:23] *SLAyRe* lo

[20:23] *PCF|Adrian* People… I get the message, I know you want Havok off, just give us some time ๐Ÿ˜‰ And hush ๐Ÿ˜‰

[20:23] *lazy`pk* hehe.
[20:23] *lazy`pk* PCF|Adrian: perhaps you can change the steakgun aswell? maybe less damage?
[20:23] *lazy`pk* or something… ;o
[20:23] *|K|RaZa* some people do not seem to understand that it takes time to code something ๐Ÿ™‚

[20:23] *PCF|Adrian* Yes, were also thinking of tweaking stakes damage, you people are becoming too good with it ๐Ÿ™‚

[20:23] *Hutchy* ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:23] *vrykos* :U stakegun is fine
[20:24] *tm-InFeRn0^* y is this shit
[20:24] *tm-InFeRn0^* ?
[20:24] *tm-InFeRn0^* :*
[20:24] *W4rh0g* send ops questions
[20:24] *W4rh0g* plz
[20:24] *W4rh0g* else major spammage
[20:24] *Maniax* lol
[20:24] *Maniax* there
[20:24] *Blowfish* weeeee
[20:24] *Blowfish* ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:24] *Blowfish* much better
[20:24] *W4rh0g* ask any op the question
[20:24] *W4rh0g* they will relaye it
[20:24] *W4rh0g* -e
[20:24] *Blowfish* questions to ops

[20:25] *PCF|Adrian* There will be lots and lots of very small tweaks in 1.1… Apart from the big features I already listed.

[20:25] *W4rh0g* *PCF|Adrian* Yes, were also thinking of tweaking stakes damage, you people are becoming too good with it ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:25] *W4rh0g* any idea when the patch will be released adrian?

[20:26] *PCF|Adrian* Fire away, I got 10 mins, then I need to go back to answering 9078938475897 e-mails I got today ๐Ÿ˜‰

[20:26] *W4rh0g* *kijoAWAY* will there be a new armour system ?

[20:26] *PCF|Adrian* Monday. It will be ready Friday and then tested a lot… So hopefully Monday.

[20:26] *W4rh0g* *kijoAWAY* the timings etc.
[20:26] *outsafk* coz ;x
[20:26] *W4rh0g* any idea when mod tools will be out adrian?
[20:26] *W4rh0g* *cow|impulse* Question: When u die and respawn u dont immediately move forward, u have to let go of your keys before u can move again. Will this be fixed?
[20:27] *Blowfish* [20:30] *u`am1R* will u change eny thing bout the movement in mp?
[20:27] *W4rh0g* ill just put the questions up
[20:27] *W4rh0g* ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:27] *W4rh0g* asnwer if u can adrian
[20:27] *W4rh0g* ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:27] *W4rh0g* *MrFunky* how do you switch smoke off from shotgun for eg, cos it really kills my gfx card, even with all other setting on low.

[20:28] *PCF|Adrian* New armor system? Whats wrong with the current one? As for the modtools, as soon as we finish 1.1, we will start working on map making tool.
[20:28] *PCF|Adrian* impulse: just another bug, will be killed in 1.1

[20:28] *W4rh0g* *tm-InFeRn0^* will the shotgun power increase?
[20:28] *Maniax* lol
[20:28] *Maniax* useless
[20:29] *PCF|Adrian* W4rh0g: I have a task for you ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you want… Please gather ALL issues in one big phat mail and send it to me (stuff like shotung cloud causing low FPS etc.) – this way we can track/fix it easier…
[20:29] *W4rh0g* ok adrian
[20:29] *W4rh0g* i will do so

[20:29] *PCF|Adrian* Shotgun power doesn t need increasing, but it needs to work better, its too random atm.

[20:29] *W4rh0g* ok guys
[20:29] *W4rh0g* -m gone in a mo
[20:29] *W4rh0g* questions pm them to me
[20:30] *W4rh0g* for the email
[20:30] *W4rh0g* u can ask now if u want
[20:30] *Maniax* will the enemy colors will be different than just red and white in 1.1?
[20:30] *Morf* 13:4) 13:4] 13:4D 13:4P 13:4* 13:4X 13:4O
[20:30] *Hugin* lol
[20:30] *tm-InFeRn0^* adrian PK OWNT ;p
[20:30] *Hutchy* thx for ur time adrian ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:30] *W4rh0g* yeah good to see u adrian
[20:30] *W4rh0g* bet your glad u dont come on irc now
[20:30] *W4rh0g* ๐Ÿ™‚

[20:30] *PCF|Adrian* as for brightsking, I guess we will release these textures OUTSIDE of the pak file, so you can tweak them to your likening.

[20:31] *W4rh0g* \o/
[20:31] *JAALI* how long before gamespy3d and ase work for it?

[20:31] *PCF|Adrian* heh
[20:31] *PCF|Adrian* one important explanation…

[20:32] *Maniax* Have you thought about adding new gametypes like CTF or do you want the communnity to mod such things?

[20:32] *PCF|Adrian* We could open a forum topic called “PK issues” of course, but then it will be spammed in no time… Thats why I prefer everything goes through warhog and his minions ๐Ÿ™‚ This makes out life way easier.

[20:32] *izzential\steph* ๐Ÿ˜€
[20:33] *dean* ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:33] *PCF|Adrian* out=our
[20:33] * u`am1R has joined #painkiller.euro

[20:33] *PCF|Adrian* its easier to keep track if you have one big mail with all the issues. I would need it for tomorrow though…

[20:33] *W4rh0g* np adrian
[20:33] *W4rh0g* i send it in one hour
[20:33] *Maniax* yeah alot easier

[20:34] *PCF|Adrian* And some surprises are coming in the forthcoming weeks. Dont want to spoilt it all. Go play some SP ffs ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, thanks for your support guys, well do our best for 1.1.

