This map is a mix between q1s famous dm6 and dm_psycho.
It could be good both for 1v1 and 2v2.
Remember it is a BETA: if it will be liked, more work will be done on it (textures, lighting, pk teleporters, a real name 🙂 and items placement is not definitive too.
Write here your suggestions or contact me at #pkmaps !



To install: put the .pkm file in /painkiller/data , then you will find DM_Q1DM6 in the mappool 🙂

Note: ElectroDriver is in the map…you will need a rocketjump to pick it 😉

PK++ v1.1.1.64 Available

A new version of PK++ is now available for download through the almighty Steamfish tool, which upgrades the current version to

The new version includes some bug fixes and changes which you can read below:

FIX: Shotgun ammo now showing in specmode
FIX: Player demos are named from POV player first – does not apply to spectator demos
FIX: Restartmap during final scoreboard causing spectator lockout
ADD: Minimal self-integrity and validation check
ADD: Public notification on server when a non-pk++ client is being used. Cfg.ImpureClientWarning
ADD: TeamScoresShadow | Cfg.TeamScoresShadow for font shadow
ADD: ShowPingX ShowPingY | Cfg.ShowPingX Cfg.ShowPingY for ShowPing position.
ADD: playdemo and recorddemo command aliases
CHANGE: Text shadow effects increased slightly – optional to disable for each HUD item
CHANGE: Small position changes on some HUD items
CHANGE: Quad respawn time set to 2 minutes

As usual, if you have any feedback on PK++ or would just like to suggest something, please email and we will try to get back to you ASAP.