[20:34] *dean* cheers adrian
[20:34] *W4rh0g* ๐Ÿ™‚
[20:35] *PCF|Adrian* Cheerio and l8r all.
[20:35] * PCF|Adrian has quit IRC (Read error: EOF from client)

Cant wait for the patch ๐Ÿ™‚

Netcode Tweaks

[PCF]Adrian has been reading the boards and has noted the frustration over netcode. He has written the following on the official DreamCatcher forums:
We have made some tweaking possible in mp, eg. if you look at your config file in /Bin, you will find these lines:

Cfg.NetUpdateClass00 = {0.0222222,0.02,0.02,0.03,}
Cfg.NetUpdateClass01 = {0.0666667,0.2,0.2,0.2,}
Cfg.NetUpdateClass02 = {0.1,0.01,0.01,0.02,}
Cfg.NetUpdateClass03 = {0.01,0.01,0.01,0.01,}
Cfg.NetUpdateMaxPacketSize = 500
Cfg.NetUpdateSendPeriod = 10

But of course tweaking that is pain in the ass, so heres what you can do from the console (results are written to config when you exit the game):
When youre connected and playing, bring on the console.

Console Commands:

Gives lots of info of whats going in the network. Its a summary of the last 5 seconds.
netstats overall

Gives lots of info of whats going in the network. Its a summary of
everything from the beginning of your connection.
netstats help

Info about the command.

Shows how big is the size of the packet that your game sends. Sometimes the game needs to send something undividable and bigger than this size – and it will do it – but generally the game tries to avoid such situation.

Sets the maximum size of a packet.

Rumor has it that smaller packets have priority in overcrowded networks. On the other hand, they may get lost easier (because there more of them). Its a good command to play with and see whats happening with larger/smaller packets.
maxpacketsize help

Shows info about the command.

Shows current parameters for our player (eg. the camera)
updateparams_myplayer help

Shows info about the command.

First parameter is how often the server should send out new data of the player.

Second parameter says that server should not send the players new velocity info if its not different by from the last one sent

Third paremeter says that server should not send the players new angular velocity info if its not different by from the last one sent

Fourth parameter says that server should not send the players new position info if its not different by from the last one sent

updateparams_myplayer 0.5

In this example players new position will be send from server every 0.5 sec. Note that in this example we ignored last 3 parameters, as they are for hardcore experts only and dont change that much anyway I think.
Similiar commands (like those for the player) are available for other things:

updateparams_players – other players and some objects
updateparams_physicsitems – physical items, eg. barrels
updateparams_projectiles – rockets, grenades, stakes, etc.

Generally the frequency of the update has direct input on the size of the data stream from server to client. If you want to decrease the size of this stream, increase the delays. If you want smoother gameplay, decrease the delays.

DO NOT set any delay to 0 – that will reset all other parameters (linVel,angVel, pos).
Changed parameters are written to config.ini when you exit the game, so pelase remember what you had originally before tweaking, if you dont want to loose it (backing up config.ini is a good idea).

Let us know if you find good values to use that help at all. Thanks to Adrian for this and listening. Catch the full thread here:

First impressions?

Plz reply to this column post with your first impressions of the game. Does it suck? Do you love it? Netcode good or bad? etc etc. No responses to others comments please. Just your own views of the game.

Upcoming Patch

I understand that PCF are working hard on producing the first Patch for Painkiller. I understand that there are a lot of tweaks and fixes. Here are the main ones I could glean from talking to some of the guys:

Fix: Pentagram on Illuminati causing all players to be disconnected
Fix: Lava kills players on FFA mode
Fix: Allow LAN play with no Internet connection
Add: Voting (not sure params that will be votable)
Add: Spectating
Add: Different sounds per player
Add: Recording Demos
Add: Recording movies (not 100% on this one)
Add: New Map
Change: Weapon balancing (ElectroDriver combo in Voosh changed as is Electrodriver damage)

If any of the PCF guys read this, I would appreciate an update as to the contents. Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

I also understand that tests are being carried out this Friday. Hopefully we will see this additional functionality soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Movement summary

In response to the many questions around “movement”, I’ve written up a little synopsis. Bear in mind that the time I’ve had to try all things out has been limited and hence this is my first view of the situation. Hope you find it interesting……

Many people have asked me what the movement is like in Painkiller. This is a tough question for me to answer as everyone is from different backgrounds. As I’ve not played QuakeWorld for the last 4 years, my bunnyhopping and air movement skills have changed to match the Quake3 requirements. Rocket Jumping methods have changed and the lack of air movement has meant a different skill set has been required to master the jumps.

Now enter Painkiller. Air movement that’s a step up from Quake 3 (though maybe not quite QuakeWorld), bunnyhopping that is controlled as per Quake3 but has the speed of QuakeWorld (almost) and Rocket Jumping that differs from any other game I have come across (I didn’t play CPMA). In order to answer the question, I have broken down movement into 3 areas:

Jumping (unassisted)

In order to pick up speed around the map in Painkiller, you must employ a technique called Bunnyhopping. In Painkiller, this consists of holding down the forward key whilst timing the press of the jump button to coincide with just before you land from the previous jump, or just after. As each jump is executed within a given timeframe of landing, your acceleration forward is boosted and higher speeds can be reached.

If the command Speedmeter 1 is applied in the console, your current speed is displayed at the bottom of the screen. So far by using the bunny hop technique; I have achieved a maximum speed of high 26’s. This I am sure is not the fastest that can be achieved but its pretty close.

One of the great things about bunnyhopping is that you can literally swing round the player 180˚ and if you keep the timing correct on the jumps, you keep your speed in the new direction. Very handy for keeping speed up in corridors and in tight areas. I’m sure that the hardened QuakeWorld fans will not appreciate the change from the Bunnyhopping style employed in QuakeWorld, nor will they appreciate the lack of Strafe Jumping. They will consider this n00bifying the jumping methods required to get the most speed out of the game. Personally, I prefer this method. Probably because I’ve played Quake3 for the last few years and have become accustomed to the movement physics in that game.

Air Movement

The air movement in Painkiller will take some getting used to for the majority of us. For those people that transition across from QuakeWorld, the feel is going to be very similar. Smooth movement of the mouse whilst in the air glides the player in whatever direction you point them. None of the movement keys including forward have an effect whilst in the air with the exception of backwards which stunts your progression forward virtually instantaneously. Whatever speed you take into the jump is maintained in the air. Bunnyhop onto a jump pad and find yourself catapulted far further than you would have been if you had merely walked up to it and took off.

Rocket Jumping

This is probably the area where I will have to shift my skills the most. Rocket jumping in Quake3 is all about the angle and direction of rocket fire in relation to where you want to travel. One of my most used rocket jumps is the quick flick from forwards to backwards, fire the rocket at a lowish angle whilst jumping and in my own time point forwards to check if I hit the area I was planning too. With Painkiller this isn’t going to work the same way.

As air movement is highly dependant on the position you are facing. You will reach further distances by doing Rocket jumps while facing down and in the direction of travel, than if you were to flick backwards, fire and then look immediately forwards. This means that the use of this type of rocket jump will have to be rethought based upon the lack of distance that is travelled. This is a shame as I enjoy the propellant physics that is provided in Quake3 with firing your rocket against walls to the side or behind you.

The height vs. distance of rocket jumps will be determined by the angle at which you fire in front of yourself. Although saying this, it seems that there isn’t much in it height wise from firing the rocket at a shallow angle to firing it while pointing straight down. The main benefit comes from taking more speed into the Rocket Jump, rather than the angle of fire. Having some decent speed prior to Rocket jumping really extends the distance travelled as it works as an extension of the bunnyhop but just with some extra height.

Powerup assists

Just as a check, I performed some Rocket jumps with 2 of the powerups. Quad and Rage (Anger?). Quad made some difference although not to the extent that Quake3 bounces you around ๐Ÿ™‚ The Rage made absolutely no difference.

Moving up the map

As a final example, I recorded moving up an incline in DM_Fragenstein and also the stairs in the same map. You will lose virtually all of your speed gained whilst bunnyhopping once you hit these points, but if you time the jumps right you can still get a boost up the stairs or ramp.

I’ve prepped a few small clips to assist in understanding. I’m no trick jumper and fraps doesn’t help much either (whinge whinge ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) so please don’t flame ๐Ÿ™‚

See you on the servers soon!

Find the movement examples here:

They show:
Air_Ramp_Jump: ramp jump without bunny and then with
Various Rocket Jumps (with and without Quad/Rage)(Off wall)(in front and behind rocket)
Movement up incline and stairs on DM_Fragenstein

Standard Config.

Minus one or two params. here is the standard cfg the game I recieved came with. Note, no tweak.ini only config.ini.

Cfg.AllowBrightskins = false
Cfg.AllowBunnyhopping = true
Cfg.AllowForwardRJ = true
Cfg.AmbientSounds = true
Cfg.AmbientVolume = 0
Cfg.AutoChangeWeapon = false
Cfg.BestExplosives = {0,41,32,}
Cfg.BestNonExplosives = {51,52,42,31,22,21,12,11,0,}
Cfg.BestWeapons1 = {32,0,51,52,41,42,31,22,21,12,11,}
Cfg.BestWeapons2 = {12,0,51,52,41,42,32,31,22,21,11,}
Cfg.Brightness = 0.5
Cfg.BrightskinEnemy = “Red”
Cfg.BrightskinTeam = “White”
Cfg.CameraInterpolation = true
Cfg.CharacterShadow = “Off”
Cfg.ClipPlane = 100
Cfg.ConnectionSpeed = 3
Cfg.Contrast = 0.5
Cfg.Coronas = true
Cfg.Credits = false
Cfg.Crosshair = 1
Cfg.CrosshairB = 255
Cfg.CrosshairG = 255
Cfg.CrosshairR = 255
Cfg.CrosshairTrans = 100
Cfg.Decals = false
Cfg.DecalsStayTime = 0.4
Cfg.DedicatedServer = false
Cfg.DetailTextures = true
Cfg.DisturbSound3DFreq = 0.1
Cfg.DynamicLights = true
Cfg.EAXAcoustics = true
Cfg.FOV = 110
Cfg.FPS = 30
Cfg.FragLimit = 20
Cfg.Fullscreen = true
Cfg.GameMode = “Free For All”
Cfg.Gamma = 1.57
Cfg.GraphicsQuality = 0
Cfg.HUDSize = 1
Cfg.HUDTransparency = 25
Cfg.HeadBob = 100
Cfg.InvertMouse = false
Cfg.KeyAlternativeAlternativeFire = “V”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeBulletTime = “Return”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeFire = “C”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeFireBestWeapon1 = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeFireBestWeapon2 = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeFireSwitch = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeFireSwitchToggle = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeFlashlight = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeForwardRocketJump = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeJump = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeMenu = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeMoveBackward = “Cursor Down”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeMoveForward = “Cursor Up”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeNextWeapon = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativePause = “P”
Cfg.KeyAlternativePreviousWeapon = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeQuickLoad = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeQuickSave = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeRocketJump = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeSayToAll = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeSayToTeam = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeScoreboard = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeScreenshot = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeSelectBestWeapon1 = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeSelectBestWeapon2 = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeStrafeLeft = “Cursor Left”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeStrafeRight = “Cursor Right”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeUseCards = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeWeapon1 = “Delete”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeWeapon2 = “None”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeWeapon3 = “End”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeWeapon4 = “B”
Cfg.KeyAlternativeWeapon5 = “None”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryAlternativeFire = “Middle Mouse Button”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryBulletTime = “None”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryFire = “Left Mouse Button”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryFireBestWeapon1 = “Right Shift”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryFireBestWeapon2 = “Left Ctrl”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryFireSwitch = “R”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryFireSwitchToggle = “T”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryFlashlight = “L”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryForwardRocketJump = “None”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryJump = “Right Mouse Button”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryMenu = “None”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryMoveBackward = “S”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryMoveForward = “W”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryNextWeapon = “Mouse Wheel Forward”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryPause = “P”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryPreviousWeapon = “Mouse Wheel Back”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryQuickLoad = “F9”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryQuickSave = “F5”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryRocketJump = “None”
Cfg.KeyPrimarySayToAll = “None”
Cfg.KeyPrimarySayToTeam = “None”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryScoreboard = “Tab”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryScreenshot = “F12”
Cfg.KeyPrimarySelectBestWeapon1 = “O”
Cfg.KeyPrimarySelectBestWeapon2 = “I”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryStrafeLeft = “A”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryStrafeRight = “D”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryUseCards = “E”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryWeapon1 = “1”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryWeapon2 = “2”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryWeapon3 = “3”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryWeapon4 = “None”
Cfg.KeyPrimaryWeapon5 = “5”
Cfg.LimitServerFPS = false
Cfg.ManualIP = “”
Cfg.MasterVolume = 100
Cfg.MaxPlayers = 8
Cfg.MaxSpectators = 0
Cfg.MessagesKeys = {“None”,”None”,”None”,”None”,”None”,”None”,”None”,”None”,”None”,”None”,
Cfg.MessagesSayAll = {0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,}
Cfg.MessagesTexts = {“[custom message/taunt]”,”[custom message/taunt]”,”[custom message/taunt]”,”[custom message/taunt]”,”[custom message/taunt]”,”[custom message/taunt]”,”[custom message/taunt]”,”[custom message/taunt]”,”[custom message/taunt]”,”[custom message/taunt]”,}
Cfg.MouseSensitivity = 40
Cfg.Multisample = “x0”
Cfg.MusicVolume = 100
Cfg.NetUpdateClass00 = {0.0222222,0.02,0.02,0.03,}
Cfg.NetUpdateClass01 = {0.0666667,0.2,0.2,0.2,}
Cfg.NetUpdateClass02 = {0.1,0.01,0.01,0.02,}
Cfg.NetUpdateClass03 = {0.01,0.01,0.01,0.01,}
Cfg.NetUpdateMaxPacketSize = 300
Cfg.NetUpdateSendPeriod = 10
Cfg.ParticlesDetail = 2
Cfg.PlayerModel = “mp-model-fallenangel”
Cfg.PlayerName = “#4w#0#4h#0#8*#0#4s#0#4E#0#4r#0#4A#0#4p#0#4H#0#0”
Cfg.PlayerPrediction = true
Cfg.PowerupDrop = false
Cfg.Powerups = true
Cfg.PrecacheData = 0
Cfg.Projectors = false
Cfg.PublicServer = false
Cfg.RenderSky = 2
Cfg.Resolution = “800X600”
Cfg.ReverseStereo = false
Cfg.ServerFPS = 90
Cfg.ServerMaps = {“DM_Fragenstein”,}
Cfg.ServerMapsFFA = {“DM_Fragenstein”,}
Cfg.ServerMapsPCF = {“DMPCF_Tower”,}
Cfg.ServerMapsTDM = {“DM_Fragenstein”,}
Cfg.ServerMapsTLB = {}
Cfg.ServerMapsVSH = {}
Cfg.ServerName = “Painkiller v1.00”
Cfg.ServerPassword = “”
Cfg.ServerPort = 3455
Cfg.SfxVolume = 100
Cfg.Shadows = 0
Cfg.ShowDaydreamWarning = true
Cfg.SmoothMouse = true
Cfg.SoundFalloffSpeed = 6
Cfg.SoundPan = 50
Cfg.SoundProvider3D = “Miles Fast 2D Positional Audio”
Cfg.SoundQuality = “High”
Cfg.SpeakersSetup = “Two Speakers”
Cfg.SwitchFire = {false,false,false,false,false,}
Cfg.Team = 0
Cfg.TeamDamage = false
Cfg.TextureFiltering = “Bilinear”
Cfg.TextureQuality = 0
Cfg.TextureQualityArchitecture = 1
Cfg.TextureQualityCharacters = 1
Cfg.TextureQualitySkies = 1
Cfg.TextureQualityWeapons = 1
Cfg.TimeLimit = 100
Cfg.UseGamespy = false
Cfg.ViewWeaponModel = true
Cfg.WeaponBob = 0
Cfg.WeaponNormalMap = true
Cfg.WeaponPriority = {51,52,41,42,32,31,22,21,12,11,0,}
Cfg.WeaponSpecular = true
Cfg.WeaponsStay = true
Cfg.WeatherEffects = true
Cfg.WheelSensitivity = 2

Day 1 with Painkiller v1.0

After a long slog gathering data on Painkiller Press Release, Impulse said he thought you might all be interested in the IRC log of the day. I’ve cut out everything except the Q&A I provided on things I found out. Hope you find it interesting. Be warned, theres quite a lot of it ๐Ÿ™‚

[08:36] *Razorb* is that mp40 look alike weapon in the game ?
[08:37] *W4r-painkiller* no
[08:38] *Razorb* how many dm maps ? ๐Ÿ˜€
[08:38] *W4r-painkiller* 6 maps
[08:38] *Razorb* kk
[08:38] *W4r-painkiller* to pick from
[08:38] *Razorb* not bad
[08:38] *Razorb* ๐Ÿ™‚
[08:38] *W4r-painkiller* when starting a server
[08:38] *W4r-painkiller* sec
[08:38] *W4r-painkiller* 8 in total
[08:39] *W4r-painkiller* as 2 are only for pcf
[08:39] *Razorb* kk
[08:39] *Razorb* ๐Ÿ˜€
[08:39] *W4r-painkiller* so better than the 7 they said
[08:39] *Razorb* playable mp with bots ?
[08:39] *W4r-painkiller* no

[08:46] *W4r-painkiller* ace
[08:46] *W4r-painkiller* i dont get movement lag
[08:46] *Razorb* \o/

[09:09] *W4rh0g* quick load and save is implemented
[09:09] *W4rh0g* looking at the cfg atm
[09:11] *W4rh0g* no tweak.ini this time
[09:12] *gutelaunesatan* is it mixed up with the nromal config?
[09:12] *W4rh0g* no
[09:12] *W4rh0g* its not avail
[09:14] *W4rh0g* Cfg.ShowDaydreamWarning = true
[09:14] *W4rh0g* lol

[11:49] *[mess]* how about movement?
[11:50] *W4r-unavailable* movement is fine
[11:50] *W4r-unavailable* not played much yet

[11:58] *W4r-unavailable* ahhh
[11:58] *W4r-unavailable* good news
[11:58] *W4r-unavailable* shaft doesnt wave around like a cunt
[11:59] *W4r-unavailable* just the end of the shaft weaves a little
[11:59] *W4r-unavailable* not all of it like q3
[11:59] *W4r-unavailable* ๐Ÿ™‚

[11:59] *[mess]* W4r-unavailable it doesnt work like auto aim right?
[11:59] *W4r-unavailable* i dno
[11:59] *Razorb* lol
[11:59] *W4r-unavailable* no1 to shoot

[12:05] *W4r-unavailable* dm_mine looks ok
[12:05] *sergio* heh
[12:05] *W4r-unavailable* medium sized map
[12:05] *W4r-unavailable* very dm4ish
[12:05] *W4r-unavailable* but bigger
[12:05] *sergio* cool
[12:05] *sergio* lava?
[12:05] *W4r-unavailable* y
[12:05] *sergio* ๐Ÿ™‚
[12:05] *W4r-unavailable* but doesnt kill u
[12:05] *W4r-unavailable* :/
[12:05] *sergio* oh
[12:05] *W4r-unavailable* i hopes it would
[12:06] *W4r-unavailable* cos a pu is on a walkway thru it
[12:06] *kap* W4r-unavailable are there any new bindings in menu ?
[12:06] *W4r-unavailable* WOAH
[12:06] *W4r-unavailable* on mine level
[12:06] *W4r-unavailable* u find gold armour
[12:06] *W4r-unavailable* its on some reflective oil
[12:06] *W4r-unavailable* patch
[12:06] *W4r-unavailable* looks mad
[12:07] *dan-_-* ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:11] *Hutchy* what gfx card u got war
[12:11] *vrykos* lava instant death?
[12:11] *W4r-unavailable* gf3 ti500
[12:11] *W4r-unavailable* no vrykos
[12:11] *W4r-unavailable* fraid not
[12:11] *W4r-unavailable* u can stand on it
[12:11] *vrykos* :
[12:11] *vrykos* )
[12:11] *W4r-unavailable* yeah not brill Hutchy
[12:11] *W4r-unavailable* i had to turn gfx down to medium too
[12:11] *W4r-unavailable* but hey
[12:12] *W4r-unavailable* its better than nowt eh
[12:12] *W4r-unavailable* ๐Ÿ™‚
[12:12] *W4r-unavailable* bbs
[12:12] *W4r-unavailable* trying new map

[12:17] *madox* you have the game W4r-unavailable?
[12:17] *W4r-unavailable* yes mad
[12:17] *madox* polish version?
[12:17] *W4r-unavailable* no
[12:18] *W4r-unavailable* press release

[12:49] *W4r-unavailable* i just work on finding the demo key
[12:49] *W4r-unavailable* or command
[12:50] *vrykos* record
[12:50] *vrykos* :X)
[12:50] *vrykos* rec
[12:50] *W4r-unavailable* i wish
[12:50] *W4r-unavailable* tried
[12:50] *W4r-unavailable* demorecord
[12:50] *vrykos* recdemo demorec
[12:50] *W4r-unavailable* record demo
[12:50] *W4r-unavailable* demo
[12:50] *W4r-unavailable* rec
[12:50] *W4r-unavailable* recdemo
[12:50] *cu3rv0* r+”tab”
[12:50] *W4r-unavailable* etc etc
[12:50] *W4r-unavailable* heheh
[12:50] *cu3rv0* ๐Ÿ˜›
[12:50] *W4r-unavailable* i will try that
[12:51] *dan-_-* lol

[13:08] *W4r-unavailable* \o/
[13:08] *W4r-unavailable* 2.1 works
[13:08] *Razorb* :D:D
[13:08] *W4r-unavailable* they fixed hotkeys
[13:08] *Razorb* nice
[13:08] *W4r-unavailable* only 15 secs per vid tho
[13:08] *W4r-unavailable* 15 secs = 42meg
[13:08] *W4r-unavailable* f00k
[13:08] *Razorb* ya
[13:09] *Razorb* its uncompressed
[13:13] *W4r-unavailable* works great
[13:13] *W4r-unavailable* just no sound
[13:13] *W4r-unavailable* and too short

[13:33] *[mess]* ping server from dos, and then tell what ping is in pk?
[13:33] *W4r-unavailable* k sec
[13:33] *[mess]* on the same server

[13:48] *W4r-unavailable* [mess]
[13:48] *W4r-unavailable* 10ms is dos
[13:48] *W4r-unavailable* 30 in game
[13:48] *W4r-unavailable* both on server
[13:48] *Razorb* ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
[13:48] *W4r-unavailable* and at join window
[13:49] *W4r-unavailable* plus
[13:49] *W4r-unavailable* there is no warm up mode
[13:49] *W4r-unavailable* everyone has to ready
[13:49] *W4r-unavailable* b4 the ppl join
[13:49] *Razorb* ๐Ÿ™‚
[13:49] *rapid-* what about stuff like team hud, locational features for tdm
[13:49] *[mess]* what do you mean?
[13:49] *W4r-unavailable* well
[13:49] *[mess]* theres no warmup mode
[13:49] *[mess]* ?
[13:49] *W4r-unavailable* u know when u join server
[13:49] *W4r-unavailable* b4 u join map
[13:49] *W4r-unavailable* u get the chart
[13:49] *W4r-unavailable* ping
[13:49] *W4r-unavailable* score
[13:49] *W4r-unavailable* etc
[13:49] *[mess]* ye
[13:49] *[mess]* ?
[13:49] *W4r-unavailable* on tdm server
[13:50] *W4r-unavailable* theres a section
[13:50] *W4r-unavailable* that shows if yer ready
[13:50] *W4r-unavailable* if all r ready
[13:50] *W4r-unavailable* it counts down from 5
[13:50] *W4r-unavailable* and you all join
[13:50] *Razorb* ๐Ÿ™‚
[13:50] *inimical* u ready b4 map start?
[13:50] *[mess]* but you can run around before you’ll do ready ?
[13:50] *Blowfish* sounds fair
[13:50] *inimical* so u dont spawn b4 the actaul map starts?
[13:50] *W4r-unavailable* no mess
[13:50] *W4r-unavailable* no runing around
[13:50] *Blindside* :/
[13:51] *W4r-unavailable* unless
[13:51] *inimical* can u ghost around ^^
[13:51] *W4r-unavailable* u all jump in
[13:51] *W4r-unavailable* and then restart map
[13:51] *W4r-unavailable* that would work
[13:51] *W4r-unavailable* for warm u
[13:51] *W4r-unavailable* p
[13:51] *Maniax-* ;]
[13:51] *[mess]* k
[13:51] *[mess]* :*

[13:54] *Elz* is it like qw movement?
[13:54] *W4r-pkmapping* btw
[13:54] *W4r-pkmapping* i havent seen a qwphysics variable in cfg
[13:54] * W4r-pkmapping looks again
[13:55] *inimical* which .ini was it in b4 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
[13:55] *W4r-pkmapping* nope
[13:55] *Razorb* :0
[13:55] *W4r-pkmapping* gone
[13:55] *Razorb* ๐Ÿ˜‰
[13:55] *W4r-pkmapping* config
[13:55] *TeoH* its in the demo cfg, but the cmd doesn’t work
[13:55] *W4r-pkmapping* ,ini

[14:30] *Poward* warhog how is it so far?
[14:30] *W4r-pkmapping* excellent
[14:30] *W4r-pkmapping* one or two maps a bit dodgy
[14:30] *Poward* did they include editor
[14:30] *W4r-pkmapping* but the rest look nice
[14:30] *W4r-pkmapping* no
[14:31] *zwanz* w4r hos the movement
[14:31] *zwanz* how’s
[14:32] *W4r-pkmapping* its fine
[14:32] *W4r-pkmapping* same as beta
[14:32] *W4r-pkmapping* smooth
[14:32] *W4r-pkmapping* quick
[14:32] *W4r-pkmapping* will be lots of fun
[14:33] *zwanz* so not the same as pressing forward constant and gain more and more speed ?
[14:33] *W4r-pkmapping* it is that yes
[14:33] *W4r-pkmapping* i didnt say it got any harder
[14:33] *W4r-pkmapping* ๐Ÿ™‚
[14:33] *W4r-pkmapping* bh is the same
[14:34] *inim1cal* ;/
[14:34] *inim1cal* must b summat more 2 it ;o

[17:03] *cu3rv0* when u record with fraps all is going so slooow ๐Ÿ˜›
[17:03] *dan^-^* mine record + plays slow
[17:04] *dan^-^* is he recording demos then?
[17:05] *W4r-pkmapping* cu3rv0
[17:05] *ozzie^* picture it like this. your playing a game and while doing that you are grapping video
[17:05] *W4r-pkmapping* when using fraps 2.1
[17:05] *W4r-pkmapping* hardley lags
[17:05] *cu3rv0* *- here
[17:05] *dan^-^* there u go
[17:05] *ozzie^* that is going to take lots of power
[17:05] *dan^-^* W4r-pkmapping what u using/
[17:05] *dan^-^* ?
[17:05] *W4r-pkmapping* fraps 2.1 demo
[17:05] *cu3rv0* worst than 2.0?
[17:05] *dan^-^* where did u get it?
[17:05] *cu3rv0* without grabbing sound fraps runs better
[17:05] *dan^-^* nm
[17:06] *W4r-pkmapping* better than 2.0
[17:06] *W4r-pkmapping* 2.0 wont work with pk
[17:06] *cu3rv0* ๐Ÿ™
[17:06] *cu3rv0* then that was the problem ๐Ÿ™

[17:17] *W4r-pkmapping* i been busy drawing the layout of illuminati
[17:17] *W4r-pkmapping* its fuckin big
[17:17] *W4r-pkmapping* and on 3 levels
[17:17] *cu3rv0* tdm?
[17:17] *{ebola}* :))
[17:17] *W4r-pkmapping* makes it tough to draw
[17:17] *rapid-* your actually drawing the layout by hand?
[17:17] *W4r-pkmapping* no
[17:17] *W4r-pkmapping* visio
[17:17] *W4r-pkmapping* so it looks good
[17:17] *W4r-pkmapping* ๐Ÿ™‚
[17:17] *Blowfish* [mess] ? :p
[17:18] *rapid-* still, bit much effort wise, no other way to get an overview?
[17:18] *Blowfish* w4r is our eyes
[17:18] *rapid-* gj tho ๐Ÿ™‚
[17:18] *W4r-pkmapping* rapid-
[17:18] *Poward* war try using noclip to get overview
[17:18] *W4r-pkmapping* its for my reviews
[17:19] *W4r-pkmapping* u get upfront vids tho
[17:19] *rapid-* i know ๐Ÿ™‚
[17:19] *zwanz* dray a map?
[17:19] *zwanz* draw
[17:19] *zwanz* whaat u mean?
[17:19] *W4r-pkmapping* u will see
[17:19] *W4r-pkmapping* next week
[17:19] *rapid-* like a blueprint zwanz, so we can see the layout
[17:19] *Blowfish* zwanz [17:22] *W4r-pkmapping* visio *– this is what he means here
[17:19] *satanhateraway* W4r-pkmapping ypou made the dm_fragenstein overview with visio?
[17:20] *rapid-* ;]
[17:20] *zwanz* but why we need blueprints? ;* like a 2d paint everview of the map isnt that a bit to pr0 if the game isnt released yet?
[17:20] *{ebola}* mm, can anybody tell me anything about mp movement, how it differs from sp-demo
[17:20] *Blowfish* zwanz whats with the spaces?
[17:20] *zwanz* i dont know ;*
[17:21] *satanhateraway* well, he made it very good, a 2doverview with marks in it, where the screenshots belong to
[17:21] *zwanz* all the efford for a game thats gonna be released in 10 days or less? :O
[17:21] *rapid-* i though it was a good idea ๐Ÿ™‚
[17:21] *Blowfish* also tieing up the plan with the movie is useful too ๐Ÿ™‚
[17:21] *Blowfish* to get a feeling for the map
[17:21] *W4r-pkmapping* zwanz
[17:21] *W4r-pkmapping* not every1 buys it day 1
[17:21] *W4r-pkmapping* this is for the reviews i promised on the webby
[17:22] *zwanz* ah like that
[17:22] *zwanz* ok
[17:22] *zwanz* ๐Ÿ˜‰
[17:22] *zwanz* i thought u gonna make TDM / 1v1 maps including all the items and spawnpoints
[17:22] *zwanz* ;|*
[17:22] *W4r-pkmapping* make?
[17:22] *W4r-pkmapping* lol
[17:22] *zwanz* draw
[17:22] *zwanz* ๐Ÿ˜‰

[17:27] *tm-InFeRn0^* when will the game be released in holland
[17:28] *W4rh0g* still the 9th afaik
[17:28] *tm-InFeRn0^* nice

[17:31] *z3on* no demo ability?
[17:31] *z3on* :/
[17:31] *z3on* that sux
[17:31] *W4rh0g* i cant find command z3on
[17:31] *W4rh0g* theres a play command
[17:31] *W4rh0g* “demo” tries to play a demo
[17:31] *W4rh0g* just cant find command to fuckin record one
[17:31] *W4rh0g* ๐Ÿ™‚
[17:34] *zwanz* w4rhog
[17:34] *zwanz* try demorec
[17:34] *W4rh0g* i have
[17:34] *zwanz* command
[17:34] *zwanz* in ut its demorec
[17:34] *zwanz* k
[17:34] *zwanz* record
[17:34] *zwanz* rec

[21:05] *W4rh0g* guys
[21:05] *W4rh0g* just finished a hour or so MP session with PCF
[21:05] *W4rh0g* and i have to say
[21:05] *W4rh0g* it fuckin rocks
[21:05] *W4rh0g* your gonna love it
[21:05] *W4rh0g* voosh is great
[21:05] *Maniax-* ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:06] *W4rh0g* the pu’s aint obvious yet
[21:06] *W4rh0g* still workin em out
[21:07] *kSeon* so buy it immediatly?
[21:07] *kSeon* what you say
[21:07] *kSeon* ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:07] *W4rh0g* idd
[21:07] *[mess]* what dmg does stake?
[21:07] *W4rh0g* well
[21:07] *W4rh0g* loki owned me quite a few times with it
[21:07] *W4rh0g* when i had no armour
[21:07] *W4rh0g* its dead in one shot
[21:07] *kSeon* ๐Ÿ˜
[21:07] *W4rh0g* but its tough to hit
[21:07] *kSeon* serious ? :/
[21:07] *W4rh0g* yes
[21:07] *kSeon* railgun style ?
[21:07] *relic* it’s like qw rocket
[21:08] *W4rh0g* stake doesnt work like that
[21:08] *relic* can spawnfrag with it
[21:08] *relic* but it’s like, a lot harder to use
[21:08] *relic* ;
[21:08] *relic* due to delay
[21:08] *kSeon* i c
[21:08] *W4rh0g* idd
[21:09] *kSeon* and what bout other weaps ?
[21:09] *W4rh0g* u not seen em?
[21:09] *[mess]* whats with ssg?
[21:09] *W4rh0g* well
[21:09] *W4rh0g* nitro
[21:09] *W4rh0g* with sg
[21:09] *W4rh0g* ie combo
[21:09] *W4rh0g* kills quick
[21:09] *W4rh0g* but is a pain to use
[21:09] *[mess]* ?
[21:09] *kSeon* i have seen em
[21:09] *relic* ah yea, bryn what is this ice thing
[21:09] *kSeon* but i mean
[21:10] *relic* in mp? surely can’t be used?
[21:10] *kSeon* what bout dmg/rof
[21:10] *[mess]* btw
[21:10] *W4rh0g* yeah it is
[21:10] *[mess]* is there lg combo in pk?
[21:10] *relic* to what effect tho/
[21:10] *W4rh0g* lg combo idd
[21:10] *W4rh0g* well relic
[21:10] *Maniax-* the lg combo is same as SP
[21:10] *W4rh0g* tbh with u
[21:10] *[mess]* :[[[[[[[[[[[
[21:10] *[mess]* omg
[21:10] *[mess]* its so fucked then :[
[21:10] *Maniax-* nah
[21:10] *W4rh0g* i couldnt hit them v often with the nitro/sg
[21:10] *W4rh0g* hehehe
[21:10] *W4rh0g* its fuckin tough
[21:10] *W4rh0g* mess
[21:10] *Maniax-* sg secondry is like plasma gun in q3
[21:10] *relic* what sorta weapon is nitro?
[21:10] *kSeon* talk english pls :p
[21:11] *relic* ah right
[21:11] *relic* cool
[21:11] *W4rh0g* its a freeze type wep
[21:11] *kSeon* no short names of guns
[21:11] *kSeon* :p
[21:11] *W4rh0g* altho it doesnt freeze
[21:11] *relic* what does it do
[21:11] *W4rh0g* it slows em
[21:11] *relic* ah good
[21:11] *W4rh0g* a little
[21:11] *relic* really?
[21:11] *relic* hmm
[21:11] *W4rh0g* then u whack em
[21:11] *W4rh0g* not for long
[21:11] *W4rh0g* from the limited hit i made
[21:11] *W4rh0g* ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:11] *kSeon* hmm
[21:11] *kSeon* what bout lvl’s ?
[21:11] *relic* levels look nice from what i’ve seen
[21:12] *W4rh0g* yeah
[21:12] *W4rh0g* well
[21:12] *relic* you played on that outdoor cobblestone one?
[21:12] *W4rh0g* DM_mine is a fun level
[21:12] *W4rh0g* u mean the one in the ss ?
[21:12] *W4rh0g* with DC
[21:12] *relic* yyes
[21:12] *W4rh0g* thats DM_illuminati
[21:12] *W4rh0g* i done a review on that
[21:12] *[mess]* W4rh0g what about netcode?
[21:12] *W4rh0g* the vids are linked on the webby
[21:12] *kSeon* and what bout your fps cuz gfx are pretty neet
[21:12] *W4rh0g* netcode is fine
[21:13] *[mess]* ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:13] *relic* wbat do you ping bryn?
[21:13] *W4rh0g* i was pinging 30 then
[21:13] *W4rh0g* sweet as a nut
[21:13] *relic* hmm nice
[21:13] *W4rh0g* [mess]
[21:13] *relic* how is the lg?
[21:13] *[mess]* what connection you got?
[21:13] *W4rh0g* air movement extended a little
[21:13] *W4rh0g* adsl
[21:13] *W4rh0g* lg is kewl relic
[21:13] *[mess]* but what adsl/
[21:13] *kSeon* fps ?
[21:13] *[mess]* ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:13] *kSeon* ๐Ÿ˜ก
[21:13] *cow|impulse* is the lg still homing?
[21:13] *W4rh0g* 512
[21:14] *[mess]* 512/256?
[21:14] *W4rh0g* i didnt notice imp
[21:14] *[mess]* 512/128?
[21:14] *W4rh0g* 512/256
[21:14] *[mess]* damn
[21:14] *[mess]* i have 512/128
[21:14] *[mess]* :\
[21:14] *relic* won’t matter ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:14] *W4rh0g* sure u’ll eb fine
[21:14] *W4rh0g* be
[21:14] *relic* i have 1024/256
[21:14] *[mess]* what with movement
[21:14] *W4rh0g* btw
[21:14] *nazgul* 600/128
[21:14] *W4rh0g* movement was lag free too
[21:14] *Maniax-* same here relic :*
[21:14] *cow|impulse* are the maps fun to play and do they have a good flow?
[21:14] *nazgul* whats the change in the movement?
[21:14] *W4rh0g* 800×600 on medium settings
[21:14] *nazgul* big diff?
[21:14] *[mess]* it gives you more oppurtinities for shooting?
[21:14] *W4rh0g* no problemo
[21:15] *relic* oh yea, what about the configability ?
[21:15] *kSeon* W4rh0g
[21:15] *[mess]* movemnt?
[21:15] *relic* picmip settings and stuff?
[21:15] *W4rh0g* errrr mess
[21:15] *kSeon* do you have a average fps for me ? + your specs
[21:15] *W4rh0g* there is picmip stuff
[21:15] *relic* uber
[21:15] *nazgul* what happens when you hit a ramp? :*
[21:15] *W4rh0g* on lowest settings
[21:15] *nazgul* dead stop? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
[21:15] *cow|impulse* are the maps fun to play and do they have a good flow?
[21:15] *W4rh0g* things look like picmip 2 or 3 to me
[21:15] *Poward1* city on water is from e3 right
[21:15] *W4rh0g* they r great fun imp
[21:16] *W4rh0g* naz
[21:16] *Poward1* cuz that build is so damn laggy
[21:16] *cow|impulse* nice
[21:16] *W4rh0g* ramp or stairs
[21:16] *[mess]* does movement gives you more opportunities for shooting while you’re in run? :O
[21:16] *nazgul* both
[21:16] *nazgul* ;*
[21:16] *W4rh0g* well
[21:16] *W4rh0g* stairs slows u RIGHT down
[21:16] *W4rh0g* ramp is a little better
[21:16] *nazgul* k
[21:16] *cow|impulse* how is the MP movement different from the SP movement?
[21:16] *W4rh0g* i can jump like fuck and still shoot peeps mess
[21:16] *kSeon* ye i noticed the slowdown on stairs in the mp leak
[21:16] *W4rh0g* its a LOT faster
[21:17] *Poward1* city on water demo, how old is that ?
[21:17] *W4rh0g* loki is working on a new map
[21:17] *cow|impulse* and the way u gain speed
[21:17] *cow|impulse* still just click when u land?
[21:17] *[mess]* ye
[21:17] *W4rh0g* yes
[21:17] *[mess]* tell me
[21:17] *[mess]* the way to gain speed
[21:17] *[mess]* is there any way to gain speed faster than forward + jump ?
[21:18] *W4rh0g* no [mess]
[21:18] *W4rh0g* not that i have found
[21:18] *[mess]* :[
[21:18] *cow|impulse* too bad ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:18] *W4rh0g* i found i could do 180 and keep my speed tho
[21:18] *cow|impulse* i hope the game will be in shops soon
[21:18] *[mess]* everyone will move the same :[
[21:18] *cow|impulse* u made me wanna buy it W4rh0g ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:18] *W4rh0g* imp
[21:18] *W4rh0g* its ace m8
[21:18] *W4rh0g* just spent an hour playing voosh and dm
[21:18] *W4rh0g* was great fun
[21:18] *kSeon* ye how r the game modes ?
[21:19] *W4rh0g* only tried voosh and dm so far
[21:19] *[mess]* did you play tdm?
[21:19] *W4rh0g* no
[21:19] *[mess]* eh
[21:19] *W4rh0g* not enuf ppl
[21:19] *W4rh0g* i joined a tdm server
[21:19] *[mess]* 2v2 even?
[21:19] *W4rh0g* no
[21:19] *W4rh0g* 3 peeps
[21:19] *W4rh0g* me n 2 pcf
[21:19] *[mess]* what about skins?
[21:19] *kSeon* =]
[21:19] *W4rh0g* 4 skins
[21:19] *W4rh0g* as per webby
[21:19] *[mess]* different sounds?
[21:19] *[mess]* for each
[21:19] *[mess]* ?
[21:19] *kSeon* can you lock the nme skins like in q3 ? :/
[21:19] *W4rh0g* there were some new statements
[21:19] *W4rh0g* “stylish”
[21:20] *W4rh0g* “Useless”
[21:20] *W4rh0g* etc
[21:20] *kSeon* so you see them as one skin only (the most visible) ๐Ÿ˜ก
[21:20] *W4rh0g* think so kSeon
[21:20] *kSeon* great
[21:20] *kSeon* ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:20] *kSeon* you made me wanna buy it m8

[21:22] *W4rh0g* btw
[21:22] *cow|impulse* u should post this irc log on ESR W4rh0g
[21:22] *W4rh0g* [pcf] loki working on new map
[21:22] *cow|impulse* many people will want to read it
[21:22] *kSeon* ye
[21:22] *kSeon* lot’s o info
[21:22] *cow|impulse* filter out the good stuff
[21:22] *Hungry* yep
[21:22] *W4rh0g* on ESR? *cough**splutter*
[21:22] *Maniax-* hes writing a review
[21:22] *[mess]* ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:22] *W4rh0g* u mean
[21:22] *W4rh0g* ?
[21:23] *Hungry* on pkeuro
[21:23] *kSeon* :]
[21:23] *W4rh0g* ๐Ÿ˜‰
[21:23] *cow|impulse* also fine
[21:23] *Hungry* then link on esr ๐Ÿ˜‰
[21:23] *cow|impulse* but make a post in the comments
[21:23] *cow|impulse* ๐Ÿ™‚
[21:23] *cow|impulse* ye
[21:23] *W4rh0g* yeah ok
[21:23] *cow|impulse* looking forward to it l:)
[21:23] *W4rh0g* i stick it in my column
[21:23] *cow|impulse* include all the stuff we asked :p
[21:23] *W4rh0g* i will
[21:24] *cow|impulse* oh yeah
[21:24] *cow|impulse* one more question
[21:24] *W4rh0g* ?
[21:24] *cow|impulse* what extras does it have like demo recording, mvd, gtv or other stuff?
[21:24] *W4rh0g* well
[21:24] *cow|impulse* built-in
[21:24] *W4rh0g* so far i couldnt find the demo record command
[21:24] *W4rh0g* gonna email loki now tho
[21:24] *cow|impulse* ok
[21:24] *W4rh0g* as far as i can see
[21:24] *W4rh0g* theres no gtv etc

And thats the lot. Hope it was at least a little interesting ๐Ÿ™‚